Kitchen interior in a wooden house: wild stone clearance in the Russian style of wood

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A special approach to the design of the kitchen will have to show the owners of private houses made of wood. The use of standard building materials: stone, brick, etc. do not allow to keep the authenticity inherent in the old house.

That is why the kitchen interior in a wooden house, it is desirable to make out with natural eco-friendly materials to create a unique atmosphere inside the home.

kitchen interior in a wooden house

The first thing that should be done in the preparation of master plan - to determine the functionality of the kitchen. Very often in country wooden houses do not live in the winter, and used a summer kitchen does not require heating and other excesses.

In the same house, which is designed for permanent residence, a kitchen renovation should be treated with the utmost seriousness.

Even if the kitchen is just a year old, we will carry on it a long time.

interior kitchen living in a wooden house

The interior of the summer kitchen

By the onset of the new season should update the registration of a summer kitchen by a new and exciting style.

  • You can turn the kitchen into a bit of a summer landscape, fill the room with plants, vases with flowers and pictures with beautiful images on the nature theme.

Furniture in this case can be covered by a light green or pale yellow covers, and the table cover cloth with a floral pattern.

The best material for the manufacture of interior items, of course, wood. Bamboo or metal, with wooden inserts chairs perfectly fit into the interior.

  • Also, the interior of the wood kitchen will look good in a nautical style. To do this, in the color of the walls and interior use light shades of blue, and the room is decorated with accessories on the marine theme.

On window sills can put shells, decorative plates and flower pots. As the dishes better to use clay or pottery. Wicker furniture completes the creation of the interior.

  • Creating an interior entirely out of natural materials - an option particularly popular in recent years. No metal, plastic or glass - only wood and stone.
Kitchen interior in rustic style

A wall made of stone

Thus, the wild rock in the interior of the kitchen allows you to create an atmosphere of safety and tranquility. It looks great next to the creeping plants, so when you make a kitchen apron beside him better put flower pots, and if your kitchen floor is made of this material - without tubs with plants not do.

You can come up with many more options to decorate your favorite room the whole family, but this will help you just a bright fantasy or a professional designer. Next, consider the options for kitchen interior with their own hands, when the kitchen is used as a living space.

Living kitchen

So, if you want to design the interior of a rustic kitchen, the choice is small - various ethnic designs (Russian hut, American ranch, African bungalow or cottage in the Alps), eco-friendly styles (Japanese, Chinese and other Oriental) design or in an ordinary apartment, if you like modernity.

wild stone in the interior of the kitchen

Example of a kitchen

Since our house is made of wood, you should pay attention on the popular designs of the kitchen interior, made in the spirit of the ancient building.

Thus, the interior of the kitchen in the Russian style is the most popular among our compatriots, which, incidentally, is not surprising.

  • The basic material for this style - tree, and it is solid wood, not plywood or particleboard.
  • Wooden surfaces do not require painting, it is sufficient only to cover them with varnish - it will keep the natural color and texture of the furniture.
  • Russian style is not welcome an abundance of modern technology in the room. If you can not do without innovations progress, use the built-in appliances.
  • Decorate the interior of the kitchen in the cottage to help track and embroidered tablecloths, beautiful towels and aprons, cotton curtains on the windows.
  • More authentic design will help to give a real oven or artificial fireplace and wooden benches for sitting. Such furniture can be decorated with carvings.

Note! The wooden house with the same furniture should monitor the condition of humidity. If too dry air furniture crumble and wet - can rot. Follow the surfaces, wiping with a dry cloth and with special solutions.

interior rustic kitchen

classic country

Very similar to the Russian design country style or as it is called, interior rustic kitchen. He looks more modern than the Russian log hut, but retains the unique atmosphere prevailing in a wooden house.

  • Kitchen set for the country is made of wood. Allowed the use of glass in decoration of facades, also popular thread. This food should be not only beautiful but also functional
  • The walls need to be painted in a warm hospitable shade. If you have dark furniture - walls should be lighter, and vice versa. Suitable shades - honey, cream, brown and orange-red.
  • Rustic furniture made of rough wood. Decorate it can be embroidered cloth or thread. The kitchen table can be painted white paint to give it an old look. Handles made of wrought iron will look great in the kitchen fronts.
  • Window should hang curtains in a rustic style: light fabric curtains, well let the daylight in. Drawings on tissue - cell or floral motifs. Lace curtains with a floral design create an atmosphere of French cuisine.

Of course, the choice of kitchen design depends not only on your preferences, but also on the layout of the kitchen and the destination.

For example, the interior of the kitchen living room in a wooden house, will require the application of more effort. Indeed, in this room have to combine several functional areas.

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