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Large greenhouses are designed for growing vegetable crops for sale Large greenhouses are designed for growing vegetable crops for sale. Sometimes circumstances, interest or other factors make us out of a little hobby to do extensive work, or even business. It happens with greenhouses. Starting with a small homemade kid, some eventually realize that they already have a whole greenhouse complex for growing vegetables. And all because this truck farmers is dragging this process and absorbing into itself.

    • How to make a large homemade greenhouse
    • Wide greenhouse made of polycarbonate: the advantages of the
    • The big greenhouse with your own hands: mounting features
    • The greenhouse is going large: advantages and disadvantages
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From what you can make a large homemade greenhouse

For growing crops that meet the needs of the family in the periodspring - summer, it is enough one small teplichke or greenhouse. If you want this occupation to bring you profit, then you need to equip a large greenhouse, or a large greenhouse.

A large homemade greenhouse can be made from a wooden frame and a film A large homemade greenhouse can be made from a wooden frame and a film

Large greenhouses or hothouses come in different materials. If for the equipment of a small guy you can have enough of those building materials that you can find on your personal plots, then a large greenhouse is built entirely on a different principle.

For the construction of large-size greenhouses, high-quality, durable, high-strength building materials are mainly used. Such a hotbed is not built for a year or two, so it is necessary to approach it properly.

What materials are used for the construction of a large greenhouse:

  • Metal profile;
  • Polycarbonate;
  • Double-glazed windows;
  • Aluminum profile pipe;
  • Tree;
  • Polyethylene hothouse film.

Sometimes brick and glass are used for the construction of fixed stationary greenhouses. But such construction will require large financial investments and physical strength.

A wide greenhouse made of polycarbonate: the advantages of the

When deciding to build a large greenhouse, you must be prepared for many different nuances. Approach to such a bold decision must be taken seriously. Prepare a draft of your future design and cost estimate in advance. Each type of greenhouse requires its own specific costs.

A wide greenhouse should be placed in such a way that it does not interfere with free movement The wide greenhouse should be positioned so that it does not interfere with the free movement of the

The wide greenhouse is usually constructed of polycarbonate. This material is famous for its positive characteristics, which make it easy, convenient and practical.

Polycarbonate differs in its honeycomb structure. The honeycombs from which it forms are filled with air. This helps keep the heat in the room. The sheets of such polycarbonate are treated with a special lacquer, so the material delays the ultraviolet radiation.

Advantages of polycarbonate greenhouses:

  • Lightness;
  • Perfectly transmits sunlight;
  • Keeps heat well;
  • Plastic and flexible;
  • Easily lends itself to any processing.

Thanks to the fact that polycarbonate is easily cut, drilled and glued, you can easily supply the hothouse with a window and eliminate minor defects that will arise during the use of the greenhouse.

A large greenhouse with their own hands: installation features

Before those who decided to cultivate vegetables seriously, it is not an easy task. To start their enterprise, they need to build a greenhouse, in which the future good harvest will grow. How to do it right?After all, business is just beginning to develop, and construction construction will require large investments.

A large greenhouse, built with your own hands, will save a fair amount of money, which will be useful to you for purchasing planting material. Properly prepared for the construction of the object, figuring out how it is built, you can independently make a house for your plants.

To install a large greenhouse will need at least 3 people For the installation of a large greenhouse, at least 3 people will be required.

The location for your greenhouse is also important. Analyze the terrain. The building can not be built near, even small trees, on a slope, on a hill. Keep in mind that for maintenance of the greenhouse you will need electricity and water. Have a hotbed near the communications.

Stages of installation of a large greenhouse:

  1. Make a drawing of your future design.
  2. The big greenhouse is a heavy construction. For her, it is necessary to provide a foundation. It can be made of brick, cinder block or gypsum plaster.
  3. If you are going to use the greenhouse in winter, you need to provide a heating system in advance. Perhaps, it needs to be equipped before the construction of the greenhouse.
  4. After the erection of the foundation, proceed with the construction of the frame. It also needs to be made strong, because exactly the frame is responsible for the service life of the greenhouse.
  5. Do not forget to provide in the framework sections for the windows and doors.
  6. If the greenhouse is very long, then maybe there is a reason to equip the doors on both sides of the greenhouse.

After the frame is ready, you can only trim it with sheets of cellular polycarbonate, carefully fixing them on the frame.

Greenhouse gathering large: advantages and disadvantages

Large greenhouse, as it seems to us. Gives a lot of opportunities. But it will require not small expenses. To build such a greenhouse is one thing, but it will also have to be serviced. In a large greenhouse it is necessary to equip a system of irrigation, heating, ventilation and lighting. Since the design is not small, it is desirable to make all these systems automatic.

Among the benefits of the gathering greenhouse is worth noting the wide functionality and spaciousness Among the advantages of the assembled greenhouse, it is worth noting the wide functionality and spaciousness of the

The large greenhouse that is assembled, as a rule, operates seasonally. Such structures are removed for winter or opened. There is a possibility of equipment in the large greenhouse of a small greenhouse, in which you can grow seedlings in the early spring. This will enable the greenhouse to last an order of magnitude longer.

But these greenhouses have one minus - this is mostly factory, made for a particular project premises. And they are worth, respectively, more expensive than those that you can permanently build with your own hands.

Advantages of the demountable greenhouse:

  • Possibility to extend its service life;
  • Can be moved from place to place;
  • It is possible to transport;
  • Easy to replace damaged parts of the structure;
  • Easy to maintain.

If you do not plan to use the greenhouse for a while, it can be stored in your disassembled state until the required times.

Large greenhouses with hands( video)

For those who seriously intend to grow vegetables in a greenhouse, it is necessary to carefully study the types, types and forms of existing greenhouse structures. A competent decision in favor of the right choice will guarantee your success in the conceived undertaking. Examples

large greenhouses( photo)