Coffered ceiling: the elements of the suspension system, installation guide with your hands, videos and photos

What better coffered ceiling and whether it is possible to mount them yourself


Table of contents

  • 1 Subtleties cluster installation systems
    • 1.1 selection tool
    • 1.2 How to install a closed cassette system
    • 1.3 Installation open designs
  • 2 Types and selection criteria coffered ceiling
    • 2.1 What materials market offers
    • 2.2 Types of cassette ceilings
    • 2.3 A few words about the pros and cons
  • 3 Output

How to choose a suspended coffered ceiling and whether they can install their own hands? After reviewing all thoroughly and mount the ceiling in the kitchen, I'm ready to tell you how to choose the right cassette system.

The original pattern on the coffered ceiling of the closed type.

The original pattern on the coffered ceiling of the closed type.

First I will tell and show you how to install a ceiling cassette, and only then we will talk about the types of selection rules and other intricacies. Believe me, knowing the practical side of the issue, it is much easier to understand what kind of design is needed in your case.

Subtleties cluster installation systems

ceiling cassette type can be opened and closed:

  • In a closed sling bearing profiles are not visible, square cassettes are inserted into the grooves and completely cover almost all the suspended construction of a cassette system. This is a new and more attractive option, it is usually installed in flats and private homes;
  • In an open hanger basic shapes are clearly visible, they are even slightly below the tapes themselves. Cassettes are simply placed on top of the side profiles, no clamped and fixed.

It is believed that these ceilings are more suited to offices, although it is a moot point. Now there are universal and very beautiful cluster structure open.

If you can help spice up any office suspended coffered ceiling.

If you can help spice up any office suspended coffered ceiling.

selection tool

A highly specialized tool you do not need, a standard set sufficiently, which is the majority of house masters:

  • drill with a set of drills;
  • screwdriver;
  • Shears for metal;
  • Level - it is desirable to have a laser, but if not, then you can do an ordinary carpenter's paired with gidrourovnya;
  • Roulette;
  • Spacing (A cord);
  • Pliers;
  • Knife building or oblique shoe;
  • Pencil.

How to install a closed cassette system

In this case, I will show in detail the installation of the ceiling cassette gated from the company «Cesal», he is going out of square aluminum cassettes and is perfect for installation in any environment, humidity and other values ​​are not problematic factors have.

illustrations recommendations
ylovaylovprolyvp1 The elements of the suspension system.

The main element of the system is the tape itself. aluminum thickness here 0.4 mm, the sides of a square size of 300 mm.

Along the perimeter rim is bent, it is needed to fix the tape in the guide.

All such material, regardless of the manufacturer, painted at the factory, these polymer inks are not afraid of moisture and temperature extremes.

ylovaylovprolyvp2 L-profiles are mounted on the walls around the room, the thickness of metal in them 0.4 mm board size 19h24 mm, but different manufacturers may vary slightly.
ylovaylovprolyvp3 Guides and mini pendants for they are made of thin galvanized steel. It is on these guides and kept suspended coffered ceiling.
ylovaylovprolyvp4 Adjustable ceiling hangers a finger spring. Such suspensions are used only if the cassette ceiling lower level plan to more than 150 mm.
ylovaylovprolyvp5 marking.

If you have a laser level, you expose it to the ceiling height and planned using the jingle (namelovanny cord), spend the horizon.

For lack of such a device, you will need to:

  1. Determined by gidrourovnya (it is shown in Scheme under №1) lowest (piled) in the room corner;
  2. In this corner, measure from the actual ceiling of the distance to the ceiling and put a label;
  3. Then using gidrourovnya move that label to all the other corners of the room;
  4. After that, take the skip (№3) and connect all your labels in a single circuit;
  5. Immediately identify and mark the center of the room, it is useful to you later.
ylovaylovprolyvp6 Mounting L-profile.

L-profile measure out and cut it with scissors, metal.

ylovaylovprolyvp7 Profile to "soft", for example, a wooden wall fastened with screws with a pitch of not more than 800 mm.

On block walls need to drill a hole puncher, insert the plastic anchor and again drive the screw.

ylovaylovprolyvp8 Fixing suspended structures.

Guides in closed systems are mounted in only one direction parallel to each other.

Dimensions squares (cassettes) 300x300 mm, and thus the guide we will install with step.

To do this, we note the ceiling space for the guide. In this case, not so important, you'll mount the guide along, across or diagonally across the room.

ylovaylovprolyvp9 guidesmounted on hangers at intervals of not more than 1 m.

Try to stand so that it is as small as possible joint profile, but rather they were not there at all. As a rule, it is across the room. Installation diagonally requires experience, so that amateurs for it is better not to take.

ylovaylovprolyvp10 Runners need to hang so that between them and the L-profile there is a gap of 5 mm.

