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Today, there are plenty of options and proposals for the design of the room. However, what kind of design to choose living room? First of all, be guided by your preferences and wishes of other family members.

High-quality construction and a stylish interior design living room - perhaps the most important step in the repair of apartments. It is this room could be called your face, I will judge you and your family on it.

living room design

Considering various ideas for the living room, note that all of them can be performed only on drawings and other sketches. They should be performed in a certain sequence.

Stages of design living room

studio living room design

Example design living room warm colors

The interior design of any room decided to split into several stages. There may be only two or more.

Acting this way you arrange the endless stream of ideas and solutions you want to implement. Certain stage of each designer is called in its own way and has its own distinctive characteristics.

However, there are only three basic steps that will be needed, performing a living room design.

  1. Stage of planning decisions

This stage involves a new interior layout of the living room in a private house, which is different from the existing one. Along with that plan out the placement of all the elements of furniture.

how to make a living room design

Interior design of living room with white furniture

At the stage of planning solutions to create a so-called framework of the planned interior you.

It is also necessary to create some drawings and sketches that help to accurately calculate the area occupied by furniture, and free space of the room.

  1. Create interior designs

Here, with the help of computer programs or manually must be applied to the design sketches of the living room in the house all the ideas.

Performing interior design living room, this stage is considered to be the most time-consuming, as it requires making accurate sound decisions.

living room interior design

Stylish furniture for the living room

Often these solutions are not easy, as different residents of apartment living can see the future vary.

  1. Design and preparation of working drawings

Working drawings - this is the stage at which must be created not only the figures, but also sheet decoration. This step is very important, since it is at this stage of the work quality work construction workers will be laid.

Performing design studio living room, it is very important to adhere to the sequence of these steps.

living room design

Bright colors in the living room interior

This will allow you to control the step by step process of creating the interior design to the smallest detail and to organize the work of the designer and other professionals involved in the creation of a new living room.

Note! Repair project of your room must comply with certain provisions. First of all, it is practical. So the situation in the living room should be at a maximum functional and comfortable.

Considering the variety of design options the living room, you have to decide how a small and not significant and serious solutions.

Such a task could be a question about how to be your living room, make it a favorite place for the whole family, so that it takes into account all the wishes of its members.

How to make a window in the living room

Depending on how you place the window opening in a room depends on lighting solution in all rooms. There are many tricks and innovations in the design of the windows.

One of these is the use of two or three-color organza. Sew it must be in one painting.

Often the design of the window takes little time. This is possible if you have to think in advance all the minutest details.

living room design

Original lace curtains

You should also determine the materials for the finishing room, this wallpaper, flooring, as well as textiles for curtains and other decorations. Thus, your room will look harmonious and stylish.

Curtains can be made independently. Take as a basis the existing ones. Then go to one of the specialty shops and pick up fabric to taste.

If, however, you are not fully confident in their abilities, but would like to have had a beautiful living room - curtains design best left to professionals.

They skillfully use a variety of textures and safely treated with a variety of color combinations.

To learn how to make the design of the living room is not only comfortable and beautiful, but practical and functional, you can ask in fashion magazines or take advantage of our tips.

Furniture in the living room

living room design options

Island for upholstered furniture

There are many options of how to place a certain amount of furniture in the room. Of course, it all depends on the size of your apartment.

Proper placement of furniture is the second, what should be taken very seriously.

Note! Much more often we have to use the islet on which is placed a common table, and upholstered furniture. One of the walls in this case must remain free. For example, your room will look more spacious.

Not always the interior design of living involves placement of furniture elements parallel to the walls in the room. This will cause heaped situation.

If you often take visitors in his apartment and like to sing karaoke or dance, you take care of that, and that desire you had the strength to carry out for friends and relatives.

For its location in a small space of your living room you have to put the furniture in such a way that it is positioned to the positive perception of the whole apartment.

Very often, living room design includes space for the so-called office. This zone is generally located armchair, several shelves and shelves, as well as a desk.

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