The kitchen in a private home, combined with a balcony in a modern style, minimalism

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Making kitchen design in a private home - not too difficult task, because the home owner can dispose of the space as they wish, and not limited to the 9 th square meters in normal apartment.

But to choose the interior of the kitchen in a private home is quite difficult, because the variety of existing styles, not all are appropriate in a country house.

Kitchen interior in private house You should decide whether you want to register the house in a single interior or select individual design options for the kitchen. If your home is a wooden kitchen in country or oriental style is the best choice.

However, in the modern suburban homes as often use high-tech and modern styles: minimalism, hi-tech, loft, etc. Consider a couple of design options kitchen facilities.

The minimalist interior

Minimalism - a style that emerged in the early 20th century. With the development of society, their own homes can not afford not only the nobility, but also other sectors of the population


interior modernist cuisine

The kitchen in minimalist style

In place of lavish décor come new styles - without any architectural delights and ostentation. So is minimalist: simple shapes and maximum functionality.

Design the interior of the kitchen in the style of minimalism can afford only the owners of large areas.

Though this style and needs a minimum of a kitchen items and accessories, but at the same time requires a maximum of space and the lack of dark corners with all kinds of junk.

Especially good is a minimalist look in a large room, several functions, for example, in the kitchen-dining room or kitchen-living room.

Smart space planning in this case - the key to successful design. Zoning of the room can be performed with the help of color, and with the help of interior partitions or from different materials.

sofa in the interior of the kitchen

The use of fluorescent lighting in the dining area

Thus, a working kitchen area may be separated from the rest of the room by a bar or kitchen unit, spaced U-shaped.

Dining area can stand on a small hill, and gives off light (located next to the window) or color (accented wall against the dining table).

  • Lighting

It plays an important role in the design of the room. Thus, light green interior kitchens and similar bright colors requires a lot of light, preferably of natural origin.

Therefore, for interior minimalist kitchen with his hands require large bright windows and light curtains overlooking the rays of the sun and the air.

  • Furniture

It should be light and multifunctional. It can be installed on the kitchen sofa, which also will serve as a venue for the seating and storage necessities.

Typically, the sofa in the interior of the kitchen is only used in large rooms that can accommodate a separate dining area.

Kitchen facades with glass inserts help to visually enlarge the room and fill it with light, and the movable table and easy chairs will instantly change the layout of the room.

  • surface finishes

For a minimalist style using a variety of natural materials and traditional wood. Popular stone, brick and stucco relief, and tube, through which decorate the floors and walls.

Typically, a brick in the interior of the kitchen is used for decorative wall finishing or apron, as well as for use in as functional parts of the room: it is possible to make the legs dining table or arrange brick arch brick.

Modern settled in the kitchen

Kitchen interior in the style of minimalism

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

Modern - exquisite artistic style that preserves the freshness and appeal. The main features - smooth flowing lines, harmonious asymmetry and subtlety of color combinations.

The smoothness and shine of horizontal surfaces, the combination of materials - the prerogative of cuisines in a modern style. The main decoration of the room is considered to be appliances.

Note! Modern style is considered to be synthesized, ie style incorporates the best elements of each of the areas of design, therefore ideal for use in any room.

Typically, Art Nouveau interior of the kitchen is versatile and not limited by the canons. Of course, there are some principles which should adhere to.

  • When the design of the walls, ceiling and floor, the choice of furniture and accessories you can be guided by both his imagination and the advice of professionals. You can select from a variety of variations of finishes - paint, textured plaster, wallpaper or even the simultaneous use of all these methods.
  • The floor must be of the available materials. Use the parquet, laminate or tiled floor. The ceiling is best mounted or tension, with original lighting system.
  • Windows - an important part of the interior. Modern require a lot of light and natural. Of course, in case of shortage, you can use artificial lights illuminating even the darkest corner of the room.
  • The curtains on the windows can be varied: roman blinds, roller and panel blinds, curtains, drapes or blinds - the main thing that they fit into the interior.

Kitchen + balcony

kitchen interior room with balcony

design kitchen with balcony

Good qualifications required of the designer, who decided to design the interior of the kitchen room with a balcony. In this case it is necessary to develop a plan of functional space areas and determine the choice of a specific design style.

Balcony is commonly used as a gain to the quadrature kitchen and can perform several functions:

  • Dinner Zone;
  • Pantry;
  • Winter Garden.

However, regardless of the destination of the room with a balcony glazing is required, insulate and conduct cosmetic repairs. After that you can arrange the furniture and accessories to create the necessary atmosphere.

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