Electric convector: electric heat convector with a thermostat, which is better and how to choose a heat convector

It is possible to heat the room with a special electric convector Qualitatively, the room can be heated using a special electric convector . How to heat a room with the greatest efficiency and material benefits has often been thought of as the owners of private houses and apartments. The modern market of heating systems and appliances offers a wide range of instruments, different in appearance, technical and operational characteristics. Especially popular, recently, use heating convectors. On what the principle of their work is based, what convectors exist, and how to choose the device - read in the article.

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Convector heating: the principle of operation

What is the coverternoe( convection) heating?It is a system in which heat is distributed in a room by convection. That is, heat transfer occurs due to the flow of air, which moves continuously( the converter furnace also operates according to the same principle).

Before choosing a convector, you need to familiarize yourself with its types and principles of operation Before choosing a convector, it is necessary to familiarize yourself with its types and operation principle.

Currently, the following types of convector heating are distinguished:

  1. Electroconvector. Electric convection devices are highly efficient and accurate. The drawbacks of such heaters include their dependence on voltage.
  2. Gas convector heater. Gas heat convectors have a lot of advantages, among them their compactness, high efficiency, the possibility of temperature control. The best gas convectors are ceramic. Nevertheless, with the help of a gas convector it is possible to heat only one, a separate room. And the choice of models for gas by heat conduction is extremely organic.
  3. Water. Water convectors are highly efficient and quiet, but are not suitable for rooms with high ceilings and artificial ventilation system.

The choice of the type of convection devices depends on the type of heating system, the area of ​​the room, the financial capacity of the apartment owner.

What are the heating convectors

The main elements of convection heating are special radiators that transmit heat by the method of moving air masses. Such radiators consist of a closed heating element, an aluminum casing, a grill with curtains guiding warm air flows. The principle of the convector radiators is that the heat from the heating element is transmitted through special shutters in the upper part of the radiator housing, and the cold air is "sucked" through the holes in the bottom. The cycle is repeated.

According to the principle of operation, modern heating convectors are divided into: electric, gas, water, air.

You can get acquainted with the types of convectors in specialized stores You can familiarize yourself with the types of convectors in specialized stores

For large warehouses and technical premises, use an industrial air convector. For a private house and apartment, most often, choose electric heaters, as well as models with a water coolant. This order of things is connected, first of all, with fire safety. Electrical appliances, often, do not require installation. The water heating converter can be wall-mounted and floor-mounted, built into the wall.

Models with a water coolant differ in height: today you can easily find both mini radiators with a height of 8 cm, and models with a height of 60-80 cm for heating large rooms with high ceilings.

In this case, the radiators can be extended both vertically and horizontally. An extended convector heater will be installed in the same way as a conventional one. A water heater can be hung on a brick wall, a structure made of plasterboard. For mounting it is better to use brackets.

Electric convector: which is better

An electric convector is a device that is characterized by precision, rapid heating and high efficiency( about 95%).The durability, safety and efficiency of convector electric radiators depends on which heating element is used in their design.

So, the electronic convector can have:

  • Needle heating element;
  • Monolithic;
  • Tubular with aluminum fins.

Sufficiently popular and popular today are electric convectors The electric convectors

are quite popular and popular today. The models with needle heaters are available at an affordable price, but they do not have a long service life. In addition, it is extremely undesirable to hang such heaters on the wall of a bathroom or kitchen: the heater thread covered with insulated lacquer is practically not protected from moisture.

The most reliable and durable are the models in which the heater is installed: that is, the current-conducting nichrome thread is inside the heating metal tube.

This convector is heated somewhat longer than the usual needle, but it also lasts much longer. In addition, most models with a heater are equipped with a moisture-proof housing, which allows you to install appliances even in the bathroom. The disadvantages of the devices include the fact that heating can be accompanied by extraneous sounds. This is due to the temperature expansion of the tube and the ribs.

The most silent and highly efficient are convectors with a monolithic heater.

This device works quietly and efficiently with a solid body. Due to this, thermal convectors with monolithic heating are economical.

Best convectors: overview of

models What convectors are best?Based on numerous user reviews and sales lists, you can create a rating of models that have proved to be the most effective and reliable.

To learn about the best models of convectors, you can refer to specialists

  • The convector Noirot Spot E-3 1000 has been recognized by users as one of the best thanks to its high efficiency, fastWarming up, noiseless operation, durability, the ability to accurately maintain the temperature and withstand voltage fluctuations. The shortcomings of the device can be attributed to its relatively high cost.
  • Ballu BEP / E-1000 is a more affordable device compared to the previous one. From the characteristic features of the convector, it is possible to distinguish many operating modes and the possibility of remote control of the device.
  • Scoole SC HT HM1 1000W allows you to heat a room of up to 25 sq m. At the same time, the cost of the device is in the area of ​​one and a half thousand rubles. To the minuses of the device is a heating element made of stainless steel.
  • Element and Econ convectors are efficient and affordable.

    Electric convectors with thermostat

    Electroconvectors with thermostat - this is the most common use of heating appliances in apartments and private houses. Such devices allow to quickly and smoothly regulate the power of heaters and, accordingly, the temperature in the room. This makes it possible to save energy consumption and finance.

    Practicality, convenience and good quality are characterized by electric convectors with a thermostat Electric heaters with a thermostat

    are characterized by practicality, convenience and good quality. Electric convectors can be equipped with an electronic or electromechanical thermostat.

    The most affordable converters, which have in their structure a mechanical thermostat. Such devices are suitable for cottages or country houses( which often experience voltage fluctuations in the network).For apartments and urban private houses, you should choose a fully electronic mechanism: they have high accuracy and can save up to 5% of electricity.

    Recommendations: how to choose the convector

    As a rule, the main criteria for choosing a heating convector for an apartment, house and dacha are its capacity, durability, ease of operation, cost. Not the least role is played by the type of installation. So, if you prefer a concealed installation, it is better to choose water convectors.

    When choosing a convector, one must take into account its power, characteristics and individual features When choosing a convector, you need to take into account its power, characteristics and specific features

    To correctly choose a convenient and efficient device that will last several decades, the following recommendations should be followed:

    1. The convector heat output must be calculated, Based on the dimensions of the room. So for 1 meter square. Should account for the order of 100 watts of thermal energy. In this case, it is better to choose a model with a small margin. This is especially important if you decide to make a homemade convector.
    2. If the ceilings in the apartments have a height of more than 2.5 m, then in calculating the power, add 10% of the figure for every 100 mm of height.
    3. Pay attention to the quality of the heating element: heaters made of aluminum are considered to be the most effective and lasting.
    4. When selecting electronic devices, pay attention to the availability of additional functions( ionization, protection from overheating, humidification of air) and mechanisms( timer, remote control).
    5. Choose devices with warranty and from a well-known company. Popular brands are much more responsible for controlling the quality of their products. A device with a warranty period of 2-3 years will last at least 15 years.

    If you select the device in the store, then carefully inspect the body of the device: it should not be dented, scratched, chipped. If you need a heater in the bathroom, then the housing must be moisture resistant, and the heating element - protected.

    How to choose an electric convector( video)

    Convectors of heating are modern heating devices that allow the room to be heated quickly and evenly. When choosing a convector, it is necessary to study in detail the technical characteristics of each model, the appearance and condition of the enclosure of the device. It is better to give preference to proven brands and well-proven devices. The above recommendations and the rating of the best heating appliances will help you find the household convector. Examples

    electrical convectors( photo interior)