Repair slopes with their own hands: trim door and window openings

Repair slopes of plastic, wood and GCR


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  • 1 plaster finish
  • 2 Finishing of plastic
    • 2.1 Benefits
    • 2.2 A few words about the sandwich panels
  • 3 Kosntruktsii of GCR and wood
  • 4 Summing up

Slope is part of the window and door openings, between the house wall and the frame / box structure around its perimeter. Its width is different, but rarely exceeds 0.6 m.

When installing doors and windows repair of slopes with their own hands - this is the final stage, giving structural integrity and aesthetic appearance.

Repair slopesplaster finish

Plastering - a traditional form of cladding. Reduces the opening for filling and leveling of the perimeter cement-sand mortar, spackling, grinding and surface staining. The advantage of this type of finish one and is reflected in its low cost.

Several drawbacks. Plaster can not firmly connected to the frame / box is with the passage of time leads to the detachment and the appearance of cracks. The material has layers with different coefficients of expansion / contraction, which leads to cracking of the plaster due to seasonal temperature changes.

Note! Lack of insulation increases the heat loss in the room and leads to overcooling of the opening winter. This, in turn, leads to the appearance of condensation.

With significant potholes in the opening necessary to apply a reinforcing material which are applied successively 2-3 layers prepared solution for plaster. Before spackling and staining solution must be completely dry.

Finishing of plastic

Repair of windows slopes

Decorating sandwich panels


Plastic constructions made of the same PVC. Plastic reliably covers and protects the mounting sutures, matches the color of the window unit does not need additional processing and coloration, provides improved sound and heat insulation.

Repair of door PVC slopes is quite simple and can be performed independently.

Modern openings facing systems make it possible to perform the installation at any angle of rotation. In addition, you can insulate the opening, which prevents its freezing and condensation settling. Plastic allows slopes of varying widths.

Note! Facing openings honeycomb wall panels will be successful only with the purchase of an expensive Belgian or Dutch material. Works with wall panels require the use of additional materials - installation profiles, mineral insulation. Building on the framework makes the process time consuming and difficult.

A few words about the sandwich panels

The optimal solution can be called a liner opening sandwich panels. They represent a foamed insulating material, having on both sides a coating of PVC panels, 3 mm thick. This design gives the panels increased heat and sound insulation properties.

Kosntruktsii of GCR and wood

Repair window slopes

Construction of plasterboard

Repair door slopes with their own hands can be performed using the drywall, which is in the ratio of price / quality took an intermediate position between the plaster and plastic.

  • The surface of the openings of the GCR requires subsequent coating with paint or wallpaper. The disadvantage of such a lining - the need for periodic maintenance.
  • And the installation of windows and doors made of natural wood, trim panels made of the same wood. Treated with antiseptic solutions and protective strips are not afraid of moisture.
  • Solid wood varieties tolerate the mechanical stresses, but take care of the openings are harder than plastic trimmed slopes.

Summing up

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