Heat pump: heating the house with your own hands, the principle of operation and action, what is it and the air conditioner unit

Heat pumps differ in power, design and efficiency Heat pumps differ in power, design and efficiency Popularity is gaining one of the alternative heating options such as: heat pumps. Its high cost and cost of installation does not make it possible to purchase such a pump for many owners of their own houses to save money on heating. And the optimal solution in this case will be self-assembly. Such pumps are divided into species, and the species depend on the type of use for heat exchange of the unit. Installation of such pumps is carried out on the street and allows to heat not large living rooms in the spring and autumn period of time.

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What is a heat pump for house heating: the principle of operation

The operation of the heat pump is to transfer heat from the main sourceand to the coolant, which has a higher temperature.

Before buying a heat pump for heating the house should always consult with specialists It is necessary to consult

  • The heat transfer medium flows into a pipeline that is located in the ground, for example, Further warmed up a few degrees;
  • Further this coolant enters the evaporator or heat exchanger and transfers the collected heat energy to the internal circuit;
  • A substance that is under the influence of pressure has a low boiling point, called the refrigerant, is located in the external circuit of the heater, it begins to heat up in the evaporator and turns into a gas;
  • Then the process of refrigerant gas entering the compressor itself takes place, where it compresses and in the process of compression it collects temperature even higher than before the intake;
  • The gas in the heated state is sent to the condenser, and there it gives its heat energy to the internal heating system of the room;
  • After transfer, the gas that lost its heat is sent back to the system, but in liquid form.

Since the operation of refrigeration devices is in the same system and has the same operating principle as certain types of pumps, they can therefore be used as an air conditioner, but this is in the summer.

The principle of operation of the heat pump, both air and ground, is ideal for a private residential house. For an apartment, it will not be so appropriate, although here heating is possible. Make a self-made circulating pump, this is an alternative variation. The main thing is to know how it is arranged, what the earth needs and where its energy comes from. Reply to these questions you can design, which can be located in the photo.

Heat pump device for house heating

Basically all the work of the heat pump depends on the performance of the compressor functions. It is the compressor that performs the work of compressing the scattered thermal energy in the carrier, thus giving the most energy and concentration to the energy, as well as the necessary temperature.

The composition of the sediment system includes:

  • Evaporator and capillary;
  • There is also a thermoregulator and a condenser;
  • Gas refrigerant that circulates in the pumping system.

Before using the heat pump, read the instruction Before using the heat pump, it is worthwhile to study the instruction of

. A more detailed description of the options of heat pump devices can be offered by classification. Variants of heat pump classifications depend on external and internal coolant circuits.

The heat pump is capable of generating thermal energy from:

  • Water source;
  • Earth;
  • Air.

In the middle of the house, the resulting heat energy can be used in heating systems, also used for heating water and as an air conditioner. And that's why heat pumps are divided into several types, and the kinds depend on the combination of functions and elements for heating.

How to make a heat pump with your own hands

The efficiency of such a system as a heat pump is almost not predicted. Since the pumps manufactured at the plant consist not only of three compressors and the same number of pipelines through which the coolant and the refrigerant gas circulate. The main device of such a pump is the control panel, which is responsible for the operation of the contours of the entire system. Creation of such a control panel with their own hands is almost beyond the power of even masters.

To make a heat pump with your own hands, you should have the appropriate experience To make a heat pump by yourself, you should have the appropriate experience

The technical part is created in this order:

  • The compressor can be replaced by an air conditioning unit;
  • The initial circuit is collected from plastic pipes and filled with a concentrate of table salt;
  • As an evaporator is an iron tank made of stainless steel, and it can be taken in an old washing machine, then concentrate the concentrate from the salt, which gives heat to the copper coil on the secondary circuit, which is installed inside the tank;
  • The capacitor is the same plastic tank in the middle of which the coil of copper is also fixed;
  • The third circuit is a heating system that is connected to the condenser.

As you can see, the design is very simple, and the efficiency of this design can be either excessive or insufficient to heat the room. A ground inverter thermo pump can be made from a part of a refrigerator that has not been equipped with freon for a long time. As the calculation shows, the use of such an assembly justifies itself by 100%.How else can the pump be used, you can learn from a special video.

Heat pump from air conditioner with own hands

Since the principle of the air conditioner is the same as that of a heat pump, this similarity is its features, but there are some differences. One of the differences is: the temperature regime of equipment with climatic regimes. Split-type systems are not recommended for use at low temperatures.

The heat pump from the air conditioner has a long service life and a relatively low price The heat pump from the air conditioner has a long service life and a comparatively low price

In order to create a pump from the air conditioner, a number of remeltings and modifications must be carried out:

  1. The first version of the heat pump assembly isReworking the air conditioner. In this way, it is necessary to change the indoor and outdoor units in places. In the indoor unit there is an evaporator, which is necessary in order to overeat the heat of low potential. In the external block there is a condenser, it is engaged in the transfer of thermal energy. And as a heat carrier, water and air can be used. In another embodiment, the condenser is installed in a special reservoir in which heat exchange will be generated.
  2. The second option is to install a four-way switching valve system. Performing such work is carried out only by specialists. In particular, this applies to the heat umbrella.
  3. The third way is to disassemble the air conditioner on the parts. With the help of these parts, the heat pump will be assembled according to its usual scheme of evaporator, compressor, condenser.

To perform the work must be approached very carefully, and it is better to call a specialist. From how the heat pump will be assembled depends its productive output of heat. Just before you begin to perform the assembly of the heat pump, you need to think over the warming of the house. In case the house does not have excellent indicators for thermal insulation, the efficiency of heating the room with a heat pump is significantly reduced, and not only it, but also other heaters, if any. Pumps of this type are best used in heating systems with low temperatures. Excellent use will be the connection to the heat pump of the warm floor. If you consider all the features of the assembly, it is quite possible to make such a pump yourself.

Heat pump with own hands( video)

As you could see the heat pump is an excellent device for heating the house at the time when the winter has receded, but it still feels cold. Moreover, it is not so difficult to assemble it with your own hands, and the result does not require expenditure due to the consumption of only natural resources. Most importantly, it is to approach the assembly of the structure with the mind, well, it is better, as mentioned above, to turn to professionals. Examples

heat pump( photo)