Processing of greenhouses in autumn: how and how to process polycarbonate, from diseases and pests, preparing the land for winter

Treatment of greenhouses in autumn is extremely important in all uses Treatment of the greenhouse in autumn is extremely important for any use of Each summerman wishes to have a rich harvest. The greenhouse allows you to eat the first vegetables in earlier periods. It creates ideal conditions for growing plants. Greenhouse houses require autumn processing, creating favorable conditions for spring seedlings. Increased temperature and humidity - an excellent component for the multiplication of pathogens, microorganisms. Performing the preliminary autumn training, you can get rid of phytophthora, fungus and diseases, making it easier to work in the spring.

    • How to process a polycarbonate greenhouse in the fall: methods
    • Rules for the sulfur treatment of greenhouses against diseases in the fall
    • Tips for treating the greenhouse in the fall from pests and diseases
    • Preparing the greenhouse for the autumn in autumn
    • Treatment of the greenhouseIn the fall( video)

How to process the polycarbonate greenhouse in autumn:

methods The strength of polycarbonate allows not to disassemble the hothouse structure in the winter. To reduce the development of diseases, it is necessary to carry out preventive measures. The greenhouse is processed in October after harvesting. It is necessary not only to carry out disinfection works, but also to clean the structural elements of the room.

Polycarbonate greenhouse can be washed with a soap solution or water with the addition of manganese.

In order not to damage the surface, soft fabrics are used, for example, rags, foam sponge. Do not use abrasives or hard brushes that can scratch the coating. Particular attention should be paid to the corner elements, which are washed with clean water. Metal frames are cleaned from corrosion and painted with paint. Wooden structures are disinfected with 5% solution of copper sulfate.

The polycarbonate greenhouse can be processed in several ways The polycarbonate greenhouse can be treated in several ways

There are several types of greenhouse treatment:

  • Chemical exposure;
  • Biologically;
  • Temperature processing. Each is characterized by its advantages and disadvantages.

Chemicals act quickly, but remain in the ground, penetrating into the fruit. Biological requires a labor-intensive process, less efficiently combating pests, gently acting on the soil. Heat treatment kills not only pathogenic microorganisms, but also necessary elements, worsening the condition of the soil.

Rules of sulfur treatment of greenhouses against diseases in autumn

Treatment of a greenhouse needs disinfection of soil and structures. There are several ways to prevent the greenhouse. An aggressive and effective method is fumigation of the room with a sulfur checker. An inexpensive means will help get rid of various insects, mites, mold and microorganisms.

Use of a sulfur checker:

  • The checker is laid on a sheet of metal or bricks;
  • Sulfur tablets have a pyramid;
  • Close all windows and exits;
  • Place the wick under the top tablet;
  • Ignite the end of the wick with matches.

You need to make sure that the process of decay has gone. After that, the greenhouse leaves, closing the door tightly. Combustion occurs within 45 minutes. You can enter the greenhouse after 3 days. Exhaust gas is dangerous for the human body.

Sulfur greenhouse treatment is an effective method Sulfur treatment of the greenhouse - an effective method

After ignition it is necessary not to linger in the greenhouse.

This method of disinfection is effective, but if there are corrosion on metal frames, they will increase after exposure to the sulfur checker. Therefore, before application, it is necessary to paint additionally rusty places. An alternative is fumigation with cuttings of sulfur. At 10 m2, you need 1 kg of the drug, as well as a metal container. Sulfur is ground with charcoal. The mixture is spread in the basins or other metal containers and evenly distributed over the entire area. Then run the checker, closing the door. After processing, you can open the greenhouse on day 7.Airing is carried out for 2 weeks.

The fumigation method allows you to decontaminate not only the room, but also the ground. The structure can be processed with a solution of copper sulfate. For 10 liters of water add 75 grams of a liquid solution. The walls are sprayed from the spray gun. Such a composition will cope with the phytophthora. Some truck farmers conduct the prevention of the premises with the help of Bordeaux liquid.40 g of the preparation is diluted in a bucket of water. Then spray the greenhouse. It must be remembered that copper compounds are harmful, because of this, it is necessary to use protective equipment.

Tips for treating greenhouses in fall from pests and diseases

To harvest every year the owner, it is necessary to remove the top layer of soil and fill the new earth. An alternative is the addition of compost and digging of soil. Get rid of pests will help certain compounds.


  1. Carbophos fights with a black leg and a root knot nematode. For processing 1m3, 90g of the product is diluted in a bucket of water. After the mixture has reacted, the ground is dug in such a way that the lower stratum is at the top.
  2. Carbathion 40% will save the future plants from the keel, outgrowths.0.5 l stir in a bucket of water. Handle the ground when digging.
  3. With bleached mite, bleach will handle. To prepare the solution, you need 10 liters of water and 400 grams. Lime. The liquid is infused for 3-4 hours, then the land is disinfected and digested. The same infusion can be processed inventory.

For the harvest to please the truck farmers, it is necessary to change the soil So that the crop can please the truck farmers, it is necessary to change the soil

From phytophthors apply special biological preparations based on a hay stick. These include Fitovtorin, Alirin, Gamair. The compounds have biological effectiveness, without causing addictive pathogens.

Dilute tablets and liquid products with water, the method of application and dosage is specified in the instructions.

Some gardeners use folk remedies - use tincture of garlic, tobacco and mustard, spill the land with a hot extract of needles or pine cones, use ash solutions. These methods are less effective. The only advantage is ecological cleanliness.

Stages of preparing a greenhouse for the winter in autumn

Preparation for winter begins with garbage collection. It is necessary to take out the inventory and improvised means. Handle and dry the material well. It is important to remove all plant residues on the soil surface. Then it is necessary to prepare the soil for the winter period.

The most effective way is cleaning the top layer by 7-10 cm, and replacing the new earth with the compost.

You can shed the soil with boiling water, and then populate with useful microbes to replenish biological activity. To such preparations carry Phytocide, Tikhodermin, Azotofit. They effectively destroy the causative agents of the disease, enhance the action of chemical preparations, neutralize heavy metals, and activate plant growth. Disinfect and saturate the soil with potassium and magnesium is capable of garden lime or dolomite flour.

The polycarbonate greenhouse for winter should be carefully prepared The polycarbonate greenhouse for winter must be carefully prepared

Room fumigation is an effective method against various fungi, mites, molds and bacterial infections. Autumn care means cleaning the structure of dirt. Polycarbonate must be washed and treated, the frame examined and disinfected. After the done work, it is necessary to strengthen the construction of the greenhouse. In case of heavy snowfalls, the greenhouse will be able to calmly overwinter without damage and crashes. To do this, use props, which you can make yourself or find ready-made options.

General order of work:

  • All materials are removed from the greenhouse;
  • Soil is carefully treated from vegetation residues;
  • Remove a few centimeters of ground, which may contain pest larvae;
  • Soil disinfection is carried out;
  • Clean the structural elements of the greenhouse;
  • Ground is broken;
  • Strengthen the frame.

The upper part of the greenhouse skate is carefully inspected. For a 6 m construction, 4 T-shaped supports are required, which are installed on the plywood or other seal for greater stability. You need to take care of the greenhouse in winter, periodically removing snow from its surface.

Treatment of greenhouses in autumn( video)

Autumn cleaning does not allow diseases and pests to reproduce in the conditions of a greenhouse. The fertilizers applied make it possible to saturate the soil with additional microelements. Careful work in the fall will help to keep the greenhouse in good condition, relieve the diseases and parasites, will enjoy the planting of spring beds and guarantee a good harvest.