Sewage pipes: for outdoor water supply, which are better external, plastic and polyethylene, from what do

Correctly selected pipes will get rid of all sorts of trouble in the sewerage system Correctly selected pipes will get rid of all kinds of troubles in the operation of the sewage system The history of sewage and pipes can be observed in Ancient Egypt and Rome. To this day, historians make historical discoveries about everyday life and the installation of sewage. The oldest buildings are used and in our time to the destination. A funny story happened to the King of France Louis XIV.In his reign, the art of wastewater and sewerage was clogged and all poured into the streets of the city. It was this that made the king go to the toilet only on the potty, not breaking away from the royal affairs. Modern life recommends the installation of sewerage in the house. It's practical and convenient. It is necessary to choose very high-quality sewer pipes. Thanks to them, it is possible for years to forget about the problems of plums, holes and flooded apartments from below. The reliability of the pipes depends on the welfare of the family. Neighbors, which can be poured through poor-quality sewer pipes, will be very upset and will probably be asked to compensate for the damage. How to choose pipes for sewage, further in the article.

    • What is required from the pipes for sewerage
    • Advantages of pipes for external sewerage
    • Characteristics of modern pipes for external water supply
    • Which pipes are better for sewerage: material selection
    • Types of sewer pipes( video)

What is required from the sewer pipes

Sewer is needed in every apartment in the house. It is not easy to determine the type of pipes. At this time there are several types of pipes of different materials. For each there are pros and cons. Determine the choice is possible only by familiarizing yourself with the characteristics and reactions of each material to the surrounding influences.

Made of quality materials, sewer pipes will last long and reliably Sewer pipes made of quality materials will last long and reliably

Requirements for sewer pipes:

  1. Strength. Sewer is made for decades. Pipes of poor-quality material will quickly deteriorate and bring some disorders. Strength requirements are advanced not only to operational capabilities. Pipes must withstand pressure from the inside and outwardly.
  2. Increased resistance. Pipes should be resistant to the effects of various reagents, temperature changes, sunlight, various force and mechanical factors and fire. If at least to some of the listed pipes are not stable, then it is better not to install them.
  3. Sewer pipes must be easily installed. When choosing a pipe, you need to orient yourself towards this quality. This will allow you to work quickly and efficiently, without being distracted by a complex installation.
  4. The inside pipes must be smooth .The garbage coming into the sewer system will get stuck if the surface is rough.

Before buying and installing sewer pipes, you need to clearly know what to expect. From the type of canalization depends and a request for its capabilities. The financial calculation for choosing pipes often plays an important role. But, under certain requirements, it is necessary to prioritize. You can close your eyes to something, but it's better not to neglect strength and quality.

Advantages of pipes for external sewerage

Polyvinyl chloride is popularly called PVC.This material is excellent for outdoor installation of sewage and water in a private house. Pipes made of PVC can withstand very low temperatures. And if there is no water in them, they freeze, but do not undergo cracks.

Pipes made of polyvinyl chloride are very strong and easy to install Polyvinyl chloride pipes are very strong and easy to install


  • Very durable;
  • There is no possibility of formation of growths inside the pipes;
  • Easy installation;
  • Resistance to aggressive environments.

PVC - the material is very light, affordable and not exposed to rust at all. The possibility of using this material for pipes determines the presence of a load from transportation, it is better to avoid it. Lay the pipes of external sewerage starting from the foundation.

Pipes and products are connected with silicone.

The pipe is placed in a trench on a flat base of sand. After checking the slope of the pipes. They are covered with sand, layers. Gradually, the sand is compacted on the sides of the pipes. Energoflex pipes are insulated along the entire length. This allows you to keep the temperature and avoid direct exposure to harmful factors.

Characteristics of modern pipes for outdoor plumbing

Pipes for outdoor plumbing are often made of metal. But progress does not stand still, non-metallic material has found its niche in this area. Although each of the materials has pros and cons, available materials are being improved and improved.

Unlike metal, pipes made of polymers and plastic are much cheaper Advantages and disadvantages of metal pipes:

  1. Advantages and disadvantages of metal pipes in their strength. Terribly strong polymeric materials for non-metal pipes are used, but they are very expensive.
  2. Price. Mass production of pipes is possible if the material is available and inexpensive. This material is metal.
  3. The disadvantage is the possibility of corrosion. Especially for pipes with hot water.

Alternatives to the metal are polymers, plastic or polyethylene pipes. These pipes are very flexible and resistant to various factors. Pipes made of plastic are very easy to install, they do not fear winter.

Availability of such pipes in the price category is much lower than for metal ones, so it is necessary to accurately calculate the available limit for the installation.

After clearly formulated requirements for pipes of water supply or sewage, it is possible to clearly decide which pipes are best for the house. The choice of material from which they are made is large and solid. And, if the raw material for pipes is more than enough, the most frequent will still be cast-iron, PVC or polypropylene pipes. Pipes made of ceramics and steel are less common. They are more expensive and less in demand.

Which pipes are better for the sewer: choice of material

Steel, though resistant to impact, but prone to rust, and ceramics can not withstand light impact on the pipe, it all depends on its composition. Installation is very difficult because of the weight and complexity of the structure. Such materials have long been forced out of the pipe market by more practical and convenient species.

Thanks to a number of positive qualities, polypropylene pipes are installed more often Thanks to many positive features, polypropylene pipes are installed more often

Pipe material:

  1. Cast iron pipes. On the durability and strength of cast iron, it's time to build legends. For such a case as sewerage, you can not imagine a better material. They will serve more than a century. In terms of stability and stamina, many space vehicles are in excess. Only to mount such pipes is difficult. They are heavy and uncomfortable. Uneven surface clogs, but it does not matter, you can clean it. An additional disadvantage is the cost. Due to the great superiority of the advantages of cast iron, it is expensive.
  2. PVC. Level hold, but came into use, relatively to cast iron, recently. Very weak resistance at elevated and lower temperatures. To stack such pipes in the street under the scorching sun is not recommended. It is better not to set fire to PVC pipes. The gas emitted from the pipes during combustion is recognized as a chemical weapon. But if a reagent gets into such a pipe, then nothing will happen to her. Simple installation is an affordable price. But is this a plus in comparison with the chemical effect.
  3. Polypropylene pipes. Are the best sewer pipes. Each of the above parameters will be 5 points in the pipes of this material, only with constant heating can slightly expand. The surface inside the pipes has the property of reflecting outgrowths. If you look at the pipes in a couple of years, they will be like new ones. The installation is so simple that it does not require sophisticated devices. Affordability by price.

By choosing the right material for the properties, you can forget about the pipes to your grandchildren. Conduct scheduled inspections in time and all. If the material is picked up incorrectly, it will lead to inconveniences and possible dismantling, which will force once again to pay for another material. Perhaps it will not be cheaper than the previous version. The miser pays twice, so do not just focus on the price.

It is necessary to take into account the type of pipes, sewerage or water supply, outdoor installation or inside the house, the effect of climate and sunlight, water composition and the degree of rigidity, frequency of use.

When installing pipes, the decisive factor is the material. There is no sense in laying cast-iron pipes in a room that will be used once a year. Picking the right material for the pipes, you can not worry about cracks and leaks.

Types of sewer pipes( video)

When there is no problem with water supply in the country, life is getting better. You can take a shower at any time and cook food. If the house is sewer, then you can live in it for years - all the amenities at your fingertips. The absence of such makes life a little more difficult. More time is spent on small businesses, so many prefer reliable pipes in order to forget about them and live for fun.