Film greenhouses: own hands made of wood, under the film greenhouses, photos and collapsible pepper, frame and shelter, reviews

Film greenhouses can be used for growing vegetables for their own use, and for sale Film greenhouses can be used for growing vegetables for their own use, and for sale Choosing a greenhouse for every summer resident is not an easy task. They differ in shapes, material for the frame, coating, seasonality. An important place in choosing a greenhouse is the size - even with a large desire on a small plot it will not be possible to build a large tunnel greenhouse. Each farmer decides for himself what to grow in it and what size the structure will be.

      • Film greenhouses with their own hands: selection and preparation of the place
      • Greenhouse with our own hands made of wood for the film: the necessary materials
      • Greenhouse from the film with our own hands: greenhouse coating
      • Greenhouses for the film: demountable finished structures
      • To tamper with the greenhouse for the dacha, be prepared to face minor problems on your way. Before you begin to build a wooden structure, you need to decide on the location of the greenhouse. There are two types of greenhouses: stationary and collapsible.

        On a large plot it is much easier to choose a space free from trees - nothing should obscure the walls of the greenhouse. Ideally, place it near the bushes or near the fence. Shrubs will not cast a shadow on the greenhouse, and their roots will not damage future greenhouse plants.

        Before installing a film greenhouse for it is recommended to build a foundation It is recommended to build a foundation Before installing a film greenhouse for it is recommended to build a foundation for installing a film greenhouse

        If there is not enough space on the site, you can build a one-stage greenhouse that will be located close to the house. It should be installed only on the south side of the building, so that most of the day it is illuminated by the sun. The place for the construction of the greenhouse must be carefully removed from the old leaves and plants, if possible, align the pits and elevations.

        The second stage of preparation is the selection of the size and variety of the greenhouse. Not all farmers have the opportunity to build a large greenhouse, the optimal size is the design of 3x6 meters. Depending on the type of crops grown, beds within can be placed in different ways.

        It is not recommended to combine cucumbers and tomatoes under one roof - they need different modes of temperature and humidity, as well as the length of daylight hours.

        When constructing a detached greenhouse, you can distinguish several types of structures - tunnel( arched), gable, in the form of a pyramid. The most common variant of a wooden hothouse for its own use is a two-sloped construction with straight walls covered with polyethylene film.

        Greenhouse with own hands made of wood for a film: the necessary materials

        It is necessary to create a project for the construction of a greenhouse - to prepare drawings, to calculate the necessary amount of material and fasteners.

        For a double-skinned greenhouse with a size of 3x6, you need to buy materials:

        • For a frame of beams 100x100 mm;
        • For racks and crossbeams, wooden slats 50х50 mm;
        • Coating film for greenhouse( polycarbonate - in rare cases);
        • Fasteners.

        For the construction of the greenhouse will need boards, film and other inexpensive structural elements For the construction of the greenhouse you will need boards, film and other inexpensive structural elements.

        The timber should be dry, smooth and free of knots. It is not necessary to purchase material for the frame of expensive wood, for a greenhouse a tree is suitable and cheaper.

        You can build a greenhouse with your own hands in one day, with little experience of working with wood and a friend on pick-up.

        Construction of the greenhouse begins with the erection of the foundation, then the racks are built, firmly fixed at the base. Only then you can fix the crossbeams, while you need to remember that the greenhouses need ventilation, windows and doors. It is advisable to take into account these nuances when drafting.

        Tips for assembling the greenhouse:

        1. All elements of the greenhouse should be aligned in level and plumb. Failure to do so may result in improper installation of the hothouse structure.
        2. To cover a large greenhouse it is better to use high-quality polyethylene or PVC film. It is better to invest once in the construction than each season to change the coverage.
        3. Beforehand to think over the system of ventilation, lighting and heating of the greenhouse.
        4. It is better to install a large size greenhouse together with a partner. Alone, you can not cope with stretching the canvas on the roof of the structure.

