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hall design (48 photos): decoration, furniture and other interior elements, interior doors, lighting


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Many people in the regeneration of housing do not pay enough attention to design of the hall, but more concentrated it into bedrooms, living room and kitchen. However, it is a hall design gives guests a first impression of the housing interior, and hence of his hosts. It is therefore reasonable to consider the appearance of the premises is not less than the design of other rooms.

In this article we take a look at the basic rules and ideas from professional designers that you can take as a basis for the design of the living room design your apartment or house.

An example of a hall design

An example of a hall design


Many experts believe that the design of the hall - is a science.

The fact that the room has a lot of features:

  • It has no windows;
  • It contains dark corners;
  • usually it has small dimensions.

In the process of registration is necessary to solve two main tasks:

  • hide all the disadvantages of a premise (asymmetry or lack of light) to design the hall was attractive;
  • make the hall convenient and functional.

Designers are some of his tricks that allow you to arrange the room to meet these requirements.

Colorful wallpaper in the hallway

Colorful wallpaper in the hallway

Features hallway decoration


Most apartments hallways very compact size. As is known, one can expand the space visually by making use of light colors. However, the draw hall design in white color is not necessary, as this room is adjacent to the street, and therefore most susceptible to contamination.

Of course, the Internet can be found many examples of hallways, where the white color is the primary finishing. Moreover, such facilities typically look very attractive. But, in practice, such a design hall gives housewives a lot of problems.

At the same time you should not use too dark colors, as in the passage already insufficient light. In addition, the dark walls visually reduce the space.

Because experts recommend the use of warm colors. As for the walls, they also can paste over wallpaper or colorful imitating natural materials such as stone or brick. In this case, the design of the hall is too dark, and at the same time, they will not much noticeable dirt and dust.

Note! When selected as the finishing of the walls of wallpaper, you should use only washable models.

Wallpaper with a vertical stripe

Wallpaper with a vertical stripe

In most typical apartments hallways are quite narrow. Visually, you can correct this deficiency by using wallpaper in vertical stripes. And the wider the band will be the narrower and more will appear wall.

However, if you carelessly use the reception hall design can get the effect of "high well." Therefore it is best to divide the walls horizontally into two parts and use the strips only for the upper half.

It should be noted that the separation wall into two parts is feasible and practical point of view, since it allows use below durable materials that are well cleaned. For example, it may be plastic panels made wood or other materials.

If the hallway is made in-house design, and enough storage space, can be used on the walls of wallpaper with a large pattern.

An example of using the laminate as a floor covering

An example of using the laminate as a floor covering

As for the floor finish, it must meet the following requirements:

  • coating should be wear-resistant, since the hall high permeability. In addition, building on sand and dirt are entered that are abrasive coating;
  • the floor must be easy to clean and wash, respectively, used, for example, the carpet is impractical;
  • color of the floor, as well as covering the walls, should not be easily soiled. Otherwise the floor even with frequent cleaning will always look messy and untidy;
  • floor must fit in with the rest of the design of the hall.

Flooring options that meet these requirements, there is quite a lot.

This can be:

  • linoleum;
  • parquet or laminate;
  • Batten and others.

The main thing is that the coating had a durable top layer.

Built-in wardrobe hallway

Built-in wardrobe hallway

Furniture and other interior elements

The furniture in the hallway should be as functional, because here, as has been said above, is stored outerwear, footwear, headgear and all kinds of accessories are located - umbrellas, handbags and etc. Therefore, the perfect solution for this purpose is a built-in wardrobe.

If the room is not possible to mount such a structure, you can buy a set of furniture, which includes the following items:

  • cabinet for shoes;
  • chest of drawers for small items;
  • cabinet with doors.

In cases where the hallway quite compact, we can restrict the hanger. The only thing, it is desirable that it was functional - had shelves for shoes and hats.

With regard to the color and design of furniture, choosing to consider the rest of the design of the hall. The only white objects, it is desirable not to use because of their soiled.

Stylish mirror in the hallway

Stylish mirror in the hallway

It is also an indispensable element of the interior is a mirror.

And it usually performs several functions:

  • is an element of interior decoration;
  • It allows you to see for yourself before going out;
  • visually expands the space of the room.

If the free space is sufficient, it is possible to establish a bench or couch, for example, under the hanger. This allows comfortable put on one's shoes.

EXAMPLE pedestals-benches

EXAMPLE pedestals-benches

Interior doors

hall design forms not only trim and furniture, but also many other parts, such as doors. The latter affect its visual perception is not less than, for example, a floor finish.

The traditional and most versatile option is the color of the wood doors, which can be both dark and light. However, if you want to make the interior of the original and interesting, you can set the door of bright colors with unusual accessories.

Doors in the color of wood

Doors in the color of wood

Make attractive and unusual design of the hallway small dimensions can even door handles.
However, they should be in harmony with the other elements of the interior, as well as all other details.


When planning a design hall, be sure to pay attention to the lighting. After all, because of the lack of windows in the hallway there is always a lack of light. In addition, with proper planning the lighting can also be visually expand the space and room to hide flaws.

Typically, lighting is responsible for the central lamp, as well as additional equipment. Regarding the choice of the central lamp, first of all need to pay attention to the style of its design, which should fit in the hallway design. However, it is advisable to shade was open and not much shaded space.

Example hallway lighting

Example hallway lighting

Lighting should be used in the most important areas - near the cabinet, mirror and hangers. You can use the lamps as well as lighting equipment, built-in furniture or ceilings.

If the room is small, then hallway design will look more profitable without massive chandeliers and floor lamps. Experts recommend use in this case exclusively built and wall lighting fixtures. The only thing they should be enough to make even in the dark in the hallway was bright.

Here, perhaps, all the basic rules, which will allow you arrange the interior design of the hall.


To successfully draw hall design must take into account a number of features of this room, as it should be not only beautiful, but also practical. To cope with this task will help the above recommendations that are relevant for all styles of interior.

If after reading the material you have any questions, you can ask them in the comments and we will be happy to answer them.

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