Design living room in the apartment: finishing the interior of the room in a studio apartment

Design living room in an apartment (45 photos). The use of accents. Creating unusual varieties. Lighting. stylistic solutions


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  • 1 The emphasis in the living room design
  • 2 Creating unusual varieties living
  • 3 Creating a mood with the help of color
  • 4 lighting living room
  • 5 Stylistic solutions in the design of the living room
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The living room is a kind of center of the apartment, a favorite place for each household, and the room where the whole family gets together for interesting joint evenings. In addition, the living room serves as the face of the home reflects the tastes and interests of the family.

It follows that the design of the living room in the apartment must be chosen with great care, to combine a preference for each of the tenants as well as provide for its own place for each of the them.

The design of the living room in the apartmentHow to achieve harmony style of interior design with the convenience and functionality of the living room, our renovated school will respond.

The emphasis in the living room design

When making such a room as a living room interior design in our country often implies the obligatory presence soft corners, usually a sofa and two chairs or large C- or U-shaped sofa, and a coffee table, and "Wall".

The Western European version of the living room design, in turn, is equivalent to the design of the dining room and is equipped with a dining table, a number of chairs, plenty of windows, cupboards and drawers.

But while these options are united by one and the same - the accent, that is an element that serves as the center of the room, around which concentrates the main attention of the participants.

Focus are the following interior elements:

  • TV or home theater - most often called upon to perform this role; typically of interest to all, without exception, members of the family;
  • fireplace - residents prefer the older age category, appreciating comfort and cosiness; more romantic embodiment;
    Living room interior design

    Accents in the living room design

  • small table - a good choice for the interior design of the living room a small area of ​​the room; him comfortably read a magazine or a cup of coffee with your family or friends.

Creating unusual varieties living

Need to repair the living room in a non-standard version is often associated with not quite successful layout of some types of apartments. For example, if the apartment under the living room there is a small room, which is also separated from the kitchen wall is not a carrier, it is possible to combine the two rooms.

The combination will be beneficial for the following reasons:

  1. aesthetic component - great to get a room add spaciousness apartment.
  2. functional component - the combination will allow to organize an additional dining area, which previously, for example, would not fit either in the kitchen or in the living room.

It is difficult to make out the living room and design in a studio apartment, because here, even on a relatively no small area, it is necessary to place and living area, and a relaxation area, and the workplace, and sometimes - nursery.

Interior design living room in the apartment

Design-through living room

Tip! As in the first case, the issue of increasing the area, even if only visual, can be solved by creating a studio apartment.

Creating a mood with the help of color

If the house is always full of guests, the choice of the owners should be colors in warm colors - red, orange, yellow. They will create a design repairs necessary elation atmosphere of the room. Cool colors - blue, green, and blue - would be appropriate if a living meant primarily a place of rest and relaxation.

There is a third option, where the design of the living room in the apartment involves dividing the space into two parts. For example, the site of the alleged issue feast in bright colors, resting place - in soft colors that promote relaxation.

When due to the lack of housing is necessary to organize the working area in the living room, and then to its design should be approached seriously. Formalize the working area is best bright colors - golden, blue-gray, light brown with rich, bright, colorful décor.

The design of the living room in the apartment

Interesting color design living room

lighting living room

Illumination in the room should reflect the festive atmosphere in the dining area, which can be implemented using a ceiling light chandeliers. Mounted in each level of the ceiling halogen lamps give a certain atmosphere dynamics.

With the help of the side light sources to create a cozy and intimate atmosphere. It will provide more local lamps - table lamps, wall lamps and floor lamps.

Stylistic solutions in the design of the living room

living room interior design in the apartment, of course, must have a unique style.

The choice may be different - from minimalism to the classics. It is appropriate and will be a combination of styles.

However, the most popular is still considered a classic style. He is able to set the festive tone of the whole apartment.

An essential attribute of classical style:

  1. wall decoration in soft blue tones with white profiles in combination with ceiling moldings;
  2. postelennuyu on the floor natural oak parquet;
  3. massive carved furniture of expensive breeds of wood;
  4. elegant heavy drapes on the windows;
  5. massive chandelier
  6. and nothing more!

An interesting solution may also be a decoration in the living room of the Latin American motifs, provides an atmosphere of summer sun, warm sea and endless holiday.

Design living in a studio apartment

Living - interior design in classic style

In this case does not dispense with the combination of upholstered furniture sandy yellow color with green apple adjacent zones hall or kitchen. On the floor carpet should be spread with an ornament in the national Latin American motives.

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