Ceiling repairs in the apartment: views options for how to make your own hands

Repair ceiling (60 photos). Finish. Features adhesive, suspended, boarded and tension structures


Table of contents

  • 1 traditional finish
  • 2 glue boards
  • 3 Suspended construction
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    • 3.2 Benefits
  • 4 boarded construction
  • 5 Tension system
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High-quality repair of the ceiling with his hands requires a conscious choice of materials and technology. All the subtleties of the process we asked professionals.

ceiling finish

traditional finish

The category of classical decoration materials include paint, whitewash and wallpaper. Remember, however, that the above materials will require careful preparation of the base and alignment.

In some extent, reduce training costs, you can use decorative materials that mounted on the batten and left between the ceiling and covering a small gap, which will hide all irregularities.

glue boards

Tiles are made of polystyrene. Depending on the texture may be smooth, relief, to simulate natural wood, stone or metal surface.

Due to the laminated film they find protection from damage and contamination. The main advantage of this method is the repair of the ceiling speed of installation and the possibility of their own hands.

Note! Adjustment of plates of polystyrene provides excellent sound and heat insulation.

The sequence of works:

  • Must be completely cleaned and primed surface.
  • Laying the tiles is carried out from the surface center. Tile glue can glue for polystyrene or liquid nails.
  • To disguise the edges and give the completed form set eaves.

The main drawback is the susceptibility of polystyrene to the direct rays of the sun, which may affect the time of service.

Suspended construction

ceiling trim

EXAMPLE suspension system

Before you do the repair of the ceiling, consider installing an overhead structure.


Suspension systems - structure which consists of a frame positioned a few centimeters from the main ceiling, and plates. There are two types of suspension system - open and closed.


The main advantages of both types of suspension systems could be called ecological purity of the material from which they are made, its high resistance to fire, sound insulation and the ability to create an original design.

Recently, more and more popular mirror surfaces for the production of which use processed glass in various shades. They are an excellent solution for repairs in small rooms.

boarded construction

Repair ceiling with his hands

boarded system

Unlike boarded systems from suspension that their frame is attached directly to the base. Suspended ceiling just perfect for a small space height. metal is used for their manufacture, plastic, plasterboard or chipboard.

The modern design of this type will easily hide surface irregularities, and their installation skips the preliminary stages.

Tension system

Choosing options for repairing the ceiling, do not forget the tension constructions consisting of a frame and PVC fabric.

Installation requires the participation of professionals and this is perhaps the only drawback. The rest of you get a perfect coverage of the selected color, easy to maintain and capable of withstanding the weight of water to 100 liters. Price structure depends on the type of fabric and the surface area.

Repair ceiling in the apartment

EXAMPLE tensioning structure

Before starting the repair think carefully about the design features and only then choose the appropriate coverage.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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