Glass and aluminum glasshouses: aluminum profile, glass, glazing

Despite the introduction of greenhouses of cellular polycarbonate and galvanized steel into the construction, greenhouses of glass and aluminum continue to be highly sought after Despite the introduction in the construction of greenhouses of polycarbonate and galvanized steel, glass and aluminum greenhouses remain very popular developed a greenhouse of glass and aluminum for year-round and seasonal operation. Depending on the characteristics of the site, you can choose an arched or multi-faceted building. At the same time, it must be remembered that it is necessary to take into account the nature of green plantations. Than there will be plants, the more spacious house for them should be equipped. Make the right choice will help familiarize yourself with the existing types of hotbeds.

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aluminum glass greenhouse varieties

classic embodiment considered arch model equipped with a pitched roof. Thanks to this discovery of the developers, the precipitation does not accumulate on the surface of the structure. If we talk about the shortcomings, then the arch structures it is only one - the inability to grow tall plants.

Aluminum is three times lighter than steel. Buildings from it do not exert significant pressure on the ground Aluminum is three times lighter than steel. The structure of it do not have a significant pressure on the ground

Do not forget that in the greenhouse glazing of this kind would be impossible to install.

On the second place in frequency of occurrence there is a 2-pitched glass greenhouse. If we talk about size, then there are no restrictions. Everything depends on the area available to the horticulturist.

In addition to these varieties, stands out even more:

  • Pent - perfect for summer residences, where space once or twice a handful;
  • Multifaceted - not only allows you to grow even tall crops, but also complement the existing landscape on the site;
  • Pyramidal - used exclusively for ornamental crops.

Specialists in the field of summer construction do not tire of repeating that when choosing greenhouses it is necessary to rely solely on one's own needs. Having measured the maximum height of the selected crops, it is necessary to correlate it with the available free area for the installation of the greenhouse. The fewer mistakes will be made, the longer the building will last.

frame assembly and glazing of greenhouses made of aluminum profile

Easy to assemble and maintain - the two most common criterion, forcing growers to opt for this model. In addition, regardless of the size of the structure, the summer resident does not experience problems with obtaining access even to far-away plants.

The appearance of the greenhouse with an aluminum frame makes it a natural decoration of landscape design The appearance of the greenhouse with aluminum frame makes it a natural decoration of the landscape design

Before starting the assembly of glasshouses, it is necessary to debunk the widespread myth.

It does not require the purchase of expensive welding equipment. Due to the physical characteristics of the aluminum frame, it can be assembled using an existing tool house.

The procedure is as follows:

  • For fixing the elements, a welded seam and fasteners - bolted or riveted;
  • If there are frequent frosts or strong winds in the region, it is recommended to opt for a stronger riveted retainer;
  • Before starting the glazing, it is necessary to ensure the reliability of the assembled frame and the correct installation;
  • Depending on the climatic conditions, for a greenhouse of aluminum you need to choose a traditional glass or a stronger glass unit;
  • Before installing the glass, you need to make sure that it can withstand hail and other types of external physical influences.

The rivet lock will help to avoid unexpected structural failure. It is used together with welding seams. If we talk about the thickness of the glass used, everything depends on the minimum and maximum temperatures in the region. The more accurately the gardener gets acquainted with the data of the meteorological service, the longer he will serve the heat from the aluminum profile.

We mount the aluminum greenhouse under the glass: the internal space

The correctly drawn drawing allows to start the finishing works right away. It is necessary to take into account the total area of ​​the greenhouse and the nature of the agricultural and ornamental crops that are planned to grow.

Mount the aluminum greenhouse under the glass can be easily and quickly It is easy to mount an aluminum glasshouse under the glass

For fans of a minimalistic direction, it will be sufficient to equip one track passing exactly in the middle. It is built of materials that withstand prolonged exposure to moisture.

If you can not find those, then you can use a little trick. For example, the finished path is sprinkled with brick crumbs. On the one hand, it will not allow the trail to slide, but on the other hand it will reduce the negative impact of moisture.

In addition, gardeners are advised to pay attention to the following recommendations:

  • The recommended width of the track placed between the beds is not more than 50 cm;
  • As the area of ​​the construction is increased, 2-3 additional tracks can be laid;
  • This needs to be done in such a way that there is always an opportunity to get close to any landing;
  • Seasoning and sealing of seams are carried out in the seasonal greenhouse;
  • In the all-year-round building, an efficient heating system, gas or water, needs to be formed;
  • For small greenhouses, it is recommended to choose the electric version of the heating system;
  • If available space allows, you can install a warm floor;
  • Depending on the number of seedlings, it is recommended to install a system of artificial lighting and ventilation at 2-3 opposite points.

The correct arrangement of the existing interior space of the greenhouse largely depends on the quality of the drawing made. It is necessary to think in advance where the windows will be located, the ventilation and heating system.

Shelving for a greenhouse made of aluminum profile and glass

Even in a budget greenhouse it is necessary to equip several shelves for storage of inventory and seedlings. It is necessary to do this rationally, otherwise representatives of the flora will be crowded or simply stuffy.

Prefabricated shelving with the possibility of regulating the height of the shelves. Convenient design that can be used both in the greenhouse and in the garage or even the house

Avoiding such problems will help to properly place the windows. If you analyze the reviews of the gardener, it is best to install the ventilation pane in the roof.

This does not create a draft and can always be quickly closed or opened. If you plan to build a multi-tiered large greenhouse, then in this case, the choice should be made in favor of a low-speed fan. Not bad, if he has the option to change the geometry of the created airflow. In this case, seedlings, even on the upper shelf, will not experience discomfort.

Once the ventilation system is equipped, you can proceed to the installation of shelves for seedlings:

  • The number of levels directly depends on the height of the structure;
  • Each section is placed "ladder", so that incoming light and fresh air are evenly distributed;
  • Thermophilic varieties are always placed closer to the roof;
  • Do not place heat sources directly near the shelves.

Types of greenhouses from glass and aluminum( video)

Durable and simultaneous light greenhouses from aluminum profile and glass allow to achieve several results at once. They become visual centers of landscape design, while allowing the comfort of various types of green spaces. Depending on the size of the structure, the number of tracks and racks is selected.