Disembarkation of tomato seedlings in a greenhouse: how to properly plant, plant and sow in a greenhouse tomatoes, cultivation

Planting seedlings tomatoes in the greenhouse is more preferable than the option with open ground Planting tomato seedlings in a greenhouse is more preferable than open-pit option Tomatoes, a very popular vegetable in our country, it is grown practically by all truck farmers. Tomatoes grown by their own hands at home are saturated with vitamins. Growing tomatoes is preferable in a greenhouse, as compared to growing in the open ground, there are many advantages. Tomatoes in the greenhouse please the ripe fruits earlier for about 2 weeks. And also bushes are less prone to disease. To obtain the maximum harvest, it is necessary to observe the rules of planting seedlings, to know how to sow, water and take care of it, and then tomatoes will appear on the table as one of the first vegetables.

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Tips: how to plant tomato seedlings in the greenhouse

greenhouse plants( popular with ovoschesovhoza) different kinds of thought, as a place for VõsaHowever, modern designs and developments of vegetable growers allow growing tomatoes from the moment of planting seeds and to obtaining ripe fruits. In such a room, tomatoes will be on the table near the gardener almost all the year round, depending on the insulation of the structure.

The winter heated greenhouse will allow this to be done even earlier.

And also, in greenhouses it is very convenient to water the plants and monitor the moisture of the surface. Before planting, the soil is treated and the optimal soil composition is selected for tomato.

You can plant tomatoes in the greenhouse in early May be planted tomatoes in the greenhouse can be the beginning of May

conduct work in a greenhouse is possible since the beginning of May:

  1. In greenhouses it is recommended to plant shrubs, whose growth is not more than 35 cm
  2. Sowing is carried out. Well-moistened primer.
  3. After sowing with watering it is necessary to wait a week or two.

As a result of the recommendations, the stems of the bushes will be much stronger and will not grow strongly. In addition, the garter can be carried out during the first watering. Be sure to periodically ventilate. Procedures for ventilation are mandatory during the flowering period of plants. And also the soil in an enclosed area can be strongly waterlogged, if you periodically open doors or windows of a greenhouse, the processes occurring in the ground will pass most naturally.

It is very useful to fertilize seedlings, and also to resort to the addition of nutrients throughout the growth period. Well suited for artificial recharge of tomatoes wood ash, liquid sodium humate, potassium sulfate, etc.

Instructions:. How to plant tomato seedlings in the greenhouse right

Planting seedlings greenhouse tomatoes, the process simple, the main thing to remember that each plant should be enough space, And the sun lit every bush. The scheme of location in each case is individual, it depends on the nature of the greenhouse and on personal experience in growing.

A scheme that is recommended for the cultivation, it is most optimal and verified experienced gardeners:

  1. maturing varieties with low height and bushes planted in 2 rows staggered at a distance 50 cm apart.
  2. Stamp plants with one stem require less space, respectively, the plant between the bushes is about 25 cm, and between the rows of 50 cm. 1 m2 of this type of tomatoes, up to 10 bushes.
  3. Tall plants require more space, and the distance should be increased to 80 cm

Planting seedlings tomatoes - a simple process planting tomato seedlings -. A simple process

Optimal planting combine and use several methods. If the greenhouse is large, that is, a minimum of 2 rows with a passage, it is recommended that low-growing plants be planted closer to the glass, and tall plants are planted closer to the aisle. If you form the bushes in a single stem, the lighting will touch each bush. And it also appears possible to plant between them a variety of varieties at a distance of 25 cm from each other. Single-stem pinching will allow harvesting much earlier, and its volume will be significantly increased. If you grow tomatoes with a large number of stems, then the harvest will not be so abundant and some of the fruits will not have time to ripen on the bush.

Rules for planting seedlings tomato in the greenhouse

Every vegetable grower grows tomatoes based on personal experience. Many plant the same varieties year after year, and the technique of planting is practiced to the ideal, however, if planting tomatoes for the first time, it is necessary to know some general recommendations.

The basic rules that will help avoid mistakes in growing tomatoes:

  1. The climate of Russia is diverse, therefore in each region the period of the landing is different, so the main rule is the planting of tomatoes in a well-heated soil.
  2. The plant is not recommended to deepen deeply, in a warm climate one can afford to plant seedlings at any depth, as it will still manage to reach maximum growth, a deep depression can delay harvesting for a week, or even more. The roots of tomatoes will grow deeper into the soil and all the strength of the plants will go into this, which will stop the growth of greenery.
  3. It's important to find the right time for the landing. The weather should be very warm and the forecast should not report a cooling.

If you plant tomatoes earlier, but at the same time there will be a cold snap in the night and the plants may die, so there will not be anything wrong with the fact that the seedlings will stand a few extra days not planted.

Seedling tomato should be planted in heated soil Seedlings must be planted in the heated soil

The fertilizer should not contain high nitrogen content, therefore fresh manure is strictly prohibited.

Nitrogen is useful for all plants, without it they do not reach the maximum yield of fruits, with an overabundance of nitrogen, the bushes will be good, however, they will not be tomato.

Before planting, it is necessary to prepare seedlings, tearing yellow and sick leaves below, and all leaves that are very close to the ground. Thus, the soil is not at risk of infection. The leaves break off beforehand so that the damage places on the stem can catch on.

Proper growing of seedlings tomatoes in a greenhouse

When seedlings are already planted, care must be taken. Proper care ensures a good harvest. There are basic measures for caring for plants. The first watering of seedlings is carried out from the moment, as the plants finally take root.

The water temperature is also important, it is recommended to adhere to the recommended temperature of about 20 ° C.

That tomatoes could please with an excellent crop, behind them it is necessary correctly to look after To ensure that the tomatoes are able to please an excellent crop, they need to be taken care of properly

Watering in the greenhouse is carried out every 4 days, however, during the flowering period, water volumes are increased approximately 2 times, with 4 liters in normal watering. Morning watering is most preferable, as by the evening condensation appears in the greenhouse. After watering, after a few hours you need to open a hotbed for fresh air. The peculiarity of tomatoes is that they are not afraid of drafts. It is recommended to ventilate regularly, and during the flowering period more often, so that there is no moisture in the pollen.

Even during the daytime bright sun, 26 ° C optimum heat increase for tomatoes. In a few days, it is necessary to tie the bushes so that the plants do not break down and, when the fruits appear, they do not fall to the ground. Method of garter should be soft and do not harm the development of the bush. The procedure for pasyning is carried out in the morning hours, the essence is to break all the stepsons. It is necessary to act carefully so as not to damage the main stem. The first fertilizing takes place after 2 weeks. You can use special mixtures, which abound in the market.

Tomato seedlings: landing in a greenhouse( video)

In conclusion, it should be noted that in stores you can buy the developed compositions, tested by experience. Using the correct nutritional scheme, which is indicated on the package, you can achieve good results. It is recommended to carry out 4 fertilizing procedures for the entire period of tomato growth.