This is because the cassette itself during installation will protrude above the edge guide by 5 mm.

ylovaylovprolyvp11 All other guides are set similarly.
ylovaylovprolyvp12 We begin with the installation tape.

Installing the coffered ceiling is from the center to the edges, which is why I recommended to lay out at once to determine the center of the room.

ylovaylovprolyvp13 Cassettes mounted very easily, simply insert the curved rim of the plate into the groove of the guide and pressed.

After the cassette is inserted, it can be moved along the guide, thereby accurately adjusting at Meta.

ylovaylovprolyvp14 Installation at cassettes.

In most cases, the extreme number of cassettes you need to prune.

For this, first measure the distance from the vertical wing of the L-profile, to the edge of the penultimate tape.

ylovaylovprolyvp15 Take the new cartridgeWe are measured and trimmed vertical bumpers on both sides. Then skirting next bend, make it easier to cut the tape plane.
ylovaylovprolyvp16 We put on the markup metal ruler or the like and mounting the knife repeatedly penetrate inside the cassette plane.
ylovaylovprolyvp17 nadlamyvayutsya tape by Notch and dorezaem it completely.
ylovaylovprolyvp18 To insert a small piece of the extreme you need to pull the penultimate tape.
ylovaylovprolyvp19 After the last segment is inserted, flexing the latches are at L-profile. Now you can return the penultimate reel at its place.
ylovaylovprolyvp20 Installation of lighting and exhaust.

Such ceilings are usually installed pinpoint spotlights.

To cut through the smooth hole under a spotlight to buy a round crown for electric drill with a drill in the middle.

The price for such a crown is low, but at home this tool is always handy.

ylovaylovprolyvp21 exhaust fans in such cassettes crash quite often, there is a large hole diameter and crown under it you can hardly find.

The solution is simple: cut a hole of the crown, that is, and then bring it to the desired diameter of the metal scissors.

By the way, all wiring must be mounted in advance and lay in a plastic or metal ripple, the wires must not lie on the harness elements.

ylovaylovprolyvp22 Installing the latest tape.

The latter is inserted into the cartridge of the penultimate row, since a number of extreme cropped sector already fixed retainers.

Instructions similar: insert the cartridge into the grooves guide and lightly tapping chuck it into place.

ylovaylovprolyvp23 work is finishedAdmire.
ylovaylovprolyvp24 Dismantling of closed type cassette ceiling.

Sometimes, for repair or inspection just need to dismantle part of the ceiling, but the smooth surface of the knife is not poddenesh can ruin the tape.

There is an excellent output:

Take the usual suction cup, soak it, and pressed to the tape, pull the tape from the edge of the groove.

This way you can get any tape other than those installed near the walls (there are tabs).

Installation open designs

Cassette ceilings are now produced by many companies, one of the leaders in this market segment is considered to be a domestic manufacturer "Albes" item they pretty high quality, so the installation of the cluster open ceilings, we will consider the example of its products from.

illustrations recommendations
yashyvarylovp1 ceiling plan.

Cassette ceilings can be arranged as you like, and the cassettes themselves may be not only metal, there are a few decent options, which I will discuss later.

So, if the plane is assembled from the different sections, the first is desirable to make a sketch. Just take graph paper and transfer the ceiling plan on paper in a convenient scale.

Keep in mind that the size of the cassettes in the vast majority of open constructions 600x600 mm.

yashyvarylovp2 Coupling of L-profile.

marking technology and mounting L-profile along the perimeter of the room is no different from the previous one, but in the L-profiles provides the possibility of continuous connections:

  • As you can see in the photo the edge profile on both sides have a slight bend in a couple of millimeters;
  • To make the connecting segment to cut a piece of the profile of Dina about 50 mm;
  • It bends a piece cut off on both sides and rounded corners make;
  • To connect the two adjacent L-profiles, you need to insert our clipped segment bends in these profiles, as in the grooves.
yashyvarylovp4 installation guides.

Now we need to set the load-bearing structures, which will be installed and the tape:

  • Measured from the adjacent wall size at the cassette according to the plan;
  • Pull cords, which are mounted on suspensions and installed carrier strip;
  • For this purpose we exhaust screw from above and from under walling L-profile stretch the cord;
  • Fasten hangers to the ceiling with screws and suspended at the correct height bracket profile.

Here are some nuances:

  • The guides in an open system are made in the form of an inverted letter "T";
  • Unlike closed system intermediate hanger is not used. The lower part of the spring suspension is bent and engages the hole in the profile, as in the photo;
  • Near-wall clearance between the L-profile and the carrier profile have T. T-profile overlaps the L-wing profile.
yashyvarylovp7 installation of crosspieces.

If in a closed system there is only longitudinal rails, which are inserted into the cassette, the open design need to install cross T-sections.

