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Kitchen worktops from MDF - a few important nuances of choice


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The table top is not only an important functional element of the kitchen, but also a bright design detail, respectively, in the selection of these items must be very responsible. Of course, the most beautiful and durable, are made of natural stone countertops, however, afford such can not all. Therefore, in this article we will take a look at this alternative as countertops for the kitchen made of MDF, as well as I'll discuss some important nuances of their choice.

In kitchen with countertops made of MDF

In kitchen with countertops made of MDF

Features kitchen countertops made of MDF

MDF is a relatively new material in our market, so many people do not know what it is, unlike all known particle board, and whether or not to overpay for him.

First of all, I will say a few words about its features.

Of course, to delve into the nuances of board production and specifications, we will not, but just take a look at the main advantages and disadvantages of countertops made of this material:

  • are sustainableBecause MDF does not contain harmful substances, unlike CPD. This quality is due to the fact that the middle fraction chips glued together lignin or paraffin;
MDF structure sufficiently dense and uniform

MDF structure sufficiently dense and uniform

  • easily handled by their own handsFor example, if you want to saw a hole under the sink. This is due to the fact that the structure of the material has a sufficiently high density, respectively, its more uniform structure;
  • countertop edges may be rounded or have a complex shapeThat is also associated with simple processing of this material;
  • There are a variety of finishes - worktops are laminated, painted or covered with plastic, etc. Below, learn more about the different types of finishes;
  • countertop can be ordered any shape and size.

Of course, along with the advantages, as well as any other material, MDF has its drawbacks:

  • higher price in comparison with the DSP - the cost of countertops 100 x 60 cm begins about 10,000 rubles. Price depends on the type of finish. For comparison, the cost of similar products made of particleboard begins two or three thousand;
  • MDF "does not like" shock. Therefore, the furniture requires careful attitude.

In general, the merits of the product in question is much greater than the disadvantages. The only thing it should be noted that the market is always present both qualitative and low-quality goods, irrespective of the material from which it is made. Therefore, as mentioned above, to the choice of countertops should be approached very seriously.

Particular attention should be paid to the following points:

The main factors of choice worktops from MDF

The main factors of choice worktops from MDF

select the Features

If you decide to use the tabletop of MDF, then the choice should pay attention to the following points:

  • coating species;
  • workmanship;
  • color;
  • value.

Below I will cover more about all these nuances of selection.

Use considered countertops can be not only in the kitchen but also in the bathroom.
For example, the bathroom countertop made of MDF allow you to combine a washbasin, a washing machine and cabinets for storage.

Example countertops for bathroom

Example countertops for bathroom

coating type

When choosing a countertop, above all, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of its coverage, which depend on such important issues as:

  • product design;
  • durability;
  • cost.
Laminated countertop for the bar made of MDF

Laminated countertop for the bar made of MDF

So, now you can find several types of table tops:

finish type Features
Laminating This type of finish is pasting the article surface tarred paper.

The following points can be identified among the advantages of this technology:

  • surface can have any texture and color;
  • the cost of laminated products the lowest.

Among the shortcomings can be identified that the surface is highly susceptible to mechanical shock, so it is less durable. In addition, it is impossible to restore the lamination.

laminated cover This finishing technology is reminiscent of lamination, only instead of the surface of the paper is glued with PVC film. It should be noted that the laminated countertops are the most popular, as they are slightly more expensive laminated, but at the same time the film has a greater strength and is more attractive.
postforming Such liner pasting surface is acrylic. Postforming product provides maximum strength and durability. However, there is such MDF worktop for the kitchen for a few thousand rubles more expensive laminated counterparts.
coloration This technology comprises treating enamel surface. I must say that the painting technique is complex and consists of several stages, resulting in MDF covered with enamel is expensive - the price tops start at 15,000 rubles.

However, the surface turns out strong enough and visually attractive. Often used for finishing paint with metallic effect, pearl or a chameleon.

Only to consider that the enamel is exposed to shock loads which lead to the formation of chips.

veneering In this case a product is glued fine wood veneer, then varnished. This type of finishing is also fairly expensive - the average product size of 100 x 60 cm is about 16000-17000 rubles.

As for durability and resistance to mechanical influences, it depends on the varnish. Typically, these countertops can long maintain the original appearance.

More practical are the countertops with a matte surface, since they are less noticeable stains, scratches and other defects.

The photo - a veneered table top

The photo - a veneered table top


To accurately determine the quality of manufacture of the product will need a laboratory analysis. However, generally substandard countertop performed inaccurately. Therefore, the choice should pay attention to the surface edges and ends - they have to be carefully handled.

The presence of even minor defects may indicate that the products during the manufacturing process was broken technology. For example, the laminated coating made of poor quality, very quickly starts to lag.

If the kitchen has a small area, you can set the table top-sill, which will use the space efficiently.

Bright worktops in the kitchen interior

Bright worktops in the kitchen interior


Product color is also quite important parameter selection. From it depends not only on the surface of practicality, but also the design of the kitchen.

For example, on black and white countertop clearly visible stains, fingerprints and any other contamination. On the one hand it is good, because it stimulates the maintenance of cleanliness in the kitchens, but on the other - is not practical.

As for the design, for the kitchen, decorated in subdued colors, you can buy a product with a bright surface, which will serve as an accent in the interior. If the kitchen has used bright colors will look good worktop wood or marble.

In addition, attractive looks contrasting furniture. For example, if the set is dark, it will look great light MDF countertop kitchen, and vice versa.

EXAMPLE contrast countertop

EXAMPLE contrast countertop

In any case, the choice of colors you must first navigate to your own taste.

cost of

As for the cost, we must remember one simple truth - the product quality can not be very cheap. If you find a commercial product made of MDF, which cost barely above the cost of analog DSP, its quality is unlikely to suit you.

Usually, countertops purchased bundled with a suite. Therefore, in order not to be mistaken with the quality, look at the average prices of furniture in a variety of online stores, and only then make a purchase.

Here, perhaps, and the entire guide on choosing worktops MDF, with which I would like to acquaint you.


Kitchen worktops from MDF are an excellent choice for people who can not afford the products from natural or artificial stone, but at the same time do not want to acquire an analogue of chipboard. The only thing you need to take a responsible approach to the choice to serve long worktop and nebyli money spent in vain.

For additional information contains a video in this article. If you are in doubt about the choice or some moments you are not well understood, ask questions in the comments and I will try to help you.