Kitchen design in classic style: the interior decoration in the country and modern

Kitchen design in classic style (36 photos): classicism and modernity


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During the renovation of the kitchen it can be difficult to decide which design to choose processing facilities. Every owner wants his apartment looked perfect, so the variety of interior options can confuse even experienced builder. If you can not decide, choose the design of the kitchen in classical style - a simple and convenient option that looks nice in a room of any size.

In the first place to create a kitchen design, you should after measuring the size of the room and determine what exactly you want from its functionality.

Kitchen design in classic style

Perhaps you need a kitchen where you can cook and dine in a large company, someone will need a compact kitchen without dining table, and the inhabitants of one-bedroom apartments all with the opportunity to combine the kitchen and living room to increase free space.


The very classic design involves the use of wood and other natural materials to create the interior and decoration of the room


And it is necessary to distinguish between the so-called classics - simple décor with wood, and Classicism - a style of art, which inherited many of the canons of antiquity.

  • The main features of classicism - it is clear and straight lines, symmetry and strict proportions. style himself a solid, monumental and hardly suitable for a small square room.
  • Furniture of this style is made using marquetry techniques. Chairs upholstered fabrics with flower ornaments, forms become stricter used for decoration thread gilding and encrustation.
  • The interior should be used only expensive and quality materials - wood, silk, stone.
  • Classicism can not do without moldings and sculptures. Among the interior organically fit fireplaces decorated with his own hands (or hands of professionals) and marble columns.
  • The color scheme of the walls and furniture - quiet and muffled. Soft cool tone and the combination of brown, olive and sand blended with monophonic wallpaper. Furniture traditionally white, decorated with pastel-colored textiles.
  • classic kitchen interior design itself is inconceivable without well-supplied lighting. Chandeliers of crystal, sconce with shades that mimic candles - all this will complement the look of the room.
Kitchen design in country style

Kitchen in the style of classicism

Of course, the creation of such a style will cost the owner conducting the repairs in a country house or apartment in a tidy sum, and it is hardly suitable for small small rooms. But the result will exceed all expectations.

Classic now!

A modern classic - is the prevalence of wood in all interior.

Again, depending on the allocated amount for repairs, should be selected and materials for kitchen furniture and other pieces of furniture.

  • the lowest quality materials - it's MDF.

For the budget conscious owners perfect kitchen with facades shades of natural wood. Smooth surface for coating finishing materials, so you can experiment with color and texture.

Note! MDF moistureproof coating is protected from temperature changes and mechanical damage, it is therefore often used in interiors.

  • Following cost are veneer kitchen.

For a large sum we get all the advantages of this type of wood and quality inherent in a modern material. It is considered the most popular option when creating a kitchen interior.

Incidentally, the design of the kitchen in country style is performed with the use of such materials.

  • An array of natural wood or.
Kitchen design in Art Nouveau style

Decoration tree

For true aesthetes and lovers of luxury in the design of the repair room design offers natural solid wood - the best option to create luxurious designs. Best quality, vivid colors and beauty surpass all expectations, but be willing to part with a large sum of cash.

Kitchen in the Art Nouveau style

For fans of more stringent and cold shades suit cuisine in a modern style. Many designers confuse and called modernity completely new interiors - hi-tech, minimalist or Japanese style and others.

classic kitchen interior design


However, Art Nouveau has its own features that distinguish it from other contemporary styles.

  • First of all - it's simple lines, geometric, and the predominance of metal facades and furniture. The compositions of glass and have become very popular for creating cabinets in a kitchen and dining tables headset furthermore it truly looks stylish.
  • Usually, the kitchen design in Art Nouveau style includes incorporation of household appliances as opposed to high-tech, where all technological innovations paraded. To finish stelae use plain wallpaper or materials, cool colors. On the floor is traditionally falls flooring or linoleum.
  • Lighting in the Art Nouveau-style necessarily artificial. Properly installed lighting allows you to focus on the necessary areas and create a comfortable environment for cooking and eating in the kitchen.

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