Greenhouse for seedlings: how to plant in a greenhouse with their own hands, photo how to plant, early make

Early landing has many advantages over an open ground landing. This guarantees protection of seeds from temperature fluctuations. You can also get early harvests of your favorite fruits and vegetables. In addition, diseases are excluded, because in the open ground the plant eats a beetle or caterpillar.

To begin with, it is necessary to prepare the soil for planting and the greenhouse itself. To do this, you need to ventilate the room thoroughly, so that there are no chemical smells left. It is also possible in the greenhouse to make shelves or a rack, with the help of which vertical cultivation of crops will be carried out.

Before planting seedlings, it is necessary to prepare the soil Before planting seedlings, it is necessary to prepare the soil

Soil preparation mixture :

  1. In equal parts, sand and hum are taken and a fourth part of the garden soil is added;
  2. It is necessary to mix this mixture well and sift through the sate so that the earth is saturated with oxygen;
  3. The soil must be soothed in a water bath so that the soil microflora can recover;
  4. This substrate is poured into a container for sowing and well compacted.

Before the agronomist plants the plants, it is necessary to know whether the further sprouting of the seedlings will take place. From this depends seed sowing in pots or in a common container. The transplantation is carried out when the culture has several leaves.

For better growth, the seeds must be kept in a solution of glutomate sodium.

For planting plants, the soil temperature should be at least 12 degrees. In this case, the greenhouse should be disinfected and well ventilated. Sow the seeds in moist soil and mulch with humus. When planting in pots in particularly warm weather, they can be taken out into the street under the warm sun.

Peculiarities of growing seedlings of different crops in the greenhouse

Each plant has its own requirements for temperature and humidity in the greenhouse, as well as its own characteristics in the care. Eggplants are put in pots, as they are not recommended to be transplanted. They tolerate it badly. Sow seeds in late winter - early spring.

Requirements for the care of aubergines :

  1. Watering must be done with warm water;
  2. The temperature in the greenhouse is 25 degrees;
  3. Fertilize soil with manure.

Cucumbers sow in late April. Before planting the seeds must be pretreated in a solution of potassium permanganate. Also before planting the seeds are advised to soak. Plant cucumbers in moistened soil. Obligatory care of seedlings includes regular watering twice a day with warm liquid.

Each culture requires special care Special care is required for each culture

Pepper before planting must also be treated in manganese. Growing seedlings at a temperature of 25 degrees. After that, it can be reduced to 10 degrees. Water the vegetables in the morning 3 days before germination, after which this procedure should be repeated every day. Top dressing should be done with phosphate and potassium.

Preparation of tomato seeds is similar to other types of vegetables. Plant tomatoes in pots with peat and humus. For comfort, seedlings need 22 degrees.

It is important to take care of tomatoes without overflowing them. Abundant watering will make the stems too brittle, but a lack of moisture will affect fertility.

Each kind of cabbage is individual in care. Necessarily, each sort needs to be fed. To do this, use zinc, boric acid, manganese.

Requirements for greenhouses for early seedlings

To begin with, it is necessary to determine the temperature regime for greenhouses. Optimum it should be 12 degrees. This temperature is acceptable for different varieties and crops.

Requirements for the greenhouse:

  1. Possess low thermal conductivity;
  2. Be comfortable for caring for plants;
  3. Have an aesthetic appearance;
  4. Create the right microclimate for each culture.

The temperature in the greenhouse should be comfortable for the plant The temperature in the greenhouse should be comfortable for the plant

Before the construction of the greenhouse in the country, it is necessary to determine the arrangement of the beds and the construction of the greenhouse. It is also necessary to fertilize the soil with manure. His bookmark will warm up the ground, and give off carbon dioxide, which has a good effect on young seedlings.

It is necessary to place the greenhouse on a site with direct sunlight. It is important to place a greenhouse in an open area, without buildings that cast a shadow on it.

To accelerate the reaction, the soil can be watered with hot water. Then it is necessary to cover with a film. Such a device will positively influence the breeding of any plants.

Arrangement of a greenhouse for seedlings with your own hands

You can make a greenhouse for sprouts by yourself. For construction, you need metal, glass or wood. For the erection of the walls of the greenhouse, polycarbonate or film is often used. If it's a winter hotbed, then you need to take care of heating. For spring hotbeds, this is not necessary. The greenhouse is of several types: frame and frameless.

Sequence of construction of frameless greenhouse :

  1. Preparing the ground;
  2. We sow seeds;
  3. We pull the metal mesh;
  4. We cover the wire with a film;
  5. Polyethylene edges must be fixed.

When the seedling grows up, it is necessary to raise the greenhouse. The framework is simple enough to install. It is built for plants that need heat.

The greenhouse for seedlings can be made independently by own hands The greenhouse for seedlings can be made independently with your own hands

Stages of installation of the skeleton greenhouse :

  1. Preparing the soil;
  2. We make a frame made of plastic, metal or wood;
  3. Wall mounting - install film, glass or polycarbonate;
  4. We fix the ends of the earth or wooden blocks.

These are the simplest ideas for erecting a greenhouse design. However, the materials for the construction of greenhouses can be different. Metal and plastic are more resistant, but wood is environmentally friendly. Everything depends on the owner's preferences.

Often set up a small greenhouse for seedlings. The compact version is advised to be moved periodically to other places. This is done taking into account the characteristics of seedlings.

How to make a greenhouse for seedlings with your own hands( video)

The greenhouse allows growing seedlings of different varieties and plant species. You need to know not only what crops need to be planted in greenhouses, but also the individual requirements of each plant. The methods for obtaining a good harvest depend on the proper care of the seedlings.

Examples greenhouse for seedlings with their own hands( photo ideas)