Niche in the wall of plasterboard: video-installation instructions with their hands, how to do it right, price, photo

Niche plasterboard wall (36 photos). Species structure under the TV, shelves. Mounting


Table of contents

  • 1 What adds to the interior design
  • 2 Variety and purpose
    • 2.1 Design for TV
    • 2.2 Design under the shelf
  • 3 installation of niche
  • 4 construction of structures
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Functional and beautiful niche of GCR - a frequent element of the current interiors. They make it possible to mask the defects and create a comfortable space for shelves books, furniture and decor.

They are made, as a rule, in harmony with the overall design of the room.

Niche of the FCL can decorate any room.

Niche of the FCL can decorate any room.

What adds to the interior design

A niche in the wall of plasterboard is able to completely transform the design space.

She can:

  • expand the space visually;
  • give the room an additional amount;
  • hide layout disadvantages roughness of partition walls and walls;
  • decorate the window and door openings.

Niche can be simply a decorative design element. In this case, it can be decorated with pictures, stained glass inserts, plastic molding, and a glass mirror tiles.

Optimal variant, when the walls of plasterboard with recesses made in the rooms with complicated geometry. These include areas with different levels of ceilings and floors or with atypical configuration.

Variety and purpose

Bedroom design

Bedroom design

Similar elements of the FCL may be:

  • vertical;
  • horizontal;
  • floor-to-ceiling.

Execution of construction depends on its purpose. It can take the form of a rack or a decor element, then it is open. If you need a niche for wardrobes, it closes.

Often in such deepening hidden heating systems. In this case, before to make a niche in the wall of the drywall, it is necessary to purchase a heat-resistant material.

Design for TV

Deepening under the TV.

Deepening under the TV.

Modern interior suggests a maximum of free space in the room. A TV "eats" a lot of it. Even flat LCD analogue fixed to the wall, can make feel a sense of discomfort. After all, it is likely to hurt his accident.

In addition, the electrical wires hanging spoil the design of the room. A small niche of the GCR (gypsum board) helps to hide the TV.

Advantages of this solution:

  • The design is simple to assemble;
  • wiring can be masked for plasterboard;
  • monitor will be safe;
  • it looks aesthetically pleasing.

If you have an aquarium, it is also possible to put in a niche, structures with their own hands.

Design under the shelf

When the layout and design of the room already has a wall niche, the best method to use it - to arrange one or several shelves for vases, books, souvenirs. They do not always have a smooth wall of the plane. Here you and come to the rescue drywall.

In addition, a plaster board wall with niches can be decorated with lights. Fixtures point type for it can be installed anywhere and order. Wiring can also be hidden behind plasterboard. The recess can be positioned separate console or shelf (cm. Detail of the article Niche plasterboard backlit own hands: decorate the ceiling light-emitting diodes).

installation of niche



There are two methods of installation recesses of the sheets GCR: glue and frame. In the first method the sheets are fixed on flat walls special adhesive solution. In the second - are fixed on the inserted lath from steel or aluminum profiles.

The price of the first method below, but the second method is more reliable. Now the instruction on how to make a niche in the GCR.

construction of structures

Marking designs.

Marking designs.

  1. First you need to partition the future deepening. Its parameters depend on the size of frame profiles. For example, the size of gypsum niches under bookshelves or appliances must match their size.
  2. Further, in the paper sheet draw a design scheme.
  3. Calculate the amount of material: Plates, screws, frame rails and corners, suspensions, serpyanku (reinforcement tape). Of instruments will need a screwdriver, hammer, level, Bulgarian, roulette.
  4. Further, the dimensions exactly transferred to the surface.

Note! Note section width, it is not less than 1.5 cm. From it and will fight back line for mounting the guide rails.

  1. If the niche floor, drag marks on the ceiling.
  2. Then, the frame is mounted. To do this, measure out lengths of sections of desired length and attach them with screws. Fix to a vertically disposed racks, which are mounted transversely in design angles.
    This element is called "Profile crates loop" is connected jumper. This part must be completely smooth.
Sheathing GCR.

Sheathing GCR.

  1. When the skeleton is complete, you can sew the GCR. The sheets are fixed to the uprights crates self-tapping screws. In the process, when the walls are made of plasterboard with niches, all seams should be strengthened serpyanku (reinforcing tape), and align the corners with special perforated metal profiles.
  2. Then primed construction puttied and polished.
  3. Quite widespread variant color GCR. In this case, we must remember that the tone to match the color of the walls or contrast with them.


GCR design comfortable, functional and versatile, able to find their place in a room of any size and destination. Select the appropriate option, and safely get to work, and the video and photos in this article will help you with this.

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