The kitchen 8 square meters: simple examples and options for the design of the finished room with plants

Interior Kitchen 8 square meters (42 images): features a living room-kitchen, increasing the room size and design choices


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A small kitchen area - it is a real headache for the designer.

It is necessary to take into account all the inconvenience layout of the room and not only functionally arrange the furniture and household appliances, but also to create a beautiful kitchen interior 8 square meters.

kitchen interior 8 sq mFortunately, every professional designer has in stock a few tricks to create the perfect design small kitchen design. After their application, we get a cozy room with everything you need.

To increase the area of ​​the kitchen facilities owners often resort to drastic alterations to the apartment. The closest living room becomes a new part of the cuisine, and the resulting space divided into several functional areas.

The most common variants of association - a kitchen-dining room and kitchen-living room. In the case where the kitchen is located in a studio apartment, the demolition of the partition between the kitchen and the only living room and studio apartment is issued.

This variant of a kitchen is perfect for small families that do not require a lot of separate premises.

Kitchen-living room

Combining the kitchen-living room is quite popular with owners of small apartments. The new premises are organized just three areas: work, own kitchen, dining room - a mini-dining room, and a guest, replacing Hall.

kitchen interior 8 sq.m

Example of a kitchen combined with a room

Zones can be separated from each other: a kitchen located behind the bar, the dining table is better placed near the window, highlighting the light and is situated on a small hill, a living room - a sofa and TV, located in another part of the premises.

Decorate the interior of the hall and the kitchen, you can use decorative accessories: pillows with patterns for sofas, paintings and posters on the walls, statues and family portraits on the shelves and cabinets.

Floor lamps and tubs of flowers perfectly complement the design and interior of the kitchen with his hands. As a means of zoning perfectly serve a large rack on which to place the books, plants and design elements.

How to increase the size of the room

  1. Furniture and accessories

Often the interior of the kitchen 8m square encumbered by a large number of furniture and accessories.

options for kitchen interior

Kitchen set in bright colors

Designers do not recommend the use of a large number of elements in the atmosphere of the room: small kitchen will seem even less being cluttered with many objects.

In contrast, the approach light light furniture, a table and chairs can all be for the situation room transparent - this will increase the amount of light in the room, and they themselves will not take much place.

  1. Flowers and plants

Many people wonder whether or not to use houseplants in the kitchen interior.

complete kitchen interiors

Dining with bar

Just as in the case of furniture, the plants should not be too much: to beat quite a few shelves flower pots decorating the interior, but the large number of them can lead to congestion room.

If you are a lover of flowers, should organize a winter garden near the balcony or loggia.

  1. Dinner Zone

Usually ready interiors small size kitchen involves replacing a dining bar area or takeaway it outside the room.

In extreme cases, instead of a large table, you can put a round table and a couple of chairs that will save space. If the room is a wide window sill, should take advantage of this and make it part of a countertop, or place it on the flower pots.

Note! Lighting dining area to be mostly natural. Therefore, it is best to arrange a table and chairs by the window, using light as a means of zoning. But for the working area in any case, need bright artificial lighting. In the center of the ceiling you can hang a large chandelier, the light is evenly distributed throughout the room.

  1. Work zone

In the work area must be located refrigerator, cooker and sink, forming a triangle.

This layout facilitates the process of cooking, reducing unnecessary movements. The easiest kitchen interior is completed by the presence of this technique, however, to facilitate the work at the hostess kitchen set appear microwave ovens, mixers, blenders, toasters, and other mechanical adaptations.

Another useful piece of kitchen furnishings - dishwasher, which can be easily integrated directly into the headset.

Choosing a kitchen design

simple kitchen interior

Kitchen in country style

Probably the most popular option is considered to be a country kitchen design. The main features of the style - the use of natural materials in the decoration, the denial of technological innovations and the pursuit of unity with nature.

There are different variants of a kitchen: the actual country - American style, Russian and African hut bungalows.

For residential environment most suitable classic country, carrying the idea of ​​comfort and freestyle rural life:

  • Gender in country-kitchen must be natural, or at least mimic the tree. For these purposes fit parquet, laminate or tiled floor "under the tree." Decorate the floor, you can use knitted rugs or fabric tracks.
  • Making the walls is traditionally performed in a single color, are combined with wood coating: beige, blue or yellow shades perfectly fit into the interior. On the walls you can hang old portraits, embroidery or fabric inserts.
  • Furniture for country-style, of course, is made of wood. Carved facades, furniture of pine or birch, artificial fireplace - all this creates a unique atmosphere of comfort and tranquility.

Since we are talking about national styles, it is worth remembering about the countries of the east. Quite often decorate the kitchen interior in the Chinese style.

The Chinese culture is one of the oldest in the world, so it combines the experience of generations. Modern Chinese design is based on the European interior, but it uses features of the national colors.

kitchen interior examples

The kitchen is in the Chinese style

At first glance, the room design is no different from the classical style: white ceiling, normal wallpaper and parquet or tiled floors.

However, wallpaper should be made of natural materials, bamboo is especially good, and the floor is desirable to stylize tree and cover traditional embroidered carpets.

Basically, the Chinese interior make stuff: lanterns and paper garlands, statues and large vases. The main colors - white and black for the background, red and yellow for focusing on the individual interior.

Often a kitchen examples in this style are decorated with paper dividers that are easy to change the room visually and provide a means of dividing the room into functional areas.

Pure Chinese furniture is a special couches heated during the day used as a place for work or for tea parties. Chinese flavor to the interior of the kitchen will create a unique atmosphere and will improve the mood of the guests and the hosts.

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