Thermal gun on diesel fuel: how to choose the gas in the garage, which one is better to buy for heating the premises

A popular and convenient air heater is a heat gun popular and convenient air heater is a heat gun Heat Guns are quite broad in scope: they are used to heat garages, warehouses, construction sites;Installation of PVC ceilings, concrete screeds, etc. Such a popularity of the device is due to the ability to quickly and economically heat the room. In addition, often, to move the device is not difficult: the weight of the gun, on average, is from 2 to 16 kg. What are the heat guns and how to choose a highly efficient installation for various needs - read below.

    • What a heat gun is better: gas or diesel
    • Diesel heat gun: working principle and
    • selection rules for gas gun in the garage: features selection
    • How to choose a heat gun: recommendations
    • What heatgun select: ranking of the best devices
    • What is a heat gun on diesel( video)

What better heat gun: gas or diesel

Today, manufacturers produce heatDevices that can work on diesel fuel, gas, electricity. The most economical are diesel and gas heaters. Due to the wide distribution of fuel, a special popularity is the gasoline cannon. The choice of a heat installation depends on the size of the room for which the device is selected, and the quality of the ventilation system in the construction.

So, diesel guns are most often chosen for heating large industrial premises: they work quite noisily, and at the time of launch they give off an unpleasant smell.

Practical and quality are both gas and diesel thermal guns, which you can select at your own discretion practicality and quality are both gas and diesel heat gun, pick up that can, at its discretion

If you want to use diesel unit for the installation of vinyl ceilings or the drying of the concrete screed, it must be good at repair shopsThe ventilation is organized, and the gun has a special chimney. Nevertheless, heaters on diesel fuel are characterized by high power and durability. And in case of breakdowns, it is much easier to repair diesel equipment than gas.

The diesel gun can also run on waste oil, which makes it even more economical to use.

Heat guns on gas are convenient devices that can be easily moved. They work quieter than diesel and equipped with a gas cylinder, which solves the problem with refueling the device. In addition, the main advantage of gas guns, in comparison with diesel, is that during operation they do not generate an unpleasant smell. However, the gas gun "burns" oxygen, so it is not recommended to use it in closed, small rooms.

Diesel heat gun: principle and

selection rules diesel Heat gun - is safer, mobile devices, which consist of a fuel tank, a pump or compressor, a combustion chamber, burner and fan. In today's market it is possible to find diesel models with a power from 2.5 to 100 kW.Separately, high-capacity production heat guns with a capacity of 140-160 kW are distinguished.

According to the principle of operation, Diesel guns are divided into:

  • Direct heating devices;
  • Units with indirect heating.

Before using a diesel heat gun, you should familiarize yourself with the principle of its operation Before using diesel heat gun should be familiar with the principle of its operation

Thermal installation on diesel fuel with direct heating have high efficiency( about 90%).A disadvantage of such devices is that the heated air is generated from the gun along with the combustion products. Therefore, they are not recommended for use in enclosed spaces. But such devices are ideal for quickly heating large production and storage facilities, drying concrete screed on construction sites.

For residential installation, diesel indirect heat heaters should be selected.

The principle of this heater is that the heated air is transported without harmful substances. The cost of such heaters is higher than that of devices with direct heating. But they can be installed absolutely in any premises, regardless of size, type of ventilation, patency.

gas gun in the garage: the choice of features

Economic heat gun in the garage - it is a gift for many motorists, because, often, the possibility to organize heating in buildings of this type does not. And working in the garage in the winter is extremely uncomfortable. Especially popular among garage owners use gas guns: they are affordable, quiet and do not emit carcinogens.

When choosing a gas gun into the garage, determine the optimum power devices rate of 1 kW thermal power to 10 square meters of floor space with the ceiling is not higher than 3 m.

For the garage specialists recommend to select a gas gun For garage experts recommend to choose a gas gun

So, The optimal option for an average garage of 25 sq. Meters will be a thermal installation with a capacity of 3-5 kW.Insufficiently powerful cannon will not cope with its task, and an excess of power will affect the amount of fuel and electricity needed to operate the device.

At the same time, experts recommend to insulate the garage or, at least, to remove cracks and holes through which warm air can be discharged.

First, to calculate the necessary power of the gun so it will be easier. Secondly, you do not have to overpay for heating the "streets".Insulation of the building will be useful and if you decide to store the heater directly in the garage: the optimal temperature for storing the equipment is considered to be +5 degrees.

How to choose a heat gun: recommendations

When selecting a heater, it is necessary to take into account not only on the power of the gun and the size of the room, but also on the quality of the air in the room. There are many nuances on which comfort and safety of use of the thermal device depend, its durability and efficiency.

Picking up a heat gun, experts advise you to familiarize yourself with its characteristics and features Picking heat gun, experts advise to become familiar with its features and characteristics

So, when choosing a thermal installation, you must:

  1. Decide on the purpose for which you need the device. For heating of living rooms you can buy a gas or electric gun. But, it should be borne in mind that for the second it is necessary to permanently connect to the electricity network with a voltage of 220-380 V.
  2. Make sure that there are autonomous security systems in the structure. So, the heating gun, as a minimum, should have sensors that will autonomously interrupt the operation of the device in the event of fire-hazardous situations( for example, overheating).
  3. Pay attention to the availability of additional functions, accessories. Thus, the electric heat gun must be equipped with a special protective net;Household appliances - have a thermostat that allows you to set the desired temperature, and portable devices come complete with wheels.
  4. Pay attention to the noise level that the device emits during operation. The optimum noise level is within 40 dB.

If you choose a heat gun in the store, do not be amiss to ask the staff to carry out a test-drive model in order to test the results.

Which heat gun to choose: rating of the best devices

When choosing heat guns, one should take into account the experience of buyers. Based on feedback from users, you can compile an overview of the most high-quality and efficient heating devices.

When choosing a heat gun, you can additionally study the rating of the best devices that can be found on the Internet When selecting a heat gun can further explore the ranking of the best devices, which can be found on the Internet

So, well established:

  • Electric heater Interskol TPE-3;
  • Gas gun BLP 17M from the American company Master;
  • BV 77E fuel oil heater from Master.

High-quality products are different models from the manufacturers of Sial and Kroll. Both companies make mobile heat guns with built-in thermostats, a reliable overheating protection system and a large number of additional options.

What is a thermal gun on diesel fuel( video)

Heat guns are mobile, affordable and economical devices that allow you to quickly warm up the room, speed up the installation of floors and ceilings. Today, the most popular heat guns are electric heaters, devices that run on gas, diesel fuel. Which gun is best to choose depends on the size and purpose of the room, the quality of ventilation in the room, the presence of a connection to the central electrical network. And the above tips and rating can help with the choice.