Tying of solid fuel heating boiler scheme: for a private house, connection and installation, with forced circulation

The scheme for tying a solid fuel heating boiler is necessary to represent the location of all elements of the system Driving binding solid fuel boiler heating is needed to represent the location of all elements system on the quality of the binding in solid-fuel system depends on the further operation of the boiler and its longevity. It is important to take into account a lot of rules and nuances. Often apply for help in drawing up schemes for special programs and professionals. The connection must be consistent and accurate.

    • Features heating circuit with solid fuel boiler
    • Wiring diagram Heating boiler with forced circulation
    • Wiring coal-fired boiler with natural flow
    • Choice three-way valve for solid fuel boilers
    • nuances of installing coal-fired boiler
    • solid fuel heating boiler connection scheme( video)

Features heating circuit with solid fuel boiler

Solid fuel boilers produce warm energy, burning various types of solid fuel. The boiler with the accumulation strapping and the water supply tank also has other features that distinguish it from other types of heating systems. Such nuances are always important to consider when installing the structure.

Features of solid fuel boilers:

  1. The ability to maintain the combustion process for a long time. It is impossible to extinguish the fire in the combustion chamber.
  2. Presence of steam in the furnace. In the presence of a coolant with a low temperature, condensation forms.

The ability to keep the burning process for a long time is dangerous, as it leads to overheating of the shirt. Because of this, water begins to boil in the water jacket. Condensate forms a high pressure, which can lead to rupture of the pipeline and the shirt.

Solid fuel boiler piping scheme Driving binding solid fuel boiler

To prevent boiling and subsequent accidents in piping stove on solid fuel, necessarily need to be equipped with a security group, where the safety valve is mounted.

The second feature of solid-fuel designs also carries some troubles. Steam aggressively impacts the walls of the combustion chamber and leads to corrosion. And when the condensate is in contact with the ash, a sticky substance is obtained, which is difficult to remove from the surfaces of the furnace. Prevention of this is the installation of the mixing unit.

Wiring heating boiler with forced circulation

main feature forced circulation boilers pump is rapid movement of the coolant through the pipes. At the same time, other features of the system are distinguished. It is important to study all the nuances in order to properly install and operate the boiler.

Properties system with forced circulation:

  1. possible to mount the small size tube 20-25 mm. So you can reduce the flow of water.
  2. There are several mounting options. You can tie one-circuit, two-loop boiler and collector system.
  3. The ability to adjust the temperature for individual elements and throughout the system as a whole. This is best done in a collector system.
  4. Convenient use.

Solid-solid electric boiler has its drawbacks. It will be necessary to install the pump to operate the equipment. It will be required to spend on purchase. In this case, the operation of the system will depend entirely on the supply of electricity. But these minuses fully pay for themselves by all the positive aspects.

The piping works at the expense of the pump. The location of their installation depends on the layout of the pipeline. You will also need to mount a security group. It performs pressure monitoring in the pipes so that there is no overheating.

Connection scheme for a forced circulation boiler Wiring diagram for a forced circulation boiler

Solid-fueled forced circulation circuit diagram:

  1. The safety group includes a bleed valve and an air exhaust pipe;
  2. Expansion vessel - choose a membrane type construction;
  3. Balancing valve;
  4. Shut-off valves - blocks the movement of the coolant;
  5. Combustion products leave the chimney.

Each element of the system has its own selection and installation features. Also, every part should be used properly. Otherwise, there will be problems when using the device.

To create a scheme you will need a private house plan. It indicates the placement of all pipes, radiators, and other parts of the automation, depending on the strapping with one or two contours. After the compilation of all calculations, the system is installed.

Wiring diagram for solid fuel boiler with natural flow

In places with unstable power supply, boilers with natural circulation are installed. The hydraulic system has many advantages when used. For example, this design does not require additional financial investment when buying a pump.

Advantages of natural circulation:

  • No need to buy expensive equipment;
  • Can be used without electrician;
  • Easy installation with your own hands;
  • Simple operation.

