Repair of balcony Khrushchev in the kitchen and finish options in a two-room apartment

Repair of balconies in hruschevke (photo 36) frame device, installation of PVC windows, interior and exterior decoration, insulation


Table of contents

  • 1 Where to begin
  • 2 frame device
  • 3 Ordering and installation of PVC windows
  • 4 Exterior finish
    • 4.1 The sequence of work
    • 4.2 The choice of finishing material
  • 5 Warming
  • 6 trim
  • 7 Summing up
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Balcony in apartments Khrushchev type remaining in its original form, by modern standards, is very depressing spectacle.

We will try to describe how to carry out repairs in the balcony Khrushchev to bring it into a decent, attractive and functional status.

Where to begin

Repair of balconies in the Khrushchev

Before you finish a balcony, you need to decide what you want to get after the repair is completed, as well as how much money while ready to leave. We will try to dismantle virtually all possible aspects, well, you just left to decide for themselves which of them will adopt exactly you.

Important! Before carrying out repairs need to arrange fencing of the area under the balcony with a view to preventing cases of passers injury.

Complete reconstruction of the balcony in the Khrushchev, as well as any repairs, begins with a complete site cleaning and removal old plaster and other decorative materials, plating both external and internal, glasses, old frames (if they They were). Should remain only an initial iron parapet.

frame device

Repair bedroom Khrushchev

balcony frame device

Next, "by eye" to evaluate the reliability of the parapet for keeping their designs of plastic windows. If the future frame order corroded, replace it or strengthen thicker metal sheets, can not do without welding.

There is a variant construction of a wooden frame, but this method seems still not as reliable. Among other things, by making a new metal frame, can make removal from the bottom, thereby securing a about 30 cm increments Square, as well as the additional removal of the sill to help save the already small area.

frame assembly sequence:

  1. Calculating the number and length of the desired metal shape.
  2. Removal of the old parapet.
  3. Phased welding solid frame with its reliable attachment to the walls of the house and reinforced visor-base.
  4. Welding staked portion with supports at an angle 45 °.
  5. Elongation roof profile to ensure smooth installation frames plastic windows.

Ordering and installation of PVC windows

Repair two-bedroom Khrushchev,

PVC windows on the balcony

After manufacturing the carcass can proceed to the installation of glazed PVC frames. Here, it is desirable to trust the professionals, because even difficult to independently install PVC window, valid and reliable measurement of the installation frame can be realized only by those who have the significant experience.

Tip! Making repairs two-bedroom Khrushchev, and while having two balconies, the installation frame at the same time, both of them in many firms can do much more cheaply.

Exterior finish

The sequence of work

The most complex and difficult to perform work on the reconstruction of the balcony completed. Now you can go to the beautification of the exterior and interior decoration of the ceiling, and the floors and walls. Let's start with the exterior trim.

Works on laying of appearance:

  1. Installing exterior wood furring to the metal frame.
  2. Selection of a suitable finishing material.
  3. Installation material.

Installation involves mounting battens to the frame with staples wooden bar section 20x30 mm. Timber mounted on the perimeter of the frame, at the fold and his facial areas with a pitch of 30 cm.

The choice of finishing material

The most common finishing materials for external cladding are wooden or PVC paneling and siding. The price of the last order of magnitude lower than natural wood.

Specific priorities in this choice is not, one can only note two things:

  • Material for exterior trim balconies with their hands more often choose the same as for the inside.
  • Wooden wall paneling is not as durable as compared to PVC siding, after a few years lose appeal and will require replacement.

When installing wooden lining after calculation and slicing wooden webs is carried out to mount the lath prepared for this use small nails or screws. Corners and places folds hiding under a special wooden area and thin wooden slats, forming at the same time attractive whole picture.

Installation of PVC lining and trim siding with his own hands made the same method, just fix them to the crate can be through the staple gun.


Repair options Khrushchev in the kitchen

internal insulation

Warming made laying between layers of exterior and interior insulation layer. The choice of insulation, despite the presence on the market sets of materials is quite simple.

It is to purchase several rolls of insulation based on polypropylene or mineral wool, necessarily having an outer layer of foil or polyethylene. This layer carries a vapor barrier function and can improve thermal efficiency of the material up to 30%.

If you are at the same time to repair the balcony doing full repair one-bedroom Khrushchev, and a little low on money, as a heater, you can use a special foam.

Installation of insulation:

  1. Cut pieces of material the size of the opening in the outer sheathing.
  2. Heater elements are inserted into the openings and on the edges of the contact with the wood material are coated with sealant.
  3. The second layer of insulation mounted to the interior lathing.


Inner trim balcony


Methods interior trim balconies, just like variations in Khrushchev kitchen renovation, are very diverse. Perhaps you would like the idea to join the balcony to the rest area. However, in this case, it is important to take into account the significant heat loss in winter.

The most popular method of interior decoration should still be considered as the trim under a tree. You can also trim paneling, but the tree - an environmentally friendly material.

For batten floor is recommended to use a beam cross-section of at least 50x50 and finishing plank thickness of 2-3 cm.

In this reconstruction can be considered completed, and with it came to an end and repair of Khrushchev.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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