Size 600 mm crossbars in conjunction with longitudinal guides we get a square of 600x600 mm, the size of a standard cassette.

As longitudinal rails and cross members, the edges are equipped with special locks.

yashyvarylovp8 Mounting tape.

There is nothing complicated at all: take a square cartridge, pushes her into the void, and gently lowered onto the shelves of T-profiles.

Nonstandard cassettes just trimmed around the edge in size and are also inserted into the cells.

yashyvarylovp9 mounting option.

On the left in the diagram shows an assembly layout and cluster structures, the same markings listed key elements.

In addition, the video in this article in detail shows an installation of mixed coffered ceiling. That is, in an open system inscribed fragments closed coffered ceiling.

Types and selection criteria coffered ceiling

With the installation of the open and closed systems sorted out, now it is necessary to tell what materials are being made and what types of cassette tapes are.

What materials market offers

illustrations recommendations
yolvaylovaolyvrpylov1 Metallic cassette ceilings.

Furthermore there is still aluminum galvanized steel tape.

The thickness of the metal in steel tape also does not exceed 0.5 mm, these false ceilings are cheaper, but they weigh a little more.

Metal is an excellent choice for kitchen, services, and other similar premises, because it is not only indifferent to moisture, but also easy to clean.

plaster elements.

Despite the relatively low cost of plaster tapes are not very popular.

Firstly, the gypsum material is quite heavy, and secondly, he is afraid of water.

yolvaylovaolyvrpylov3 Glass.

Glass tape - it's beautiful and always original. Under such ceilings are very conveniently placed lighting, and if still somehow decorate yourself tapes, you will get a real masterpiece.

yolvaylovaolyvrpylov4 Mineral and glass fibers.

Nothing particularly outstanding in these ceilings not. The main advantages are considered to be low price and good sound insulation.

For offices and administrative buildings is not that the most popular option barely.

"Armstrong" the most well-known model of such ceilings is considered.

yolvaylovaolyvrpylov5 Acrylic.

Acrylic tape - this is a relatively new material. These panels can be both colored and transparent.

At the same aesthetic data acrylic lighter than glass, and therefore, on the suspension can be saved.

yolvaylovaolyvrpylov6 wooden ceilings.

Cassette ceiling made of wood - the elite, as a rule, they are made to order and are very expensive.

In such constructions are made of wood not only the tape, but all the guides.

Types of cassette ceilings

illustrations recommendations
yvlaoryolvarolp1 perforated panel.

For such panels can easily hide not only the ventilation system, but also the fire alarm.

In residential homes and apartments, such panels are rarely used, as a rule, is an office option.

yvlaoryolvarolp2 SLR tape.

Such ceilings look very impressive, with their room will look much bigger in size.

Mirror coating may be applied to aluminum, acrylic and glass tape.

yvlaoryolvarolp3 grilyato.

This model is a cell with a mesh size of 75x75 mm. Such a cell is assembled from metal profiles on the basis of mother-father.

The apartments' Grilyato "is extremely rare, so the ceiling was originally developed for industrial premises and offices.

yvlaoryolvarolp4 mixed variants.

Extremely popular right now are mixed versions of false ceilings.

From a technical point of view, their installation is much more difficult to mount conventional designs, but they look very impressive.

Quite simply, the standard suspension, cassette dimensions as standard, you only need to come up with the original layout and choose a pattern that different types of cassettes.

A few words about the pros and cons

  • Such decoration requires virtually no training capital ceiling plenum space enough to put a layer of an antiseptic to the fungus does not start;
  • Under such a coating convenient to hide communications, and access to them is not limited to, she took off the tape and do what is necessary;
  • Repair ceiling cassette will not be difficult, all the elements are interchangeable;
  • If desired, the ceiling design is easy to change;
  • With the exception of gypsum and mineral cassette, all other materials for such ceilings are easy to clean;
  • Durability such ceilings is impressive for the metal and acrylic give a guarantee of 25 years, and the glass can even be as long as desired, and in any room. Mineral cassettes eventually lose the form, but they can be painted vodoemulsionkoy to 7 times;
  • On the simplicity of the assembly, you can judge for yourself by the instructions set out above.
Cassette ceiling can be not only horizontal but also inclined.

Cassette ceiling can be not only horizontal but also inclined.

As for the cons, then they are almost there, the only major disadvantage is the relatively large plenums are not suitable for low ceilings cassette design.


Learning features, you can decide for yourself which coffered ceiling are suitable for you. As for the self-assembly, the step by step instructions and video presented above in this article you will be a good help. If have any questions, please write in the comment, I will try to help you.

Author cassette ceiling with lighting will be a highlight of your apartment.

Author cassette ceiling with lighting will be a highlight of your apartment.