The principle of operation of such heating systems is to compress the density of the coolant during heating and return to its original appearance during cooling. The liquid rises along a vertical channel and from the top point is directed down the pipeline. Near the pipeline, an expansion tank is installed, which is a reservoir for collecting excess condensate.

Circuits of natural circulation are selected based on the desired performance and structural features.

Scheme for connecting a solid fuel boiler with natural flow Connection diagram for a solid fuel boiler with a natural flow

The gravity system of a wood-burning boiler can work in conjunction with other equipment. For example, with an indirect heating boiler that is mounted in the top of the system, slightly below the expansion tank. Also connect the heated floor in parallel. In some cases, there is an additional installation of a heated towel rail. Good teamwork is observed with a water heater.

Classification of gravity systems:

  1. For the design of the expansion tank, an open and closed system;
  2. For the connection option of the heater - single-tube and two-pipe.

Hydraulic calculations are required to select the correct type of solid fuel piping. This takes into account the location and diameter of the pipes, the characteristics of the boiler and the need for room heat. All calculations should be done by professionals, so that the design is as accurate as possible.

Selection of three-way valve for solid fuel boiler

Three-way valve is a tee with internal stop valves. The correct operation of this element ensures the optimal distribution of the heat carrier of the required temperature through the heating system. It works in two modes: constant and variable.

The three-way valve has a special detail - the stem. It controls the fluid under pressure, it does not allow to block the valve. The rod acts if it is necessary to cover completely or partially the flow of liquid. This is how you can control water flow and head.

The valve for normal operation will have to connect the supply of cold and hot liquids. The heat carrier is thus hot water, which is sent directly to the boiler of prolonged combustion. The non-return valve serves as a way for the coolant to escape.

In certain designs, the three-way valve is replaced by a two-way valve. Such equipment operates in turn: one valve is running, the other is closed.

The three-way valve is of several kinds Three-way valve can be of several types

When the valve is opened, cold and hot liquid will be sent to it. In a three-way system, water is mixed and an average temperature liquid is obtained at the outlet. But the valve must be partially open.

Types of three-way valves:

  • Mixing action option;
  • Separation principle of operation.

The second option is relevant for the transfer of the heat carrier from one pipe to the second. Inside such a valve there is a ball attachment. In this case, it is quite difficult to perform a smooth adjustment due to the unique design of the stop valves.

Nuances of installation of solid fuel boiler

The correct connection scheme necessarily includes protection and a three-way valve. It is thanks to these elements that a functional heating system is provided. Also, an expansion tank, a temperature sensor, a system with plastic pipes are provided.

The expansion tank can be cut in different places depending on the heating system. The most popular boilers are "Cooper", "Cordy", "Teplodar", "Buderus".

Any boiler is mounted according to a pre-designed scheme. The circuit can be with a heat accumulator, a boiler, a hydro-gun. The mixing unit on the project is not specified, but it is necessarily provided.

The installation of a solid fuel boiler should be carried out according to a pre-established scheme The solid fuel boiler installation should be carried out according to a predefined scheme

Configure the work of the subassembly unit:

  1. Solid fuel starts to flare up, the pump is in operation, the valve on the heating side is closed. The liquid moves through a small turnover through the bypass.
  2. Return temperature increases. Thermal head by the command of the remote sensor pushes the valve stem.
  3. When the valve is opened, cold water seeps into the boiler.
  4. As the temperature rises, the valve completely closes the bois.

This strapping method is quite simple and allows you to easily connect all the parts. But there are certain rules on the account of tying the electric wood-fired boiler with polypropylene or other plastic. From the pyrolysis boiler to the safety group, it is necessary to install metal pipes.

Scheme of binding of a solid fuel heating boiler( video)

Make a strap in the boiler room under everyone's power. It is possible to connect a system with a buffer tank, to connect simultaneously a boiler of two options( gas with wood and installation of an electric boiler with solid fuel).Also it is possible to oblige by way of primary and secondary rings.