How to clear the clog in the sink: remove, punch and clean, the vantuzy with the remedy, hammered at home

To the shell is not hammered, from time to time it needs to be cleaned to sink strongly do not slaughter, from time to time it is necessary to clean clogged in the bathroom - it is domestic and is often found with wear pipes, improper exploitation or stacking. There are a lot of cleaning methods. You can clean the blockage using a plunger, a chemical or a folk remedy, a rope or a siphon.

    • Occurrence of blockage in the bathroom
    • Air eliminators - what is this device and how to apply it
    • Chemical and folk remedy for clogged sink
    • How to break through the shell at home, reviewing stock
    • Asto clear the blockage in the sink without chemicals( video)

Occurrence of blockage in the bathroom clogged

makes itself felt bad permeability of water and an unpleasant odor. That's why everyone should get acquainted with the most popular and effective options, how to clean the shell. But, first of all, it is necessary to determine the cause.

Often, blockage in the bathroom occurs due to hair often clogged in the bathroom arises from the hair

reasons blockage in the sink:

  1. Dirt. Over time, the siphon accumulates a huge amount of dirt, remnants of food or soap, hair. The protective grid does not always help in this matter. The pipeline itself wears out, so cleaning is required.
  2. Large particle. Sometimes the drain hole has a sufficient diameter to get a large object. Often this situation occurs in the family with children, small toys can get into the sink.
  3. Improper use of the drain. It should be remembered that there is no need to wash items in the sink with an abundance of dirt. Bathing dogs in the bathroom also does not bring anything good.
  4. Incorrect pipe installation. As a result, an incorrect slope or sag appears. As a result, dirt simply can not move on.

To determine the cause of the clog is quite simple. With a sharp loss in the efficiency of draining problems with a large object. Such a clog is called complete. If the water does not merge well with time, then the problem with the accumulation of dirt. This is an incomplete contamination, it is possible to recognize such clogging by an unpleasant odor.

In a multi-storey building, the cause of the blockage can be covered in the pollution of the residential or public sewage system.

The obstruction of the residential sewage system is quite simple. You just need to open the water in two sources. In case of problems with one drain, clogging is local. If two plums suffer, then the cause is with the riser. Cope on their own in this case is unlikely to succeed.

Air eliminators - what is this device and how to apply it

Plunger - a popular tool for removing blockages in the bathroom. Bathroom appliances have their own uses. It is difficult to get rid of blockage due to overflow. When the effluent reaches the overflow, air can enter the system, and the air vents work in a vacuum environment.

Buying the device, you should focus on its dimensions. The plunger should fit over the sink. This is what guarantees a good cleaning of the blockage.

When choosing a plunger it is worth considering the material from which the handle is made When selecting plunger is necessary to consider the material from which the pen

Steps for cleaning the sink plunger:

  1. You first need to close the overflow. You can use a tight fitting plug for these purposes. But from improvised materials, an adhesive tape and a towel are suitable.
  2. The device should be lubricated with petroleum jelly.
  3. The tool is firmly pressed against the sink and several reciprocating movements are made.

As a rule, this procedure should help to clear the blockage. But sometimes the problem remains, and the water does not go away. In this case, the operation is repeated, but with the use of water.

You can simultaneously use two plungers. So it turns out excellent water resistance. One tool closes the sink, and the other - overflow. It is more convenient to perform cleaning with an assistant.

With the use of liquid it is easier to cope with the blockage. First the sink is filled with warm liquid. Water should cover half of the rubber part of the plunger. The tool is placed to the sink at an angle. After 10 reciprocal movements, the tool is pulled up sharply. For best effectiveness, this procedure should be carried out several times.

Chemical and folk remedy for clogging in the sink

The elimination of clogging at home is often done with chemicals. You can buy such substances in household stores. Buy chemicals will help sellers consultants, and the correct use is indicated on the package.

Read the instructions and possible cautions in detail. The old preparation can adversely affect the quality of the pipeline.

It's enough just to pour the product into the drain. The time for which the tool manages to break through the clog can differ. Better cleaning is done at night. To work effectively for a long time, it is better not to use a plumbing fixture in the bathroom or in the kitchen. In the morning it is necessary to fill the sink with warm water. Follow the fluid. If things are bad, then you can not cope with the clog yourself.

Clean the clog in the sink with vinegar and soda Clean the clog in the sink using vinegar and soda

Best chemical agents:

  1. "Mole".Effective drug to clean the metal tube. Can not be used for plastic. A popular tool at the expense of a small cost.
  2. "Tiret".Can quickly solve the problem if the shell is clogged. Has no unpleasant aroma of ammonia. You can meet many positive reviews about the drugs.
  3. "Pothan".An effective tool. Has an unpleasant smell, but quickly removes blockage.
  4. "Mr. Muscle".It is characterized by universality. The drug is sold as a foam or gel. Is able not only to remove clog, but also stagnant smell.

It is best to use the product in the form of a powder or gel. Chemicals are quite toxic, so you should use them as accurately as possible. You should stock up on rubber gloves, safety goggles and a waterproof apron.

A national tool can help in clearing a blockage. You can apply soda. It is mixed with vinegar in equal proportions and poured into the sink. After a couple of hours, drain the drain with hot water. This option is often used for simple prevention.

How to break a sink at home by dismantling the drain

To remove blockage, you can use a plumbing cable. Or more radical methods - disassembly of the siphon. The principle of the cable is to push the dirt further down the pipeline. It is more difficult to disassemble a siphon, sometimes only a master can perform this operation.

Before you disassemble the drain, you need to prepare a container, where you will lay out the garbage Before disassembling the drain, it is necessary to prepare a container where you will lay out the garbage

How to clean the siphon with its disassembly:

  1. Place a bucket under the siphon;
  2. Next, unscrew the element;
  3. Then all contaminants are removed from the siphon and the part is well rinsed;
  4. Then the sump is put in place;
  5. The final step is to check the operation of the drain.

But it should be noted that this operation is performed when it is not possible to clean up by other methods. But it is important before using the cable. He will push the dirt further.

How to clear the clog in the sink without chemistry( video)

You can clean the clog yourself. There are a lot of methods and they prove their effectiveness for a long time. But strong blockage can be eliminated only by a specialist with a possible replacement of pipes, so it is advised to periodically prevent contamination.