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How to hang a shelf on drywall: fastening on screws, dowels "Driva ',' Molly ', anchors and mortgage


Table of contents

  • 1 Mounting of light shelves
    • 1.1 Fixing screws on
    • 1.2 Dowel "Driva 'and analogues
  • 2 Installation of heavy structures
    • 2.1 Using anchors "Molly"
    • 2.2 Mounting on anchors
    • 2.3 Installation on a mortgage
  • 3 Total

Despite all the obvious advantages of plasterboard paneling has one significant drawback - it is very resistant to mechanical damage. It is for this reason that many have a question - is it possible to hang shelves on drywall, because even with a small load of gypsum core begins to crumble and fastening becomes unreliable.

In fact, there are several ways to solve this problem, allowing to fasten the gypsum plasterboard paneling from a variety of objects, from mild to very severe. In this article we describe in detail the major technologies that the problem of the fragility of the GL will be irrelevant for you!

Plasterboard lining - not a hindrance to the shelf

Plasterboard lining - not a hindrance to the shelf

Mounting of light shelves

Fixing screws on

A small shelf on the wall

A small shelf on the wall

The lighter the object, the easier it is to hang it on the wall of gypsum plasterboard - it is an axiom.

That's why for the fixing of decorative elements that do not carry almost any load, using the most common screws:

  • Noting the point on the wall, where there will be mounting, puts her screw and fasten it to the gypsum plasterboard at low revs screwdriver.
  • Then, trying not to expand the hole more than is necessary, unscrew the screw back.
  • We fill in the slot of the screw or adhesive sealant based on acrylic and return the screw into place.
standard screws

standard screws

This combination allows you to securely mount to fix the light shelves, which will be a great decoration of interior design. If the shelf is heavy, use the special fasteners.

Dowel "Driva 'and analogues

One of the most popular fasteners for fixing shelves and small hanging lockers on the skin of a gypsum plasterboard anchor "Driva '(see photo):


"Driva 'in the operative position

  • "Driva" represents a self-tapping metal or plastic sleeve with a rare high thread.
  • For fixation in the casing of the GCR meets steel locking screw.
  • When attaching "Driva" is set in the selected location and twisted using a power screwdriver. Then inserted into the socket locking screw, which we delay is securely plug into plasterboard core.

Tip! If the fastening is made in the skin thickness greater than 15 mm, before the hanging shelves on drywall, drill a hole 8 mm diameter and then install anchor "Driva". This helps to avoid deformations of the wall sheathing.

Analogs "Drivy" are polymer anchors. They are mounted in a pre-drilled hole and tightened screws, deformed and securely fastened in the casing. The price of these elements depends on their design and the material from which they are made.

The polymer sleeve

The polymer sleeve

Installation of heavy structures

Using anchors "Molly"

Heavier items have to hang up using special fasteners. Most often used for this plug "Molly."

The instructions below tells how to hang a shelf on the wall of plasterboard using this device:

Fixing "Molly" on the reverse side

Fixing "Molly" on the reverse side

  • The selected drill site, the diameter of which corresponds to the diameter of a plastic or metal sleeve, drill a through hole in the casing.
  • The PROGRESS socket insert sleeve "Molly", scoring it easy blows of a hammer. In this case, the locking ledge should protrude slightly above the surface of the GCR.
  • The sleeve is inserted screw, and then start it spinning. When screwing the screw sleeve fragments "Molly" inside cladding disclosed fasteners and pressed to the back side of plasterboard.
  • Thus, our regiment is securely fixed. The face of the dowel does not move the locking ledge, and on the reverse - the disclosed sleeve.

Tip! To understand the principle of operation of this item, we recommend that you carefully study the video in the relevant section of our website.

Mounting on anchors

Using a long metal anchors allows you to hang on the GCR-lining even the heaviest shelves and drawers.

The installation is carried out as follows:

  • The gypsum plasterboard drill using a drill hole, the diameter of which equals or slightly exceeds the diameter of the anchor.
  • Then, replacing the drill bit on a drill with an attachment to the concrete being done to anchor the nest in the main wall, hidden behind the paneling of the GCR.
  • Insert the anchor in the hole with a metal liner and hammering it in such a way that it fully into the slot in the concrete or masonry.
Concrete Anchor

Concrete Anchor

Tip! Optimum penetration of the anchor into the concrete or brick - not less than 50 mm.

  • Completing the process of fixing the final fixing of the anchor with a retaining screw. In this case, the sleeve disclosed in the concrete, "tightly" consolidating the entire structure.

Installation on a mortgage

Yet the most reliable way to hang a shelf on the drywall without using special fasteners - is the use of laying the timber:

  • Mortgage timber is a wooden beam or board is not less than 40-50 mm, which is attached to the wall.
  • Setting the mortgage beams produced at the stage of assembling the metal furring for gypsum sheathing wall. The chosen location on a wall using the anchors attached the mortgage, and then on top of it is finishing the wall plasterboard with their hands.
Bookmark bar under the skin

Bookmark bar under the skin

Tip! If you make a mortgage bar with your hands, be sure to note its location under the FCL. So you insure yourself against a long search and errors in hardware.

  • When it becomes necessary to make fixing in plasterboard are screwed in front of mortgage just long enough screws. Enshrined in the wood beams, screws securely hold enough heavy shelves.
  • If the mass is very large shelf, screws can be used instead of the anchors. mount technology in this case is practically the same, only need to drill a nest under the sleeve using a drill.
hanging shelves

hanging shelves

This method of hanging shelves is the most reliable. The lack of it is only one - you need to know in advance where it will be placed one or the other hinged element.


Ways of describing how to hang a shelf on a plaster wall, there is quite a lot (see. Design is also a niche in the wall - do with their hands as a professional). And your task is only to select the appropriate quality and to implement it in practice.