Repair of small-sized kitchen: types, order and furnish examples in a wooden house

Repair of small-sized kitchen (photo 39): the floor, the choice of wallpaper and ceiling finishes


Table of contents

  • 1 General recommendations
  • 2 Decoration Materials
    • 2.1 About flooring
    • 2.2 How to choose wallpaper
  • 3 What to do with the ceiling
  • 4 Summing up
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Some of the owners of small kitchens believe that it is impossible to make the room more spacious than visually.

But we know the many techniques that give you the opportunity to repair small-sized kitchen so that it has become visually more. And of course, all the secrets we hasten to share with you.

Repair of small-sized kitchen

General recommendations

Renovated kitchen with balcony

When facing the kitchen, use light materials

Materials for decorative walls with his own hands, as well as headlining choose calm and neutral colors, they are visually widen the space. To the interior became more lively and interesting, add some darker accents.

If in a small room and lots of natural light, choose a light translucent curtains.

If it is possible to make alterations, renovated kitchen with balcony, combined in one room, will give you a lot of space for creativity.

Only use light textiles. It is better not to use more than two colors, saturated colors as a visual space is compressed. This is the reason for the refusal of use in the finishing of the walls in the kitchen set of patterns and designs.

Sex in the kitchen should be faced with durable materials that are not afraid of water, dirt and shocks. This definition fits ceramic tiles and moisture-resistant laminate. If you combine the two types of flooring, they must refer to one color. And remember that the price of the fabric depends on its quality and performance.

Tip! It is not recommended to coat the walls of the small kitchen materials that require frame. He eats a lot of space. Make a choice in favor of water-resistant wallpaper.

Apron, located above the working area, trim tiles, acrylic and glass.

If smooth ceilings in the kitchen, they can paint a waterproof latex or alkyd paint.

Repair of bathroom and kitchen can be done quickly and cleanly, if you set the construction of a stretch ceiling. He is not afraid of changes in temperature and creates a completely flat surface, and its glossy finish visually make the walls higher.

Decoration Materials

About flooring

Examples kitchen repairs

Floor tiles in the kitchen

Floor covering kitchen undergoes a high load, so facing materials must meet several requirements:

  • durability;
  • easy to clean;
  • moisture resistance;
  • impact strength;
  • aesthetics.

Natural wood - prestigious facing material, has reliability, durability and beauty. Who sells a wide range of special floorboard, which has high moisture resistance. When choosing a look for deciduous woods.

Equally popular pololnye cork coating. This material is perfect for the kitchen, does not rot, it has a high resistance to moisture and easy to clean. Cork dust does not accumulate because it has antistatic properties. Modern from cork facing materials are available in different shades.

Ceramic tile and granite - is one of the most popular floor coverings.

As shown by numerous examples of kitchen renovation, the coating has the best opportunities for creating a modern interior. In addition, they are simply washed, they are not afraid of water and aggressive chemicals, have longevity.

Coverage of the laminate in the kitchen requires a careful approach to the selection. It must have a high water resistance and abrasion resistance class. A variety of laminate patterns makes it possible to create original design options. For example, dining kitchen area can be covered with a laminate that simulates a tree, and a workspace - a drawing of the tiles.

Semi-commercial linoleum - a very common type of floor covering. It is resistant to moisture and easy to clean, has durability, designed for 10-12 years of operation. The main drawback - Linoleum does not tolerate aggressive cleaning agents.

How to choose wallpaper

Renovated kitchen in a wooden house

Vinyl wallpaper kitchen

Wallpapers are selected taking into account peculiarities of the kitchen.

  1. Wall covering should be made only water-resistant wallpaper.
  2. Pick light-resistant material that will not burn.
  3. An important requirement, which must comply with kitchen wallpaper - vapor permeability. Walls must dry out quickly, otherwise fungus will be under cover.
  4. It is recommended to purchase a dense material.

Vinyl wallpaper - the most common variant. The web consists of two layers - Fleece-backed or paper and vinyl. It is produced at high temperatures, so has good durability and water resistance.

Silkscreen - material which is used in the manufacture of silk thread. Look like wallpaper is very aesthetically pleasing, they are quite durable and virtually no burn.

Dual Layer wallpaper for painting based on Fleece-backed and foamed vinyl. Such a coating can be painted to 5 times.

When facing walls of the kitchen can combine wallpaper with tile, textured plaster, stone. By selecting the type and texture of the wallpaper, proceed to the selection of colors. design options may include the plain wall or with simple drawings, it is not forbidden and the game of contrasting colors.

What to do with the ceiling

The procedure for repairing the kitchen


Updating the kitchen is difficult to imagine without decoration ceilings. Your choice it can be a multi-level ceiling of the FCL, hanging from the plastic panels, tensioning polymer.

Choosing the type of finishing the ceiling, pay attention to the following points:

  • coating must be moisture-resistant, as it will be affected condensate;
  • lining color must be combined with walls, floors and furniture;
  • finish should be practical and hygienic;
  • coating should serve without problems for at least 5-10 years, so its longevity - one of the main conditions;
  • aesthetic appearance.

Note! The ceiling in the kitchen can be inexpensively upgraded using his coloring. Choose a water-resistant paint for internal work product. Before painting the ceiling must be primed to a maximum of a smooth surface.

Another cost-effective way of facing the ceiling - installation of tiles from styrofoam. They are well camouflaged thanks to its uneven thickness.

Noteworthy boarded and suspension structures, fixed to a metal or wood frame, which is screwed to the ceiling, as if made kitchen renovation in a wooden house - to the joists floors.

On the skin are mounted panels of wood, modules or moisture-resistant drywall. With the help of gypsum plasterboard is possible to do multi-level ceilings of various forms. This design makes it possible to embed it lights and lighting fixtures.

The stylish interior can be created with suspended ceilings. They are quite durable, moisture-proof, absolutely smooth. Drawings on them can be applied by the art of painting and printing.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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