Design kitchen with bay window: interior dining room 14 sq m, examples of works

design kitchen with bay window (30 photos) design features


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Erker is deservedly considered the most fashionable reception in modern architecture. So name a few in a row spaced windows, greatly protruding from the wall of the house. This technique will make your kitchen a light and give the festive atmosphere, however, the design of the kitchen with a bay window to perform more complicated than usual.

Most bay windows have a standard size and lackluster shape (triangular, semicircular, or rectangular). But sometimes this architectural element can be made otherwise.

design kitchen with bay window

These bay windows, of course, will look more impressive and richer, but their clearance you will need a much larger amount of money.

There is a misconception that if your apartment has a bay window, the room renovation design will be built entirely around him. This is not true. If you want, you can even fence off part of the room with windows.

This can be done with light curtains or partitions. Thus, you will have extra room to relax or study. Here you can also arrange the dining room or conservatory.

Why use the bay

There are several reasons why modern architects began to use the bay. On the outside of the building will have a more decorative look, but inside, this extension will help to enlarge the room. Also, thanks to bay window in your room will almost always sunny and bright.

Kitchen design in the presence of a bay window

People who are accustomed to the very right quadrangular rooms, are not immediately enjoy the benefits of this extension.

Performing design kitchen 14 square meters, you will need additional items that will be in harmony with the presence of a bay window.

Materials and furniture used at the same time are the same as for the repair of the usual quadrangular sample cuisine. The presence of a bay window allows you to separate the kitchen sitting area, dining room or even a small living room.

Recently, a very popular steel kitchen-studio. This design implies the absence of any partitions to separate spaces. Most often, living room with open kitchen.

This kitchen renovation is considered to be the winning option in the room where bay window is provided.

Design features a kitchen

  1. Kitchen with bay window - the perfect place for entertaining.

This environment is ideal for one-room premises. In this case, a single room and combines the living room and bedroom. Since the kitchen is not enough space, then of course the guests will gather in the main room.

Take care of proper organization of areas for the reception. Professionals do not recommend to place in this room a large table. He will take up too much space. Take advantage of the presence of soft sofas, which can be positioned along the bay.

Examples of kitchen design

An example of a shared kitchen area cooking and sitting area

  1. Kitchen in soft colors.

Considering the various examples of kitchen design, note that almost all of them are made in soft colors.

Note! If you want to equip the room with a bay window in the living room as it is desirable to revitalize this area several vivid colors. It may be curtains, bright pillows or other decorative elements.

Izayn kitchen 14 square meters

Kitchen Example oriel

  1. How to choose curtains.

The main feature of the bay is considered to be something that they are doing any room a little brighter and brighter. So do not choose dark curtains. Let it be clear air curtains that emphasize elegance to your home decor and design.

If you want to cover the windows, you can use the Roman curtains or blinds. Curtains for our design will not be fundamentally different from the standard kitchen interiors. The other will be only their form.

If you have three large bay window, the order for each of them, or one continuous curtain for all three windows at once. If your kitchen is narrow windows with fine bindings, you can hang a sliding curtain that will not completely cover the window.

If under such windows are located radiators, it is best to resort to the use of short curtains, which are a little concerned sill. Also very popular in recent years began to roll or French curtains.

Curtains for the kitchen with a bay window

Curtains for the kitchen with a bay window

Only at first glance, to find a suitable design of curtains for the kitchen may seem difficult. More experiment and you have all come out.

  1. Lighting.

In order to give the interior a kitchen a sense of completion and effectiveness of using two types of artificial lighting. In the living area you can hang beautiful decorative chandelier and in the kitchen (the working part of the room) put the number of small lamps for ceilings.

  1. Similarly, design kitchen with bay window can take into account the combination of the working area with office zone.

In this case, do not part with bay window very bright. Conversely, quiet tone create a favorable environment for operation.

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