Kitchen interior 10 square meters, as well as 4, 5, 7, 10 and 12 meters: select the appropriate option

Interior kitchen 10 square meters (36 photos): design small and large room


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A significant disadvantage of the repair turns into a small area of ​​the repaired areas, especially if this is the kitchen. It is in this room, which is the repository of the home, arranged all the necessary home furnishings and appliances, as well as an area with a dining table.

Arrange it all beautifully and functionally - not an easy task, especially if you have to make out the interior of the kitchen 10 sq m.

kitchen interior 10 sq.m First, pay attention to their preferences in the style of the kitchen interior. It is important that the kitchen make you feel comfortable and cozy. The small size of the kitchen facilities can prevent you feel yourself a happy man relaxing after a hard day's work.

When you deal with their desires and tried to anticipate all the details of your plan kitchen interior with their own hands, you can proceed to registration.

Remember that with the right approach, even the interior of 7 sq m kitchen can turn into a very cozy and unique. A kitchen itself will be your favorite place for a comfortable stay.

Tips for kitchen design

  • Table.
kitchen interior 10 sq.m

Kitchen table-transformer

Naturally, if the interior 10 meters cuisine, it is difficult to place a large dining table, which is not in vain considered to be the main attribute of the kitchen, because the whole family gathers for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

But if you think about it there is not much need, as takes place, which can be used more efficiently, without losing the importance of family reunification for meals.

Save space you allow tabletop, designed for 2-3 persons, with an extra retractable surface that will help you out when receiving guests.

Now you can pick up the countertop just for yourself, because the stores for the construction and design offer a huge amount of this type of furniture in different colors and styles.

  • Other furniture

Depending on the size of the room is chosen and additional furniture.

So, in a small kitchen is quite light folding chairs, but in a room with a separate dining area will need a set of wooden chairs with fabric inserts and carved decorations. In the kitchen, you can also place small tables, used as a stand for accessories.

  • Kitchen set

Making interior kitchen 10 square meters, do not forget about such important details as the kitchen. He is chosen by the overall design of the room and should not only harmoniously integrate into the situation, but to be quite functional and comfortable.

  • Color
kitchen interior 5 sq.m

The original ceiling light

Speaking of colors: it is worth remembering that for small kitchens need to choose the color carefully, because our goal - to make the kitchen more, that is visually stretch the space.

First of all, we should pay attention to calm and neutral tone in the design of the kitchen, because they are visually push the boundaries, making your kitchen more and fresher. Red with a set of orange improve appetite tenants of apartments, blue give airiness and green - to relax and unwind.

  • Shine.

Also, in such a sensitive issue, as a small area of ​​the room, lighting plays an important role. Better, of course, if it is natural, but also the presence of small, better spotlights affect the best possible way to the interior of a kitchen of 10 square meters.

Such a small detail of the interior, as the curtains can give the kitchen a special charm. Excellent will look bright translucent curtains overlooking the rays of the sun and the air inside the room.

Note! The golden rule of interior design for a small kitchen "The smaller, the better." Remember that in the design of small kitchen is not desirable to use more than 2-3 colors. The same can be said about the furniture.

When the kitchen is too small

It would seem that the interior of the kitchen 5 square meters for many housewives sounds like a death sentence, but all so scary, you should understand.

Of course, a huge closet and a table for 12 people, you will be hard to place, but you can do everything possible to make your "small, but its" was also a multi-functional and beautiful.

kitchen interior 7 sq.m

Interior of a small kitchen

As in any small spaces in the interior, use a minimum number of bulky items and give the advantage of light colors because they will help to make the kitchen more spacious.

There are a couple of things that will help you cheat footage of your abode. Remember, the less you use different materials, textures and finishes, as well as lush potted plants, the more harmonious will look your interior.

Try at least one item to put so that he "dragged" to the ceiling, then your small kitchen will seem longer and longer, and the interior of the kitchen 4 square meters will not be associated with something terrible.

We make a spacious kitchen

kitchen interior 16 sq.m

Spacious kitchen-hall

Probably every woman dreams of a large, spacious kitchen, where every night will meet the whole family, exchanging news and recuperating after the working day.

But a large space, such as the interior of a kitchen of 16 square meters, is not easy to make a cozy and warm. And what to do to come into the kitchen, all family members feel comfortable?

Undoubtedly, a large kitchen - happiness for the hostess, because there you can put everything you need without limiting their desire, but with registration hassle no less, no matter how rosy prospects did not seem to stay in such a large kitchen.

You must immediately choose the style in which you would like to see your kitchen. Like it or not, the main advantage of the large room is the ability to install in it a lot of lockers and shelves, as well as a massive dining table with chairs for the whole family and guests, which will make your kitchen complete dining room.

Thus, the interior of the kitchen - 12 meters or 5 it takes, can be very diverse. The choice of design depends only on the imagination of the home owner.

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