Design dressing room: spectacular solutions

Design dressing room (photo 60): how to do and what to fill


Table of contents

  • 1 Why dressing
  • 2 arrangement rules
    • 2.1 wardrobe ideas
    • 2.2 What's inside?
  • 3 You fill out a room
  • 4 We are looking for a replacement
  • 5 Summing up
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Design dressing room allows you to remove the boring wardrobes, chests of drawers and shelves for storage of clothing and footwear.

In addition, the design saves space in the apartment and looks more spectacular than the usual wardrobe.

With the development of home design there are more functional rooms, designed to improve the ergonomics of the premises and release useful place.

dressing room designIn the last room while performing clothes storage function and replaces the extra furniture, there are many new apartments.

And, indeed, walk-in closets - it's a great way to get the most out of free space, save space and light, and clothing will now have to search only in one part of the apartment.

Great convenience is that the wardrobe is assembled from components, which allows even tune out the most complex space: niche protruding angles and low ceilings that can not be done with conventional cabinet furniture.

Why dressing

Frosted door to the dressing room

Frosted door to the dressing room

This solution has many advantages that will make you give up the traditional methods of storing clothes and never return to them:

  • Saving space with dressing room reaches enormous proportions. Just think, instead of 3 or 4 cabinets, standing in every room of your home, you get one space in which are all things.
  • Keep clothing and shoes in the dressing room is much more convenient than conventional cabinets. Due to the fact that for every thing given to his place, it will last longer and will look like new.
  • In addition to clothing, you can store in the dressing room and other things. This may be a vacuum cleaner, bags, footwear, iron and ironing board.

Note! Some complete wardrobe include placing the dressing table, mirror and hanger, turning the room into a small beauty salon for girls. This will save even more space by combining two rooms into one.

arrangement rules

wardrobe ideas

Dressing with vanity mirror and

Dressing with vanity mirror and

The main dressing room design ideas are going to separate small room. In a small apartment it could be a closet.

If the apartment is not separate room for such purposes, it is possible to separate the part of the room, you will still save a place, when will remove unnecessary cabinets.

What's inside?

  • All dressing rooms have the same structure: shelving system with sections of different sizes, the rod for hangers, shelves, sliding doors and partitions.
  • in the dressing room door is only used if it is a separate room, but the walls will help distinguish it from other areas of the room.
  • Facades partitions are made of any material, so may look different, it all depends on the financial capacity of the owner. This makes it possible to combine the dressing room with any design from high-tech to classic or empire.
  • Remember that the mirror doors visually enhance the space, and the facades, decorated tree, help to emphasize respectability.

You fill out a room

Placing clothes in levels

Placing clothes in levels

The premises are divided into several zones, in which things are arranged by frequency of use:

  • Outer zone (Height more than 190 cm). It serves as a substitute grandmother mezzanine. It is recommended to keep only those things that are used a few months a year, or just lie on the storage. All that is stored here, it is very difficult to obtain without the use of aids (ladders), so be careful when filling in this department.
  • The middle zone. There often kept casual wear and underwear. Here are the bars for the top clothes hanger for trousers, belts and ties, as well as an ironing board.
  • Lower. Used to store things that are rarely in use and footwear. Recommend divided this area into two parts at the bottom to make drawers for clothes, just above - cassettes for shoes. Underwear stored rolled up, dresses and jackets - on hangers.

Central area should be considered in detail.

All that is not used too often (blankets or bedding) can be kept closer to the upper zone, located in the middle of the coat hanger for clothes and shelves for everyday items.

Department for hats is located just above the clothes rail, he should take no less than 25 cm. Department for shoes traditionally has dimensions of 35x35 cm and looks like a small basket.

We are looking for a replacement

Prefabricated modular cabinet

Prefabricated modular cabinet

Not all apartments have the possibility to allocate a separate room for the wardrobe, and then comes to a modular furniture that allows for maximum ergonomic use all the free space.

Closets with different filling can be ordered in any company engaged in the production of chipboard furniture.

Such furniture is mounted on a grid system: the wall mounted metal frame, and hung all the necessary elements to it.

Guides on the frame can move and move, so you can experiment with the size indefinitely. By the way, in this case the floor is released from the solid supports for the cabinet.

Among the shelves you can always find all the necessary elements: hangers for coats, trousers, belts and ties, storage boxes of clothing, mesh baskets, and even racks iron and ironing board. One has only to show imagination in the assembly.

Summing up

We hope our article has been helpful to you. In order to more accurately understand the technological and practical issues on our website provides detailed photo and video instruction, in which you will find useful information on the question.

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