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Most owners of small apartments combine the toilet and bathroom. But how practical such a design bathroom and a toilet?

Properly design a bathroom - is no easy task. Often, this room is the smallest in size, but at the same time it must be placed very important household items. bathroom and toilet design

Such as washing machine, ironing board, bathroom, shower, wash basin and bidet.

design bathrooms and toilets

design example of a standard bathroom, room with WC

Most often, WC appears due to a small area of ​​the bathroom. Quite rare to find a bathroom and a toilet in the same room, if its area is more than 7 meters.

How to deal with a bathroom in your case, merge or nevertheless refrain from such measures, so then do not suffer? To do this, carefully examine all the positive and negative sides of the joint placement with bath WC in the interior of the bathroom.

Positive aspects of co-location of the bathroom and toilet:

  1. First of all, it should be noted that the design of a combined bathroom with a toilet involves savings lining one wall tiles. When combining one wall, namely separating the toilet and the bathroom will be completely demolished.
    bath and toilet Design

    Bright bathroom with WC

  1. Due to the fact that the rooms will be merged, the space will be much more, at least visually it will look like. On economized space you can put the washing machine or shower. Also here you can move the bathroom or replace it with a more spacious jacuzzi.
  2. So design a combined bathroom and toilet will save you money not only on the facing of the wall, but also on the doors, because now she needed only one, instead of two.
    design combined bathroom with toilet

    Stylish design bathroom with mosaic of different colors

  1. With this merger it is possible to conveniently arrange communication. This refers to water meters and other devices.
  2. Cleaning will be necessary again in only one room instead of two.
  3. Na won the space you have a good chance to arrange such a design bath and toilet, which you have long dreamed of, but could not carry out due to the compactness of the bathroom.

The main disadvantages of combining a bathroom with WC

The first thing worth mentioning is that the design of the bathroom and toilet room in the same room requires a limited ability to use the bathroom and toilet.

This can happen if in this room there is another member of the family.

This aspect is considered very important, because in many families of several children who like to close the bathroom and flop clock with foam and bubbles.

Note! That any redevelopment of the apartment must be made in accordance with certain documentation. And this is not so easy and not so fast. You have to visit the appropriate authority, and then you come techniques and inspection of premises. If everything is in order, then some time later you can safely demolish the wall and plan the design of a shared bathroom.

3d bathroom design

Soft and bright rugs for your bathroom

Considering all the above, we can conclude that the design of the bathroom with WC will be appropriate in your room, if it is:

  • Is a studio apartment;
  • The flat is very limited;
  • If the toilet area does not exceed 1.5 square meters. meters;
  • If your family does not have children, or one child;
  • If you can boast of a variety of interesting design ideas while expanding bathroom space due to its alignment with the toilet.

In the Internet there are many portals providing various examples of bathroom design. You can also use a variety of design magazines with tips literate professionals.

Best of all, if, before the start of construction, you will spend 3d bathroom design with a special program.

There are some cases where it is better not to experiment and combine the bathroom with toilet:

  • If there are two or more children in the house;
  • If the wall that separates the bathroom and the toilet is the carrier and carry it can not be;
  • If it would be contrary to the style of the entire apartment.

If, even after increasing the space of the room through its association with its bathroom footage remained negligible, then try one of the secrets of interior design bathroom.

design combined bathroom and toilet

Interesting shelves for bathroom

One of these is to use tiles of a certain size. Large tiles, regardless of their color scheme will reduce your bathroom.

The best option in this case can be regarded as the size 20x30 cm. Creating an original design of the bathroom, do not forget about the direction of laying a tile.

The vertical arrangement of a little "lifts the" room, and the horizontal - a little "pull".

So design bathrooms and toilets can be visually adjust with the help of a laying of floor tiles on the diagonal (see. Other variants of repair bathroom).

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