Warm plinth water: plinth heating by own hands, heating heater of electric type

Warm water skirting can be bought in a construction or specialized store Warm water skirting can be bought in a construction or specialized store To date, there are several alternative methods of heating the room in case the central heating system is not available, or can not do well with its function. To improve the temperature in the house, you can put additional radiators, apply a system of heated floors, or install modern convectors. But technology pleases us with the latest inventions almost constantly, and today in the heating market you can see a completely new, alternative heating system - a warm plinth.

    • What is plinth heating: the device
    • Heater baseboard: the advantages of
    • How to install a warm water skirting board with your own hands
    • Electric heating plinth: the advantages of the
    • Heating in skirting boards( video)

What is plinth heating: the

system Today, more and more new technologies are being developed on the market, improving with each passing day. For those who want to create from their apartment or home a cozy, comfortable home, there is a new technology of heating the room, which has a lot of advantages and positive qualities.

The new device - heating hot plinth, is just the right technology. This simple, however, very convenient heating system, will help you make heated not only living rooms, but also on the veranda, balcony, office, attic and cellar.

Plinth heating has a long service life and compact dimensions Plinth heating has a long service life and compact dimensions

The warm plinth is very different from other heaters in non-standard sizes and shapes. But, despite this, it fits perfectly into the interior of the room, and not a little, at the same time, does not lose its functional duties.

Comprises a product made of the following components:

  • Front panel with small holes for the introduction of warm air into the room;
  • The back panel for the protection that is attached to the wall is fixed to the wall;
  • Batteries;
  • Side plugs;
  • A heat exchange module consisting of two tubes through which water circulates.

The skirt device itself is very simple, it can be easily installed in any room. The dimensions of such a device are 15 - 20 cm in height and 3 - 4 cm in width. Install the heating skirting can not just around the perimeter of the room, but only in certain places. However, wherever a warm plinth is not installed, it will provide a heated period.

Skirt type heater: advantages

In the heating season, we all really want the warmth and comfort in the house. Central heating sometimes works just disgusting, so we are forced to look for other efficient heating means by installing additional heating equipment in the rooms.

The skirting board heater by Thermaskirt is one of the newest types of home heating that heats the air in the room without much extra effort and effort. Installing this system once, you will not have problems with heating the housing in the future. This method of heating the rooms can be used both as an independent element of the heat source, and functioning together with other heating appliances.

This device does not take up unnecessary space in the house, in comparison with other devices. It can be easily installed independently, since its design is simple and simple.

Skirting heaters are well suited for small rooms Baseboard heaters are well suited for small rooms

The main advantages of the heating plinth:

  • Compact;
  • Efficiency;
  • Ease of installation;
  • Perfectly heats the room around the perimeter;
  • Does not burn air in the house;
  • Has an aesthetic design;
  • The market is presented in any colors.

The heating skirting board can. It perfectly matches with any coating on the floor.

How to install a warm water skirting board with your own hands

If you bought a warm plinth and want to install it yourself, then first you need to learn the principle of the device and its scheme. It is not difficult to understand this design, because it is very simple.

Install a self-made new heating skirting is not difficult. For this, you need to carefully study the scheme of its installation, and be patient. Before installing the device, it is necessary to make correct calculations and measurements, and draw up a drawing of the future design.

You do not need to buy any expensive tools for the work. You will have enough of what is available in almost every home: a wrench, a hammer, nippers, a drill, pliers, sharp scissors, tape measure, and of course, electrical wiring. After gathering all this, you can start working.

Install a warm water skirting board is better in the place where the least amount of furniture Install a warm water skirting board better in the place where the furniture is least

Steps for installing the water skirting:

  • We fix the profiles;
  • Install the holders;
  • Attach the convector;
  • Connect the structure to the main source of heating;
  • Check for leakage;
  • We close with decorative panels.

If you do everything correctly, you can soon enjoy the work of the heating plinth and evaluate its effectiveness.

Electric heating plinth: advantages of the

The design of the electric skirting board is quite simple, however, in order to be able to do it yourself, you must have some skills and be able to understand the electricity. And also have tools and materials available for these works.

The warming warm electric floorboard is best made electric. This option does not require you to huge costs, and it will work more efficiently. Electric skirting will heat the room faster than the plinth of the water.

The design of this electric skirting board is simple, it includes a heating cable that connects to the mains and front panel of the structure. With it, you can fix and cover the heating elements.

Electric heating plinth should be chosen based on the design of the room Electric heating plinth should be selected based on the design of the room

Advantages of the electric heating plinth:

  • Small dimensions;
  • The device is easy to connect by yourself;
  • The room heats up quickly;
  • Very economical.

Working with such electric skirting boards is much easier and easier. However, it is important to handle the voltage very carefully so as not to lead to an emergency situation. At the very beginning of the work, make sure that the electrical system is de-energized.

Heating in skirting boards( video)

A warm plinth in the house is a great invention that has recently appeared in our markets and in homes. Customer feedback indicates that this circuit works fine and warms no worse than a regular battery. Such a heat source can heat a room of any size. Today we know only about two types of heating plinths: water and electric. However, tomorrow other methods of floor heating can come to the market. It's up to you, the manufacturer!