Seedlings in the greenhouse of pepper: planting of the best seeds, cultivation of sweet

Pepper takes the third place among the most popular crops, intended for growing in summer cottages and in greenhouses Pepper takes the third place among the most popular crops intended for growing in suburban areas and in greenhouses. Growing sweet peppers is a rather laborious, but promising business. While cultivating a Bulgarian pepper, you can face a lot of problems, ranging from choosing a variety and the right technology of growing seedlings to complexities in plant care and harvesting.

    How to choose the best seeds for the greenhouse
  • Planting the pepper seedlings in the greenhouse: preparing the plants
  • When planting the pepper seedlings in the greenhouse: the right timing
  • Growing pepper seedlings in the greenhouse: forming shrubs
  • How to choose the best seeds of peppers for a greenhouse

    Choose the best grades of pepper you need based on certain criteria - maturityI, the height of the greenhouse or greenhouse, resistance to diseases and pests. Before buying seeds, you need to decide what kind of pepper is needed - bitter or sweet and starting from this choose a suitable variety for yourself.

    The most abundant crops are obtained in greenhouses, because they can create the most optimal conditions that are not always possible on the open ground The most abundant harvests are obtained in greenhouses, as they can create the most optimal conditions that are not always possible on the open ground.

    It is important to consider the need for peppers in sunlight, each variety requires a different duration of a sunny day, fromWhich determines the yield of the plant.

    Some varieties have a regional affiliation. Thus, varieties for southern and eastern regions are unsuitable for cultivation in the northern parts of the country.

    Seeds of sweet or bitter pepper should be bought in a special store, strictly tracking the time of packaging. You can, of course, collect the seeds from the previous harvest, but not all of them are suitable for growing the next year.

    For the cultivation of peppers in a greenhouse suitable hybrid, which is indicated on the package F1.Peppers are resistant to many diseases, give a good harvest, the fruits are usually large, juicy, fleshy.

    Choose pepper in shape and color, as well as taste. Sweet peppers are more diverse in form - cone-shaped, elongated, round, square. .. The walls of the fruit can be thick and thin, juicy or dryish. Ripened peppers can be red, burgundy, green, orange or yellow. Bitter pepper can be red or green, differ in sharpness and juiciness.

    Choosing and planting peppers, it is important to organize careful and rigorous care for it - maintain a temperature regime, ensure frequent watering and ventilation of the greenhouse, provide access to sunlight to plants or, if necessary, install artificial light.

    Planting of pepper seedlings in a greenhouse: preparation of plants

    Before planting seedlings in a greenhouse, it is necessary to grow it in room conditions in small pots. Carefully selected seeds of pepper are decontaminated with a solution of potassium permanganate, processed with a special agent for better growth and soaked in liquid for faster germination. When the seeds are pasted, they can be planted in peat pots.

    Seedlings of peppers are more conveniently sown in individual peat pots Seedlings of peppers are more convenient for sowing in individual peat pots

    For seedlings, the temperature is maintained at 22-25 degrees, the phytolamps are illuminated and the average moisture level is maintained. During growth, it is very important to feed, which should be used when the plant has the first 2-3 leaves.

    When the pepper has reached a height of 25-30 cm, on the main stem 10-12 leaves and has passed no less than 55 days from the first shoots, you can plant the seedlings in a greenhouse.

    Soil for disembarkation should be prepared. You can decontaminate the soil by warming the earth in the oven at 90 ° C during the night. After the procedure, you need to make fertilizer in the soil, provide it with the necessary trace elements. The best fertilizer is humus with manure.

    Soil for planting must be heated to 15 ° C, for this you can water the beds with hot water. When everything is ready, you can make markup:

    • The width of the bed is 80-100 cm;
    • The gap between rows is 50-70 cm;
    • The density of planting depends on the height of the plants, tall ones plant at a distance of 35 cm, medium height 25 cm, low 15 cm.

    For tall varieties of peppers, it is desirable to immediately establish a support to which the bushes will be tied. After transplanting the seedlings should be poured with warm water. For the first time, the planted peppers will look sluggish and painful, but this is within normal limits. The plant is experiencing stress, so it takes time to adapt to the new habitat.

    When planting pepper seedlings in the greenhouse: the correct time frame

    Sweet Bulgarian pepper can be grown outdoors only in the southern regions of the country. But to enjoy this tasty and useful vegetable you want not only in the south. The use of greenhouses has become a solution to the problem of growing many plants under conditions not suitable for growth on the street.

    After the seedling gets a little stronger, it can be planted in the ground, trying not to damage the root system Once the seedlings are slightly strengthened, it can be planted in the ground, trying not to damage the root system

    Prepared pepper seedlings are planted in the ground when the ground has warmed to 15 ° C.The beds in the greenhouse must also be cleaned of the remnants of the previous plants, disinfected and fertilized with useful microelements.

    To accelerate the heating of the soil, experienced truck farmers cover it with a thick black film or pour hot water.

    The grown seedlings on the windowsill can not be transplanted into the greenhouse, without first having hardened it with sunlight and fresh air. Even strong plants experience stress after landing and the first week may look unattractive.

    Planting seedlings is allowed:

    • The height of the seedling of the Bulgarian pepper, ready for planting, must be at least 25 cm;
    • Diameter of main stem 4-5 cm;
    • Number of fully open leaflets not less than 10;
    • Forming the first ovaries.

    In addition, the age of the seedling is important. If pepper seedling is on the window less than 55 days, it is not recommended to plant it in the soil. Landing an underdeveloped plant or too early planting a seedling can cause a poor harvest or disease and plant death.

    Growing pepper seedlings in a greenhouse: forming bushes of a plant

    Cutting and removing excess shoots or inflorescences on pepper seedlings in a greenhouse can increase yield. Due to the fact that extra stems with leaves are removed, access to the fruits of the plant is opened.

    Of all the new shoots, it is necessary to choose the strongest, and the rest to pinch off the first leaf Of all the new shoots, it is necessary to choose the strongest and the rest to pinch off the first sheet

    Pasynkovanie helps the plant to strengthen and become more hardy. For tall varieties of sweet peppers shoots are removed, which are located closer to the top of the bush. Plants of medium height need to pasynkovanii sterile stems and those leaves that cover sunlight and air access to peppers.

    Trimming of stems and picking of leaves or inflorescences should be done with a clean tool, which should be disinfected after each plant.

    The formation of paprika is not done at once. At daily inspection yellow, dry or sick leaves are removed. Blackened or rotting fruits are also removed to not infect nearby plants. Also, the leaves are trimmed at the very bottom of the pepper bush, which only shade the planting. If in the middle of the season no ovaries are formed from the flowers, they too are removed.

    Low-bred varieties of sweet peppers do not need pasynkovanii, but the removal of dying leaves is still necessary.

    Choice of pepper seedlings in a greenhouse( video)

    The dream of every summer resident is to get a healthy, stable and generous harvest. To do this, you need to properly select the seeds, grow the seedlings, put it on time in the greenhouse and provide the plants with the necessary living conditions. It is very important to choose a good coating for the greenhouse, which will create a comfortable environment for the growth of pepper.