        Brought wood must necessarily be treated with a special solution from drying out, the appearance of mold and fungus. If the tree is of good quality and the frame is assembled correctly, the greenhouse can last up to 7 years under conditions of the correct choice of greenhouse coverage and accurate operation.

        Winter wooden greenhouse should be covered with dense material - PVC film, which is able to keep heat well. A rather strong, but expensive plastic film "Stable" can withstand great frost. However, the film itself will not be enough, if the region is mostly cold in winter, then you need to think about heating and high-quality lighting of the greenhouse.

        Greenhouse from the film with our own hands: coating of greenhouses

        Cover the frame of the greenhouse with polycarbonate sheets, glass or different kinds of film. Overview of all types of coatings, their main characteristics, advantages and disadvantages can be found on any construction site.

        The greenhouse of the film can have different shapes: square, rectangular or round The greenhouse of the film can have different shapes: square, rectangular or round

        In a small area it is possible to place a greenhouse "PERCHINA-M" - a metal base and polycarbonate shelter will last for a long time, but also the price for these greenhousesHigh enough.

        Film is considered to be the most economical option for covering greenhouse construction. In this case, the lifetime of ordinary polyethylene film is very short - only for a season, but there are also more durable film coatings that can be used to cover a greenhouse and to be used year round and for several seasons in a row. For the cultivation of seedlings of tomatoes in the famous Krivyanka use professional film greenhouses.

        Cheap polyethylene film in winter does not withstand frosts, it can tear under the weight of snow and a rush of strong wind. Even if a miracle happened, and the film survived the winter, it loses its properties - dims and illuminates light. Air under the film in the sun heats up very quickly, but also quickly the heat goes away at night.

        Such dramatic temperature changes without additional heating can lead to plant disease or death.

        Small greenhouses can be covered with high-quality "Svetlitsa" film. This film has many positive characteristics - it keeps the heat well, ensures complete tightness and struggles with such a problem as condensation.

        Covering the greenhouse with a film with your own hands is quite simple - the process of laying the material starts from the roof of the structure. Mount the film can be wooden slats, rope or net. From the choice of laying the film also depends on the duration of operation of the greenhouse. When fixing the film with slats and nails, it is possible to damage the covering material, then the cold air can get into the greenhouse or the water may drain during precipitation. If you cover the film with a grid, in strong winds, the film under it can move, and each time you have to re-cover it with a greenhouse.

        Hothouses under the film: demountable finished structures

        Prefabricated hothouse constructions are an excellent option for those who cultivate vegetables only in the spring and autumn. For winter time, such greenhouses are dismantled.

        Collapsible greenhouses under the film, if necessary, can be disassembled and collected at any time Collapsible greenhouses under the film can be disassembled and assembled at any time if necessary.

        Hungarian type constructions are especially popular. The frame consists of a metal pipe 4-5.5 cm in diameter, which must be painted to avoid corrosion. To make the frame as durable as possible, the crate must be dense. The greenhouse is covered with a thick film, which can withstand small frosts. To maintain the temperature level in the hotbed, you need to install a heater. If there is no possibility to heat the greenhouse, you can cover it with a film cover. For the winter it is recommended to cover the end windows and the door with fabric or plastic curled curtains to prevent drafts from appearing.

        Specialist in greenhouse constructions Sergei Mozgovoy gives good feedback to the greenhouses that Kakhovka produces.

        Large greenhouses for the winter can be disassembled, but not everyone has a place to hide it until next season. Many storehouses in winter provide the storage of the structure for a fee - so you can be sure that no one pozaritsya on your property in the absence of you in the country.

        Greenhouses from the film with their own hands( video)

        Inexpensive greenhouses for cottages can be made with their own hands from wooden beams and covering material. Depending on the region where the greenhouse is planned to be installed, it will be necessary to choose a covering for the greenhouse - a usual or frost-resistant film. For the winter it is important to set up heating and proper lighting in the greenhouse.

        Examples greenhouses under the film with his own hands( photo ideas)