Repair of upholstered furniture with his own hands: materials, workshops and video from the experts

Repair of upholstered furniture with his own hands: Tools and materials


Table of contents

  • 1 Tools and materials
  • 2 A few general recommendations
  • 3 About repair
    • 3.1 dismantling upholstery
    • 3.2 cutting
    • 3.3 Padding
  • 4 Summing up

Sooner or later, any furniture needs updating. Do you think it difficult? No! And now we'll prove it.

In most cases the furniture needs to be replaced upholstery, so after the immediate repair in a small room, go to the repair of your favorite couch or chair rarity. And believe me, this can be done by hand.

Tools and materials

Materials for the repair of upholstered furniture

Materials for furniture upholstery

Like any other job, it also begins with the necessary training, the acquisition of the necessary materials, research tools, and the preparation of the workplace.

Of the tools you will need:

  • set of Phillips and flat screwdrivers to remove the old fixture - staples, screws, bolts;
  • more keys, if the items of furniture collected on the bolts;
  • pliers or plier;
  • Stapler to pull new upholstery;
  • small hammer and small furniture cloves;
  • a sewing machine, a needle and thread to match the material.

Tip! When choosing upholstery, pay attention to its density and quality. Depending on the filling, note the ability to stretch the fabric. Then pick up her texture, color and pattern that matches the interior design of your apartment.

A few general recommendations

Drag the furniture yourself, you have the opportunity to change its design completely. Then everything will depend on the number of layers and the upholstery on the selected filler - wool, wadding, padding polyester, foam, down, horsehair, coconut fibers, polymeric materials.

On which printing will be inside your sofa or chair depends on the choice of material, which is best of its obtyanut. If placed inside the foam, padding should have an average tensile strength, feathers or wool - weak. Not last place in the final decision belongs to the apartment finishing type.

Best and popular version implemented in a very wide variety - tapestries. They have the best performance and practicality.

jacquard and velvet are also in demand. If you like artificial materials for repair of upholstered furniture, such as leather, be sure to pay attention to its quality. He should not be sharp and unpleasant smell. Price of the selected tissue is formed not only on the quality, considerable importance is the brand.

So you do not hurt, you need to disassemble the furniture, demountable sides, seat (lager) and back.

Tip! If you want to win a set of upholstered furniture consisting of chairs and sofas, log on to the small. So you nabete hand and understand the practice, that's what.

About repair

furniture repair your videos hands

Fixing material

Select the workspace, clean it from all that can hinder you, and start to disassemble the sofa or chair. Remove the fasteners - studs or braces.

dismantling upholstery

Pick up a screwdriver, and then pull out the pliers.

Carefully remove the upholstery. Do not throw it, it will become your pattern templates for the new upholstery.


Apply the old cloth to the new material from the inside out and paint over tailors chalk or a narrow slice of soap circuit. Be sure to leave an allowance of 2-3 cm.

Note! Please do not compromise on this, it is better to do a little more allowance than to find that the workpiece is less than it should be, and the whole thing is spoiled.

Cut your piece. Her neaten edges on the machine or overlock to prevent them section.

When the blanks are cut will be filler restored, you can proceed directly to the waist furniture.


Constriction of the front and carefully start to move back. Thus, you will be able to hide any excess material and its folds.

master class furniture repair

Teach Yourself Furniture Repair

Obtyagivaya seat of the couch, start from the middle and move to the side. Surplus tuck inside, and if a lot of them, cut. When excessive tension tissue during its service life is reduced.

If you commit to the upholstery furniture using self-tapping screws, screw the them so that they are included in the frame to a depth of 2-2.5 cm.

A good alternative to screws and nails - staple gun. When choosing a tool, give preference to trusted manufacturers and models with a solid spring system.

We can only offer you a informative video about furniture repair and go to the next question, how to make repairs in the room alone.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.