Water heater by own hands: flow-through homemade, make an electric boiler for video, repair of heating

To make a water heater with your own hands, you should have the appropriate experience and knowledge To make the water heater with your hands, you should have the appropriate experience and knowledge In contrast to the storage water heater, instantaneous water heater works on the principle of water passing through. Heating the water takes a few minutes, it can be used to wash dishes in the kitchen or shower in the bathroom.

    • Faults and repairs instantaneous water heater with your hands
    • Passive solar water heater with your hands:
    • diagram of the device How to Make Electric water heaters with their hands
    • Heating by heater with your hands: the nuances
    • work How to make the boilerwith his own hands( video)

Faults and repairs instantaneous water heater with your hands

heaters are used not only in the quartoah, but also in private houses or cottages. Many owners prefer the flowing electric water heaters because of their advantages - compactness, reliability, economy, long service life and reasonable price.

Even the most reliable and high-quality water heaters can experience breakdowns that you can try to eliminate by yourself.

Before repairing a flowing water heater, it is worth familiarizing with the recommendations of specialists Before repairing water-heater, it is worth to get acquainted with the recommendations of experts

Before repairing the unit, be sure to disconnect it from the mains in order to avoid accidents. To repair the water heater you will need a different kind of screwdriver, wrench, tester and necessary spare parts.

Broken Water Heater:

  • Breakdown PETN.This malfunction leads to the inability to regulate and heat the water, the lamp on the indicator does not burn, the tap water flows with a scum. Most often the failed TEN is replaced with a new one.
  • Malfunction of thermostat and thermostat. If one of the two elements fails, the heater does not turn on, or the device operates at its lowest power when the regulator is placed at the extreme end. Using a tester, the resistance is measured. The broken element is thrown out, a new one is installed in its place.
  • Discharge. When the heater is operating, strange sounds are heard or the power of the device is reduced. For this, it is necessary to clean the heater from scale and dirt with special means.
  • Equipment leakage failure. The only correct variant of failure is wear of the material to which the heater is attached. To do this, unscrew the heater and replace the flange under it.

If problems with the instantaneous heating water emerged as the unit is still under warranty, it is not recommended to fix it at home. At the slightest faults it is better to contact the service center.

Solar water heater is a device for which it is not necessary to connect to electricity and use pumps for water circulation. The simplest unit, often used for a summer shower or a makeshift water pipe, is a large metal tank filled with water. For a day, the water in it can warm up to 40 degrees. Thanks to the layout of the pipes, it is possible to run water, both in the shower and in the kitchen.

Using solar energy to heat water, you can save a lot of energy or gas needed for a running water heater.

Passive solar water heater must be installed in an open area The passive solar water heater must be installed in an open area

The solar convector consists of a storage tank, water pipes, a heat sink and a heat exchanger. For household needs, a 200 liter tank and a solar convector with an area of ​​2-2.5 square meters is sufficient. Such a device will be able to heat up enough water in a couple of hours of sunshine.

Diagram of work on the solar convector:

  1. One-piece pipes weld together, forming a grate. Using welding, attach it to a sheet of strong steel and cover with black paint.
  2. Make a frame made of moisture-resistant plywood and attach it to the steel sheet, cutting holes in the frame for the pipes.
  3. Insulate the pipes and cover the collector with glass, connecting the parts with silicone. Free space between the frame and the glass is also smeared with silicone.
  4. Bend the copper pipe in a spiral, pull its edge outwards. Tank to insulate for better heat preservation.
  5. Install the collector in place, connect it to the pipes for cold and hot water. The expansion tank should be installed when hot water enters the tank.

To check the boiler for operation, fill the tank with water, pour water and into the convector system. When the water is heated, it will rise up and fill the tank, and cold water will enter from the system.

How to make an electric water heater with your hands

Quite often in urban homes, connected to the gas line, use flow gas water heater, popularly referred to as the "column."Also quite popular appliances on the gas stove, providing hot water to the kitchen and bathroom.

For country cottages often uses an electric boiler, which not only heats water for domestic use, but also allows you to connect heating.

The tank, capacity of 120 liters, should be enough for a family of 4 people for several days. Installing a self-made boiler on a high cabinet, the water from it will be fed by gravity.

Details for the manufacture of electric water heater can be found on the flea market Details for the manufacture of an electric water heater can be found at a flea market


  1. Prepare capacity required size;
  2. Manufacture of copper pipe coils;
  3. Warming construction;
  4. Assemble the instantaneous water heater;
  5. Connect the heating element;
  6. Remove the pipes for hot and cold water, install the valves at the inlet.

homemade instantaneous water heater from the power supply can be made from the old gas tank or purchase a large container of stainless steel or aluminum.

Heating by heater with your hands: the nuances

work As a rule, take advantage of the boiler to provide hot water housing. The water flowing through the pipes heats the heater. Already hot water spreads through the pipes to the bathroom or to the kitchen.

Choose a water heater, depending on the area of ​​the room Choose a water heater you need, depending on the floor area

Instantaneous electric water heater can be used as boiler for space heating.

Most often small flow-through heaters are used for heating dachas with non-permanent residence. A significant disadvantage of using such a device is a large consumption of electricity. Before using the boiler as a boiler, it is necessary to equip it with a pump for circulation of the coolant and provide the possibility to replenish the system directly from the water supply. For a heating system, it is not recommended to use a self-made water heater in connection with the insecurity of its use.

Recently, induction water heaters are gaining popularity, which are used for heating water and heating rooms.

How to make a boiler by yourself( video)

Flowing electric water heaters require replacement of the meter and laying of separate wiring to the device. Such a heater can be installed by yourself, having the slightest experience of working with an electrician.