Stucco own hands: the use of drywall and other materials, videos and photos

Stucco with your hands (48 photos) plating methods directly base and wall surface with the frame


Table of contents

  • 1 Simple ways of finishing the base directly
    • 1.1 surface whitewash
    • 1.2 staining bases
    • 1.3 pasting wallpaper
    • 1.4 Windows polymer tiles
  • 2 Facing surface with the carcass (ceilings)
    • 2.1 Plasterboard sheets
    • 2.2 Cassette metal and plastic ceiling panel
    • 2.3 Pinion analogues
    • 2.4 tensile structures
  • 3 boarded ceiling
  • 4 Output
  • 5 Photo Gallery

Carrying out repairs of the dwelling or a new building, you can mask the walls and floors with carpets, tapestries, tracks, pieces of furniture and housing equipment. The upper floors house can not hide anything. Based on this, finish ceilings with their hands is of particular importance.

This circumstance makes property owners to pay special attention to them, so that the impression of the apartment from the first minute stay was positive. Let us understand how we can oblitsevat ceiling to you for he was not ashamed.

The ceiling can become a center of attraction of all the room design.

The ceiling can become a center of attraction of all the room design.

Simple ways of finishing the base directly

Let's start with the traditional, the easiest way to decorate ceilings.

surface whitewash


  1. Whitewashing is a standard method to decorate the ceiling surface (for lack of a better), since the Soviet era, with their deficit around. Now this method is increasingly disappearing.
  2. In fact, this application at the ceiling of an aqueous solution of lime or chalk.
  3. Whitewashed ceiling surface gives it a White or sets the tone, are selected based on the overall color scheme of the room.
  4. The main advantages of this method - low cost materials and labor, as well as ease of repair technologies.

Despite its prevalence in the past, this type of finishing the ceiling needs to be very time-consuming preparations.
They consist of a cleansing base, its alignment, as necessary, consisting of plastering followed Shpatlevanie.

In addition to the obvious advantages, this option has the undoubted disadvantages:

  1. Chief among them, already voiced by the complexity of the preparatory work.
  2. The second problem - short duration effective coating. In most cases, whitewashing preserves color saturation and tone are not more than two years.
  3. Important disadvantages of such a decoration - the lack of moisture resistance and very dirty work.

staining bases

Coating of the ceiling surface.

Coating of the ceiling surface.

Painting the ceiling surface, usually water-dispersion and emulsion formulations - another traditional method of its finishing:

  1. This method is more practical and durable than the previous embodiment.
  2. Another important advantage of staining in front of whitewash - a diverse range of colors. The paint can add any pigment, picking up a harmonious solution for the home interior.
  3. In principle, these two technology works practically the same. They are low cost, practicality and ease of maintenance for ceiling surface.

Disadvantages are:

  1. All the same the complexity of the preparatory work and the relatively short life span - about 3-5 years.
  2. The frequent formation of fine cracks and delamination of the coating. Especially with not very good preparation of the base and high humidity in the room.

Quality work here depends on the experience and qualifications of the employee.
Amateur master competently similar finish will do.

pasting wallpaper

Wallpapering a ceiling wallpaper bases.

Wallpapering a ceiling wallpaper bases.

Pasting wallpaper - another kind of immediate, relatively inexpensive, finishing the ceiling surface. To do this, select the thick cloth, painted in bright, light colors. The best option - use for durable, attractive and easy to courting non-woven material.

Despite the obvious advantages, have a ceiling wallpaper and minuses:

  1. Chief among the disadvantages - the complexity of finishing. Alone does not deal with them.
  2. Predisposition to the peeling blades and cuts. Especially if in the course of the work there were drafts or in the room there is high humidity.
  3. Fragility facing an average of about 5 years.

Windows polymer tiles

Placing the tiles from styrofoam.

Placing the tiles from styrofoam.

This consists in pasting the ceiling finish square, rectangular, scalloped tiles made of flexible plastic. Material is practically no weight, because is made from thin sheets of polystyrene foam. On the "face" of tiles manufacturers apply a variety of relief patterns and widgets.

Advantages of the solution:

  1. The main advantage of such a coating - it can be glued to any type of ground.
  2. Ease of installation and serviceability advantages are also options. If the damage of the coating, tile simply changed to new ones.
  3. This finishing method allows you to mask the cracks and defects of the ceiling light.

