Building a greenhouse: how to assemble the Kinovsky hotbed, instructions and video, with your own hands photo, Dachnitsa and Bogatyr

When you are going to assemble a greenhouse, it is worthwhile to study the advice of specialists When assembling a greenhouse, it is worthwhile to study the experts' advice. With the first spring days, every gardener and gardener just drags himself into the garden to do his favorite thing. But it's still cold outside, but I'd like to try a delicious cucumber. And it is at this moment that the idea of ​​installing a greenhouse or a greenhouse on its site arises. Further actions depend on the ultimate goal of the idea that has arisen, and on how much time you can devote to your greenhouse.

    • What is a prefabricated greenhouse or a demountable greenhouse
    • How to assemble a greenhouse: general recommendations for installing
    • Building a greenhouse: tools for mounting
    • How to assemble a greenhouse according to the manual by hand from the finished parts
    • Teplica Kinovskaya: assembly instructions and types of products
    • Assembling a greenhouse( video)
    • Examples of building a greenhouse( photo ideas)

What is a prefabricated greenhouse or demountable greenhouse

If in your plans growing plants in the period from March to October, then for such purposes, a greenhouse is quite suitable. Its size depends on the scale of your proposed activity.

The prefabricated greenhouse is not a very large greenhouse design, intended for seasonal growing of plants in a certain microclimate. Such structures do not have a foundation and stationary heating. A greenhouse can be called even a minimal structure for growing seedlings.

Demountable greenhouse can be dismantled and re-assembled at any time The demountable greenhouse can be dismantled and re-assembled at any time.

The prefab construction allows for its unimpeded mounting and dismantling, depending on the need.

Materials used for making greenhouses:

  • Glass;
  • Tree;
  • Polycarbonate;
  • Metal profile;
  • Polyethylene;
  • Fiberglass.
  • Plastic pipes.

Until recently, the most common were greenhouses covered with a greenhouse film. With the advent of cellular polycarbonate, the greenhouses and the greenhouses began to be mass produced from it.

Assembly instruction for the greenhouse: general recommendations for the installation

By purchasing a greenhouse ready from the manufacturer, some of us, in order to save money, undertake the installation ourselves. Many are easy. Some need a little understanding of the details.

The assembly instruction for the greenhouse will help to correctly approach the solution of the problem and make the installation of a new structure independently. After examining the recommendations from cover to cover, you quickly figure out what's what.

The drawing is accompanied by a drawing with part designations. If you can not figure it out yourself, then you can read reviews of users on the Internet or take the services of the organization from which you purchased the goods.

Instructions for assembling the greenhouse can be downloaded on the Internet or obtained with its purchase Assembly instruction for the greenhouse can be downloaded on the Internet or obtained with its purchase

What information should be contained in the correct instruction:

  • Product package;
  • The parts must be numbered and marked on the drawing;
  • Dimensions must correspond to reality in scale;
  • Step-by-step installation of the structure must be represented by figures;Photo of the finished product.
  • .

If you are told when you buy a hotbed that the instruction does not go into the kit, then it's better not to mess with such a product.

Assembling greenhouses: tools for mounting

Even if you are a "Specialist of seven spades in the forehead" and "Whom I will help," you still can not do anything with your bare hands. Any specialist needs tools.

Assembling greenhouses requires appropriate knowledge and skills. But they will not give you the corresponding result, if you do not have the appropriate tools and tools at hand.

Take care of everything you need and take the user's manual and start the installation.

Tools for mounting the greenhouse can be purchased at any construction store at an affordable price The greenhouse mounting tools can be purchased in any construction shop at an affordable price.

For assembling the greenhouses you will need:

  • Roulette;
  • Screwdriver;
  • Self-tapping screws;
  • Level;
  • Mountings.

Specialists do not recommend the use of mounting foam when erecting polycarbonate structures. It can clog the honeycomb, and condensate will accumulate inside the sheet.

How to assemble a greenhouse according to the instructions with your own hands from ready-made parts

It is only half the task to properly assemble the greenhouse according to the instructions. The second, no less important task is the correct choice of terrain for installation of the structure. Not every site is suitable for this. First, keep in mind that in the greenhouse it will be necessary to make lighting and watering. The farther you put the structure from the communications, the more difficult it will be for you to equip the necessary processes in it. Choose a site closer to the place where your estate is located.

How to assemble a greenhouse if the terrain is not level?Try to align it. If this is not possible, then you should keep in mind two factors: on the elevation of the greenhouse, strong winds will be blown, and in the low part in the spring and after the rain, water will accumulate.

It will take 2 people to build a greenhouse

It is advisable to place the greenhouse so that the sun would rise and sit down from two different ends. So the sun's rays will dissipate properly in the design. After you have decided on the area, prepare the necessary tools, and get to work.

Step-by-step assembly of the greenhouse:

  • Assembling starts from the frame;
  • Install the transverse arcs of the frame;
  • We mount vertical frame racks on both sides;
  • We decorate the front side;
  • We collect doors;
  • We collect pane;
  • We cover the structure with a coating;
  • Mount the top.

The frame structure you can assemble in any place convenient for you, but the coating must be applied already directly on a permanent plot.

Teplitsa Kinovskaya: assembly instructions and types of products

One of the well-known greenhouse manufacturing brands on the Russian market is the holding company "Kin".The enterprise produces reliable and high-quality products that faithfully serve their owners for growing vegetables.

Teplitsa Kinovskaya, assembly instruction is presented below, is quite competitive in the domestic market, and meets all the requirements of the greenhouse design. It is reliable, durable and with proper care can last a long time.

The elements of the frame of the greenhouse can be fastened together by means of special fixing elements or by welding You can fasten the elements of the frame of the greenhouse to each other with the help of special fasteners or by welding

Kin produces a whole series of greenhouses that can be found in its representative offices in many cities of Russia. But other firms - manufacturers produce no less worthy products.

These include the following constructions:

  • Summer cottage;
  • The hero;
  • Greenbox;
  • Pepper;
  • Sota;
  • Severyanka;
  • Garden of Eden;
  • Titan;
  • Steppe 002;
  • Tverichanka;
  • Weaving;
  • Rainbow;
  • Premium;
  • Agro.

If you decide to choose an assistant in growing vegetables from Kinovski hothouses, you can order a design with delivery to the site via the Internet. Such companies as Greenbox and Agrosoyuz have their representative offices in many cities of Russia.

Assembling a greenhouse( video)

It is not difficult to assemble a ready-made greenhouse. It is enough to own at least not large building skills and follow the instructions from the manufacturer. It is much more difficult to do everything right when growing plants to wait for harvesting.

Examples of building a greenhouse( photo ideas)