Gorka in the hall: photos of furniture, the wall under the TV in the apartment, cabinets design, classics from Ukraine watch

There is a wide variety of slides in the hall, which differ in color, shape, price and material from which they are made There is a wide variety of slides into the hall, which differ in color, shape, price and material from which they are made properly landscaped cabinet slide-in and slide-tier hall optimizes space in the room. Depending on the equipment, they come in several forms. Each of them is used in a strictly defined stylistic direction. In this regard, do not rush to buy. Do not grieve about the wasted funds will help analyze the interior of the hall and the qualities of a particular product.

    • pick the furniture into the room: the walls and slides, their photos and specifications of manufacturers
    • Photo slides walls in the room: the options for selecting
    • suspended roller coaster in the room: the benefits and types
    • Gorki underTV in the room: the color and variety
    • Create a hill in the hall with his hands
    • How to choose a hill in the hall( video)
    • design slides into the hall( the photo in the interior)

pick the furniture into the room: the walls and slides, Their photos and characteristics produceit

dangerous error is the belief in the infallibility of certain brands. In order that the living room does not have to periodically repair the individual components of the roller coaster, it is worthwhile to learn as much as possible about the manufacturer. To rely on buyers' feedback and concrete work results. If the buyer did not encounter the products of this or that company, then you should visit the company store.

Various types of finished products are presented here. A close inspection will help to get a general idea of ​​what advantages and disadvantages can have a potential purchase.

When choosing a slide, you should pay attention to the quality of the fittings When selecting slides should pay attention to the quality of fittings

important are the following factors:

  1. Excessive number of small fasteners - an occasion to draw attention to the products of another company. Similarly, it is necessary to proceed if the finished furniture is "dazzled".
  2. Easy opening and closing doors and drawers.
  3. The presence of a specific odor of paint or varnish is an excuse to refuse to purchase.
  4. Percentage of man-made and natural materials.
  5. Quality of coating of various elements.

No less important is the total length of production of the walls of the slides.

Photo slides walls in the room: the options for selecting

The selection process is not easy, so you need to give it enough time. Everything begins with the realization of one's own needs. Color, shape, number of shelves, height - all this must be thought through before going to the store. Designers recommend adhering to rules that can simplify the procedure of choice. If we are talking about classics, then in this case, the wall-slide must be made of natural wood.

Minimalism, constructivism, "techno" - here experiments are allowed, both with the form, and with the coloring. Thanks to the fact that furniture stores in Russia, Ukraine and other CIS countries now offer a wide range of products, the end user has the opportunity to choose the price and quality factor.

It is worth choosing a slide in the hall of this color, which will stand out against the wall worth choosing a hill in the room a color that will stand out from the wall

Leafing through the catalogs, the following parameters should be evaluated:

  • Available colors;
  • Presence of special surface treatment;
  • Quality of the fittings used;
  • Is it possible to partially change the composition of the wall;
  • How much the dimensions of the product fit into the hall.

Suspension slides in the hall: advantages and types

Minimals and those who simply do not want to fill the room with excess furniture can "kill 2 birds with one stone".In the hall appears a much needed wall with many lockers, while there is a feeling of lightness. Implement a project of this kind is not difficult, if you fulfill several recommendations of designers. Opens the list of those neutral color compatibility.

For example, the white wall complements the black construction. The explanation for this is quite simple. The eye is accustomed to the combination of these colors, so they do not seem unusual.

addition to the said combination, in the list of beautiful eye combinations include black and bitten red, beige and sand, and other. Once the choice in favor of that particular color of the slide cabinet is made, you need to decide on the installation option.

Hanging slides perfectly fit in the interior, made in the style of Art Nouveau or high-tech Hanging slides perfectly fit into the interior, executed in modern style or high-tech

Each has pros and cons, consider that you need up to the date of purchase:

  1. L-shaped attachment presentedThree separate segments, not connected to each other. If you look at this design from the side, you see 2 letters "G", between which is the middle part with the TV and shelves. The upper and lower section is used to store things.
  2. The minimalistic variant is a fashionable shelf-cabinet, occupying the entire lower part of the structure. Depending on the stylistic decision, it has 4 to 8 pull-out sections. A TV is placed on top of it, next to which there is free space. Crowns the whole composition beside the cabinets, fixed at the ceiling level.

"Zero option" - in many ways it is similar to the one mentioned above, but there is one significant difference. The first level is represented by a small podium on which stands the TV and audio system

Slides under the TV in the room: the color and variety

Quite often you can hear from the customer dissatisfaction with the purchase of furniture. It would seem that everything in the wall is perfect. Books, decorative elements, plasma TV and so on are perfectly placed, but still something is missing. The reason for such a feeling is to be looked for in a wrong color and even a shade.

Coming to shops, citizens pay more attention to length, width and a number of other strictly functional parameters.

Hanging slides are securely fastened, therefore able to withstand TV of any size Suspended coasters have a secure fit, so are able to support the TV any size

To the apartment there was indeed a functional element of the interior, similar vigilance must show respect to its aesthetic characteristics.


  • Black wall complements the red or burgundy design;
  • Neutral looks a combination of pastel wallpaper and beige wall-slides;
  • In the hall made in canons of classical style it is better to use a construction from a natural tree.

Regardless of the color scheme, it is necessary to eliminate even the slightest probability of contrasting or too "flashy" color combinations.

Create a slide in the room with your own hands

The range presented in the retail chain does not always satisfy the customers' requests. If the design leaves much to be desired in some models, it is impossible to fit into the room due to the non-standard dimensions of the latter. As a result, many prefer to abandon the previously planned purchase. To hurry with this is not worth it, because the situation can always be taken literally in its own hands.

For work it is necessary to purchase in advance the materials in the required quantity. Beginners should be taken with a margin, so that possible errors do not make the work stop for a long time.

When you decide to make a slide yourself in the hall, you should first draw a drawing on paper and purchase the necessary materials When deciding to make their own roller coaster in the room is worth pre-make drawing on paper and acquire the necessary materials

Regardless of the parameters of future slides for hall to buy the following is needed:

  • Racks and cross of wood;
  • Roof and shelves from plywood;
  • Wooden lining for shelves and roof;
  • Side, support and rear walls;
  • Support, back, bottom and side strips;
  • Screws, screws, nuts, lock nuts, nails and screws;
  • Roller guides for glass panels;
  • Handles for drawers and doors.

If you want to create a hill with your own hands, equipped with a backlight, in this case the design is complemented by a step-down transformer, control unit and necessary wires. During installation, it is worth paying attention to the correct insulation of the wiring. This will help avoid a short circuit. Direct assembly is performed on a schematic basis.

How to choose a hill in the hall( video)

Beginners should not be afraid of possible errors, because there is always the ability to unscrew the incorrectly fixed part. The reward for the works of the righteous will be a functional wall-slide, which meets the needs of the owner of the living quarters. Unlike the store variant, which does not always fit into the existing interior, the self-made skeleton will eliminate the need for subsequent improvements.

design slides into the hall( the photo in the interior)