The kitchen in the apartment: design modern square 6 square meters with a gas column

The kitchen in the apartment (42 images): Select the layout, design of the gas column, the color scheme


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  • 1 Choosing a plan
  • 2 When in the kitchen geyser
  • 3 Choosing a color scheme
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    • 3.2 A few words on blue
    • 3.3 Red, orange, yellow
    • 3.4 pastel range
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renovated kitchen - quite a difficult task for a novice designer. Standard rooms in the apartments occupy too little space, but because they need to place all the necessary appliances and furniture.

The kitchen in the apartment, the subtleties of design and layout - the theme of today's article.

Kitchen interior in apartment Any cuisine traditionally includes a work area - the location of the kitchen units, sink and refrigerator. The other functional areas may be added depending on the room size or layout - dining room and a guest.

Typically, a modern kitchen interior executed in style, taking into account the progress and development of new technologies.

Hi-tech with purple hues

Hi-tech with purple hues

For example, high-tech is great for such a room, it allows the use of technology, without which it can not do in the modern kitchen. Its distinguishing feature - a combination of metal, glass and plastic, simple geometric forms and a minimum of decoration.

On the other hand, the classic is always held in high esteem. Wooden kitchen table, painted with white paint, chairs with original carvings and beautiful curtains - all this creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Choosing a plan

Example U-shaped lay-flat

Example U-shaped lay-flat

The layout is not only the external appearance of the interior, but also ease of use. There are several main types of layouts, each suited to a particular type of room.

  • linear.

Suitable for large kitchens. In this case, headsets and home appliances is set along one wall.

Appearance plan sufficient effect, but the practical suitability of low - failure to comply with the rules triangle at exhibiting sinks, refrigerator and the work area leads to an increase in unnecessary movements the cooking process.

  • U-shaped.

Such placement of furniture fit into the interior of the rectangular kitchen. In this case, which is sufficiently set away along the wall 3 and the right form working triangle between the refrigerator, sink and a stove.

  • L-shaped.

An excellent choice for small kitchens with two zones. In the corner is located the sink, and from it in different directions depart lockers headset. Beautiful and functional.

  • The island.

It is a modified linear. Conversely headset main line set element, which can perform any of the functions in working triangle. Usually it is the working surface with a bar.

When in the kitchen geyser

A separate embodiment is a design kitchen interior with a gas column. This useful piece of furniture is very popular in the Khrushchev and allows you to enjoy hot water even in case of its absence.

Built-in gas boiler

Built-in gas boiler

Unfortunately, the gas water heater is often extremely uncomfortable and does not fit well into the interior of a small kitchen.

  • To hide it from view, generally used individually designed furniture, one of the lockers in which for the column. He has no bottom and a lid, and its walls are covered with special fire resistant finish.
  • Another option is to design the column painting or gluing pattern on its surface.

Note! Do not move the column around the room and change the location of the gas pipe. Violation of the rules is fraught with emergency situations and harm themselves and others.

  • In order to design the interior of the kitchen 6 sq m, with a gas column can be used to hide the plasterboard panel pipes and communications. This will allow the design harmoniously fit into the classical interior, which does not encourage excessive workability.

Choosing a color scheme

Color in the design plays a major role in influencing the state of mind and the visual perception of space.

Red interior

Red interior

Green design

Thus, in the green is not suitable for use as the primary color of the interior. It is considered a calming and sleep will be more appropriate in the bedroom.

A few words on blue

Blue - relaxing and calming. Delicate shades of blue can be used to create an atmosphere of lightness and airiness, saturated blue is not suitable for the kitchen.

Red, orange, yellow

It looks pretty aggressive kitchen interior in red, but the moderate use of color in the decoration of facades and one of the walls has a positive effect on mood.

In conjunction with the orange and yellow hues, red in the design of the kitchen stimulates the appetite, which is important.

pastel range

For small kitchen designers recommend using bright colors as background. They allow you to visually enhance and expand the premises, as well as improve mood.

Colors can be used for zoning premises. For kitchen design studio, you can use light shades in the dining area, bright and saturated - in the work area, and darker - in a recreation area and a guest.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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