Drywall as plaster: walls are better, plasterboard is correct and cheaper, is it possible to rotband, decorate

  • The surface must be cleaned of dust, and it always will be when installing drywall. Well, if you have an industrial vacuum cleaner, but simple tools for the same will do.
  • Next, you need to fill in the seams, unevennesses and joints. For plastering, dry mixes are often used, which need to be diluted. But there are also ready-made ones on sale, which, however, will not last long storage.
  • First fillers fill cavities of seams and serious unevenness, and after hardening of putty, the leveling layer is applied.
  • The next step is priming. In this case, acrylate primers with vapor permeable properties can be used. Primer is applied with a brush or roller.
  • After puttying and priming, you can start plastering. Apply a thin layer of a thin layer, no more than 3 mm, a metal smoothing pad or a wide spatula.
  • If you are plastering for leveling, then you need to do this in several ways. It is better to do this in 3-4 layers of a few millimeters than one thick layer.

Not every plaster will be good for this event. Use mixtures based on gypsum binder, it's nice to work with the same mouthwash and similar compounds. And to make the plaster work better, use a reinforced fiberglass mesh.

Comparison: which is better, plaster of walls or plasterboard

And if you are facing a choice - drywall or plaster?This is a matter of preference, but there are some factors that can influence the choice. And these factors tend to favor drywall.

For finishing the surfaces in the room it is better to use high-quality gypsum plaster sheets For finishing surfaces in a room it is better to use high-quality gypsum boards

Why drywall is preferable to plaster:

  • The quality of the walls does not matter. If the walls are curves, with large defects, it is easier to hang them with plasterboard. If the differences are more than two centimeters, then the plaster will not help.
  • The next reason is that you will save time. With gypsum cardboard all will go faster, you do not have to wait for the plaster layers to dry up.
  • There is no need for great craftsmanship, plasterboard sheets can be installed independently. A metal or wooden crate is used.
  • You do not need to bend the walls, you can additionally insulate the walls.
  • Drywall will provide good sound insulation. Also, you should not be afraid of cracks. Also, there are no special conditions for installation.

Finally, the drywall will allow the construction of any shape. Its capabilities are certainly higher than plastering. Well, with regard to naturalness, both plaster and gypsum board are made of natural materials, because here the materials are equal.

Finishing plasterboard as plaster( video)

Plastering or not plastering drywall - depends only on your preferences and capabilities. Take into account all the risks, predict the result, and spare no effort and time.

Good repair!