Heating boilers: heating for a private house, which one to choose better, rating of types of gas boilers, which are

Heating boilers may vary in size, type, efficiency and price Heating boilers can vary in size, type, efficiency and price. Every person has a desire to live not only in a cozy, but also in a warm house. This indicator is not so difficult to achieve, if we talk about multi-storey apartment buildings. But not everywhere is the necessary blessings of civilization, such as heating. Therefore, we have to solve the problem in different ways. One of them is the purchase of a boiler for heating, which can operate on different fuels. It is not easy to choose a certain type from a large assortment, so you need to understand all the advantages of each model.

      • Heating boilers: fuel for operation
      • How to choose a boiler for heating a private house
      • Types of boilers: which boiler is better
      • Boiler rating for a private house
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Heating boilers: fuel for operation

First you need to choose which way you want to heat the house. This can be a water or convection method.

The fuel for the boiler is selected depending on its type The fuel for the boiler is selected according to its type

The boilers are divided according to the type of fuel into 5 classifications:

  1. Gas type. Can be placed on the floor or wall. Some models are designed to use natural or reduced gas. In order to reconfigure the equipment, it will be necessary to change and use a special kit.
  2. Solid fuel boiler. Its firebox is designed to use any fuel except gas or liquid. For firebox, coal of various types, briquettes or firewood is suitable. Especially popular are boilers that were designed for the use of coal. Their walls are much thicker.
  3. Boiler for liquid fuel. For its work, diesel fuel can be used, in some models it is possible to use even work-up, but this needs to be clarified when purchasing. If you have the opportunity to purchase not expensive these substances, then this option will be particularly beneficial.
  4. Electric type boilers. At the moment you can find boilers ionic, induction and induction.
  5. Multi-fuel. They are also called combined, as several fuel options can be used here, and sometimes all that were listed above. Such models are more expensive, but they give 100% guarantee that the house will always be warm.

It's clear that you have to choose a certain type based on the capabilities of your home, for example, you do not install a gas if you do not have this communication, but solid fuel will do just fine.

From this list you have learned what kind of heating boilers there are, or rather their varieties. The most popular types are a boiler - electric water heater and solid fuel heating boilers. After you conduct a full review and find out what are the moments and differences, decide where to put your home heater, because its dimensions are different and it's far from a street unit. Only after this you can buy a device for heating the house.

How to choose a boiler for heating a private house

In order for your purchase to be justified, you need to know in advance all the types of heating boilers and familiarize yourself with their features during installation and use. Such an approach will provide a comfortable condition for housing and make the purchase as profitable as possible for your budget. In order for the choice to be made correctly, the device must meet certain requirements.

When choosing a boiler for a private house, you should take into account its area and materials, of which it is made When choosing a boiler for a private house, it is necessary to take into account its area and the materials from which it is made.

The following requirements can be applied to basic:

  1. Correct emphasis on fuel. Choose a boiler that will work on demanded fuel. At the moment there are four of them, this is gas, solid fuel, liquid and electricity. Please note that all boilers except solid fuel do not require much effort and effort.
  2. The design of your boiler should depend on the heating system. You can purchase a single-circuit or double-circuit boiler, but keep in mind that the principle of their operation is different.
  3. The heat output of the boiler can be calculated as soon as it is purchased. It is pre-installed by the manufacturer. Independently it can be calculated using the selection of special programs.
  4. The actual criterion is the location of the boiler. It can be installed on the floor or hung on the wall. But this is only if an electric or gas model was purchased. Wall-mounted boilers are not as powerful as floor-standing boilers, but their reasonable price and simple installation are positive qualities against the background of other varieties.
  5. Automatic control. It depends on what requirements will be put forward to take temperature into account. In general, the choice is made between single-stage and two-stage units.

Based on these criteria, you can determine which boiler is right for you and make a choice in the right direction.

Types of boilers: which boiler is better

At the moment, specialized points can offer customers boilers that vary in different price ranges. This can be as cheap Chinese equipment, and expensive boilers with the presence of a turbocharged camera and other advantages.

Among the large number of manufacturers the most popular are the following brands:

  • Ferroli;
  • Vaillant;
  • Buderus;
  • Baxi;
  • Prothem.

Before you buy one or another boiler, it is worth reading about it reviews on the Internet Before you buy a boiler, it is worth reading about it reviews on the internet

These companies are on sale for quite a long time and are responsible for the quality that has been tested not by one thousand customers.

If we talk about Russian manufacturers, then the most outstanding brand can be considered the company "Irbis".Their products can be considered as budgetary. And although it loses to foreign manufacturers, all the work that it is entrusted to consumers, performs qualitatively.

Rating of heating boilers for a private house

There are several types of boilers that compete in the popularity rating. Therefore, buying a certain model for a house, you need to know for sure exactly what requirements you will put forward to your unit.

The most popular are single-circuit and double-circuit boilers. Here everything is quite simple. If we take into account single-circuit boilers, then these models are used only to heat the room. While the two-circuit type is also designed for the supply of hot water.

Just note that if there is a desire, a boiler can be connected to a single-circuit boiler, and then it will be able to perform all the functions of its competitor.

The heating boiler can be connected both independently and by using the services of

. Speaking of the design, it can be noted that the two-circuit versions are more compact, which can not be identified as a plus, but they put forward more requirements for their operation. For example, the liquid head should be high enough, so you can forget about saving water.

Next, competing floor and wall models should be considered. There is nothing complicated. The floors are placed only on the floor and show a higher power, but they have large dimensions. Use these boilers better in the case when you have a lot of free space.

Wall-mounted boilers have a capacity of about 35 kW, as their design includes a copper heat exchanger unable to transfer heat.

As a conclusion, we can say that the ideal option will be a floor boiler. It is capable of heating the area to 600m2.And if you buy, such a boiler with a built-in atmospheric burner, you will not be disappointed. After all, it is characterized by great endurance and quiet operation, which is sometimes an important indicator.

Overview of gas boilers for heating a private house

Gas boilers have become the most popular option nowadays due to the fact that they are available and save fuel well.

When choosing a gas boiler, you should pay attention to its cost-effectiveness When choosing a gas boiler, one should pay attention to its cost-effectiveness

The device of gas boilers is divided into 2 types:

  1. Gas condensing boiler. In addition to the energy that they emit when burning fuel, they also use water vapor condensate. This significantly reduces the consumption of gas in heating, and therefore the financial costs. The liquid is diverted to the sewage system or to a system that supplies hot water. Such a system does not cool the room, since the construction includes a closed combustion chamber. The air that is supplied and the combustion products are forcibly taken to the street, which makes it possible to use such a device in a room in which there is no stationary chimney.
  2. Convection type. It is used to heat the coolant. Only the energy that is released when fuel is burned is used. Unlike the previous view, this one has an open camera. It works at the expense of traction of natural origin and consumes oxygen from the room in which the boiler is installed.

It should be added that when installing the last version, it is necessary to take care of good ventilation and the presence of a stationary chimney. Also pay attention to the presence of a heat exchanger. This design should not be made of steel, as the period of its operation is much lower.

How do heating boilers( video)

Make a choice, the task is not simple, but if you decide on the fuel that you plan to use, you will not be so difficult to make a purchase. This article revealed the key points that relate to each group of boilers. Of course, you can consider the option of buying a homemade boiler for a private house, but in this case you will not get a security guarantee. Is it worth saving on this factor?Probably not.