Cons like lining:

  1. coating irregularity. The tiles on the ceiling does not look like one picture.
  2. Bends and joints in the ceiling stand out clearly.
  3. Expanded polystyrene has sufficient resistance to UV radiation of the sun. If he gets on the cover regularly, the material burns and tarnish.
  4. After installation of the tiles is difficult to install some devices, such as ventilation and fire detectors.

Facing surface with the carcass (ceilings)

The framework is the basis of false ceilings.

The framework is the basis of false ceilings.

Suspended, ie frame ceilings are very common and separate category finishes. The key to their unflagging popularity is versatility designs.

With the help of the ceiling, you can close all overlapping defects (elevation, curvature and so forth.), As well as passing on his mask utilities.
The design of structures is diverse and allows to fit them into any interior.

Plasterboard sheets

The two-storey ceiling of GCR.

The two-storey ceiling of GCR.

Such a coating is the design of the guide (usually of metal profiles, wooden slats less) and bolted thereto by screws plates GCR. The sheets can be painted or wallpaper glue on them.

With their help, you can equip as a single-level, that is, smooth ceiling, and complex two-, three- and four-level composition. They provide an opportunity to play a variety of styles of design and implement the most daring fantasies.

Dignity, which is finishing ceilings plasterboard with their hands - speed of installation, relatively low cost and the ability to set the ceiling structure on their own.

In the method, there are drawbacks:

  1. Complex multi-level option plasterboard ceiling you do not set their own.
  2. Conventional plasterboard sheets have Humidity. If necessary, wet locations need to use gypsum plasterboard (water-resistant variety of drywall).

Cassette metal and plastic ceiling panel

Tape finish.

Tape finish.

Such a suspended ceiling frame structure is coated with a thin metal (cassette) or plastic panels.

The "face" of this fabric is very diverse. It is painted in a wide range of colors and tones can be flat and embossed patterns.

Advantages coverage are obvious:

  1. high aesthetics.
  2. Possibility to select the material for any style and color of the interior.
  3. Covering easy to maintain and wash.
  4. Ceiling construction gives a very easy.
  5. Metallic ceiling resistant to temperature changes and moisture action.

options Cons - High price of cassettes and their low capacity for sound insulation.

Pinion analogues

Decorations rack may have such unusual form.

Decorations rack may have such unusual form.

This coating consists of a frame and metal (aluminum, steel, alloys) strips. The best option - to use it in a small room. This finishing material has a wide range of colors, from golden tones to mirror tones. There are slats with embossed pattern.

The main advantages of rack ceiling:

  • ease;
  • wide range of shapes and colors;
  • the ability to install tiered options and facing arch designs;
  • the relative ease of installation;
  • thermal and moisture resistance;
  • durability.

Less options - the tendency to deformation bars.

tensile structures

Tensioner coating with photo printing.

Tensioner coating with photo printing.

Produced a ceiling covering of durable and reliable polymer films or special fabric. It has the widest range of colors and designs, including 3D images, and photo printing.

With this you can create a room atmosphere of comfort and coziness. This coating is quite expensive, but durable.

The main advantages of suspended ceilings:

  • water resistance and elasticity (when leakages ceiling just stretched fabric can detach and collect the water);
  • fire resistance;
  • high level of strength;
  • extensive decorative possibilities.

The disadvantages are the high cost, complexity and the need to install additional equipment (requires heat gun). The material does not tolerate too high (sag) and the cold air temperature (decreases its elasticity).

Choosing a way of organizing the ceiling cover, please note one important point.
Any false ceilings when installing the "stealing" of about 10-20 cm high walls.

boarded ceiling

Podshivnoy coating.

Podshivnoy coating.

The main advantage of suspended ceiling - they can be mounted directly on the ceiling (sometimes profiles, if the surface is too rough). So they steal space.

For this reason, this option is optimal for covering low-ceiling rooms. They can mask the small irregularities in the substrate. Coating may consist of plastic, wood strips, slats, panels, beams, plywood sheets, plasterboard or MDF, particleboard.

The disadvantages of suspended ceiling - failure to install lighting and communications on the cover, a considerable weight of the structures and the scarcity of design.


As can be seen from the article, the ceiling surface finish is possible with the use of a variety of techniques and materials. This gives owners of property leeway in choosing coverage. If you have matured have any questions, ask them in the comments.

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