The ovary of cucumbers turns yellow in the greenhouse: why do they knot and dry, do not grow and wither, falls off in a greenhouse

Ovary of cucumbers can turn yellow due to a lack of nutrients in the soil cucumber ovary may turn yellow due to a lack of nutrients in the soil Cucumber - a loving warm and humid conditions vegetable. Sheets and fruits of cucumber can turn yellow, it would seem, for no apparent reason. Yellowing can lead to the fact that cucumbers do not grow and do not develop further. First of all, it is necessary to find out the reason why cucumbers turn yellow. And there can be several.

    • Possible reasons why yellow ovary of cucumber in the greenhouse
    • Quantity: dry ovary of cucumber in the greenhouse
    • Inadequate pollination: why not tied cucumbers in the greenhouse
    • Poor fertilizing why no ovaries cucumber ingreenhouse
    • reason in the wrong watering
    • Tips: yellow ovary of cucumber in a greenhouse, what to do( video)

Possible reasons why cucumbers yellow bud in the greenhouse

bad for poCucumbers violation of the temperature regime of cultivation. Because of this, the ovaries rot, and the fruits and leaves turn yellow. Cucumbers need to be protected from external factors - additional warming, cover with a film or other synthetic material. Often under a film put bottles with hot water.

The temperature should not fall below +14, if allowed, the roots of the flowers will not receive nutrients. From this, cucumbers can not tie, they dry up.

One of the reasons for the yellowing of the cucumber One reason for yellowing cucumber ovaries is a sharp temperature drop

also possible causes yellowing of the ovary:

  • Pests;
  • Diseases;
  • Large number of ovaries;
  • Incorrect watering;
  • Improper soil care;
  • Insufficiency of pollination;
  • Bacteriosis.

Cucumber diseases are a common cause of yellowing of the ovary and leaves. This is powdery mildew, and fusariosis. Cucumbers are attacked by the greenhouse whitefly, melon and aphids, and a spider mite familiar to many villagers. And in the greenhouse, and in the open ground disease can be prevented.

Quantity: dry ovary of cucumber in the greenhouse

fact that on one stalk should not be as many of the ovaries and a certain amount. If they are too much, then the fruits can grow small and twisted, the same yellowing may appear, the embryos will stop growing. It turns out that some ovaries interfere with the development of another, because the first account for a large consumption of nutrients.

If greenhouse dry ovaries cucumber, then perhaps you are a little watered them

The optimal number of ovaries on a stalk - 25-30, not more.

What should I do?All is simple, new shoots in a timely manner pinch. Superfluous shoots are removed, so that the development of others is not delayed. Regular actions of this kind will help to avoid stopping in the growth and development of the plant.

Be very attentive to parenting. Watch the video how to do it right. Pasynkovanie is the process of removing branchings of the main bush. And the earlier this is done, the less nutrients will be wasted. And this, in turn, will lead to the fact that the cucumbers do not wilt, and the yield increases.

Insufficient pollination: why cucumbers are not tied in the greenhouse

If you do not properly ventilate the greenhouse, and only plants are fertilized by artificial means, yellow cucumber ovaries may appear. It is very important that insects can get into the greenhouse, those that pollinate plants. If the weather is warm, keep the greenhouse open.

A huge number of varieties of cucumbers are pollinated by bees. And they can be specially attracted to the territory of the greenhouse. To do this, next to the cucumbers are planted honey, or seedlings are sprayed with special, attractive solutions for bees.

It can be:

  • Diluted in a liter of water half a tablespoon of honey or sugar;
  • Boron-magnesium fertilizers, thanks to which flowers produce more nectar;
  • A pound of boric acid per liter of water.

Cucumbers in the greenhouse may not be tied up due to non-compliance with the temperature regime in the greenhouse and the land of poor quality Cucumbers in the greenhouse can not be tied up due to non-observance of the temperature regime in the greenhouse and the land of poor quality

Everything is very simple, but the reason for the yellow ovaries can be just this. Ventilation of the greenhouse in any case, the process is necessary. The natural process of photosynthesis is impossible without the access of oxygen. And if the greenhouse is not ventilated, the oxygen level in the air will drop to a critical level. In addition, if the hothouse is not ventilated regularly, humidity may increase, and this is fraught with fungal diseases, which can also cause yellowing of the ovary.

Poor feeding: why there are no ovaries in the greenhouse

Lack of nutrients is another reason why the ovaries turn yellow, why the ovary falls off, or it does not form at all. During the beginning of fruiting, the level of nutrients taken out from the soil increases. Since the root system of the plant is superficial, the cucumber simply can not consume nutrients that sit deep. Therefore, regular and high-quality fertilizing to the plant is vital.

The simplest example of feeding: cow dung in relation to water 1 to 10, plus nitrogen.

The more yielding cucumber whips, the more often should be feeding. If the organic does not work, use ammonium nitrate and superphosphate. It's great if you get to alternate mineral top dressings with organic ones.

The reason for incorrect watering is

And this can also be. Especially it concerns those cucumbers that grow in a greenhouse. Cucumbers love copious and frequent watering, and humidity must also be high. But truck farmers can break these rules, and then the ovaries turn yellow, and the leaves turn yellow, and the plant simply withers.

Pour cucumbers regularly, adding fertilizer to the water Cucumbers should be watered regularly by adding fertilizers to the water

If the cucumbers are grown outdoors, water them about three times a week. But if the days are arid, daily watering is required. In hot-houses it is hot, therefore it is necessary to water more often - 5 times a week. And, remember: water cucumbers should be only warm water in the morning or evening.

Tips: yellow ovary cucumber in the greenhouse, what to do( video)

Caring for plants is a matter requiring regime and effort. But everything goes for the benefit of the harvest, which will be good if you have not been stingy in caring for your little clothes all season.

Excellent harvest and good season!