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The pump for increasing water pressure is used to increase productivity and pressure in the water supply system Pump for increasing water pressure is used to increase productivity and pressure in the water supply system The work of modern sanitary ware and household appliances is associated with the presence of constant pressure in the water supply system. So, for the stable operation of a washing machine, the pressure in the system is 2 atmospheres. A hydromassage shower cabins and baths will cope with their task only at a pressure of not less than 4 atmospheres. At the same time, it is extremely rare to meet such indicators in a domestic water pipe. The situation can be rectified by means of devices to increase the pressure in the water supply. What kinds of devices exist and how to find the right one - read below.

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Water pumps for domestic water supply: operating principle

Before choosing a water supply system based on the technical characteristics and cost of the models, it is necessary to inspect the quality of domestic water supply, determine what problems the installation of the device should solve, and study the basic types and operation of the devices. Thus, weak water pressure in the system can be caused not only as a result of clogging of pipes and filters.

Between each other the pumps differ in their technical characteristics and dimensions The pumps differ in their technical characteristics and dimensions

The two most common problems of household water supply are:

  • Weak water pressure, in which it is impossible to use a bath, shower, washing machine;
  • The presence of water only on the lower floors( pressure is not enough to "squeeze" the water to higher floors).

In the first case, buying a pump that increases the pressure in the water supply will be an ideal option. In the second, only the pumping station will be able to increase the pressure in the system.

The water pump consists of a plastic housing and an electric motor, which rotates to pump air, thereby increasing the pressure in the pipes.

The main difference between the station and the pump is that the first one has a special water tank, which continuously accumulates liquid and spreads it through pipes using a pump. This allows you to increase the pressure. Adjusts the switching on and off of the station( after filling the tank with water) the pressure switch.

Booster pumps for cold water supply: types

Pumps for raising pressure in water supply pipes are of several types. The main differences in models are related to their way of installation, structural features. Depending on the purpose, hot water appliances are allocated, and separately for cold water supply, universal devices.

The booster pump is used, if necessary, to increase the pressure in the existing water supply The priming pump is used, if necessary, to increase the pressure in the existing water supply system

For example, household pumps by action and operating modes are divided into:

  • Automatic;
  • Manual.

The automatic flow pump features a sensor that regulates the operation of the device: the pump starts as soon as the valve opens. Pumps with automation have a longer service life, because the work of manual models must be constantly monitored( make sure that the pump does not overheat).

Pumps can be cooled using a dry or wet rotor.

If you want a noiseless pump, you should choose a device with a wet rotor, the cooling in which is due to pumping the liquid.

There are also separate pumps for dewatering, which allow to lower the level of groundwater and avoid flooding.

Such pumps can be with electric and diesel engines. The most effective models for dewatering are models with a double-acting piston system.

Hot water charging pump

The principle of the booster pump for water supply and heating systems is that the unit increases the pressure in the network, depending on the pressure available in the water circuit.

Acquisition and installation of a booster pump for water supply will ensure the stabilization of water pressure in the system Acquisition and installation of a booster pump for water supply will stabilize the water pressure in the

Forced circulation of the heating medium in individual heating or water supply systems involves the presence of a device for pressurizing and pumping the carrier from the source of heating to the water sampling points( batteries, Shower cubicle, washing machine, etc.).

The pressure pump for supplying hot water and stabilizing the operation of the heating system is installed on the water return pipe. Therefore, the pump installation diagram will look like this: accumulator-heater-receiver. In this case, install the pump to increase the pressure in the system only in the horizontal position. If the pressure at the inlet of the installation is above atmospheric, a booster compressor is used to stabilize the operation of the gas column.

How to choose a high-pressure water pump

The choice of a domestic pump depends on the existing average pressure in the pipes. It is worth remembering that the discharge pump can only be installed if there is at least a minimum pressure in the system. If the pressure is less than 1 atmospheres, the pump pump is best suited for pipes. High pressure water pump will supply you with the right amount of water and with a good head

In order to select the boost pump that will effectively cope with its task you need:

  1. Measure the pressure in the pipes andDetermine their own needs. If you need to increase the pressure by several atmospheres, then one device will suffice. At the same time, remember that the most suitable for the household urban water pipe is the pressure in four atmospheres.
  2. Study the technical specifications of the model. The most important indicators of the pump to maintain the pressure in the water supply system are the maximum water supply and the maximum head. The first one shows how much water the pump can pump per minute or hour. The second is how much the pump can raise the pressure in the installation site( the figure is important is extremely important for owners of a two-story private house).
  3. Take into account the noise level produced by the pump( this is especially important for small apartments with little noise insulation), the operating temperature range( most efficiently the pumps operate within 5-100 degrees).

When buying a boost pump, you should pay attention to its housing: it must be made of aluminum or stainless steel, be without visible damage( dents, scratches, holes).

The best pump for increasing water pressure in the apartment

When choosing a home pump to increase the pressure, it is important to take into account the user feedback, their recommendations. So, having chosen the pump checked by the majority, you will be able to protect yourself from unnecessary costs.

is a German manufacturer that makes universalPressure equipment with high technical and operational performance;
  • UNIPUMP is a domestic brand that differs in affordable and high-quality products;
  • Comfort is a Russian manufacturer that provides a wide range of devices for pumping water with various technical characteristics at affordable prices;
  • Grundfos is a company from Denmark that offers booster pumps capable of supporting continuous water supply in water and heating systems( can be installed in systems with gas columns);
  • Water pumps at affordable prices can be found at the Chinese company Seaflo Pumps. Especially popular here is an electric pump at 12 V, which is great for installation in apartments and houses with a voltage in the electrical network of less than 220 V. For individual water supply systems, the SPRUT( Sprut) GPD 15-9A pump is good.

    Installing a pump that increases the pressure in the water pipe

    Unlike the connection to the water supply system of the stations, household pumps are installed easier and faster. You can put the booster pump in an apartment, a private house, in the country. In this case, the main pump cuts into the pipe at the entrance to the system. This also applies to pumps that are installed to improve the pressure of the column.

    If there is a water pump in the territory of the site, you can independently organize an autonomous water supply If there is a water pump in the site, you can independently organize an autonomous water supply

    In order to connect an intermediate pump it is necessary: ​​

    1. Close the water in the installation area of ​​the device.
    2. Release the water. If the pipe does not have special cranes to remove water from the system, then it is necessary to disconnect the pipes at the lowest point, at the junction point, and drain the water with a hose.
    3. Apply the marking and cut the pipe so that the device can be inserted between its ends. Cut the pipe with a metal hacksaw.
    4. Attach nozzles and fittings to the ends of the pipe. Usually, the mounting accessories come complete with a pump.
    5. Connect the instrument to the pipe.

    Install the circulation pump in the natural position( the position for installation is indicated in the instructions to the device).By the method of installation, the pump can be vertical( retaining) and horizontal. If the installation is made incorrectly, the pressure amplifier may not work, quickly fail, it is difficult to cope with the work.

    Water pump for increasing water pressure( video)

    The low pressure pump is the best device for creating and maintaining a constant, high pressure in water supply pipes. For today, there are many pumps, different in principle of operation, the way of installation. The choice of devices is determined by the needs of the buyer, the existing pressure in the pipes. Using the above recommendations for the selection and rating of companies whose products have proved themselves in the market, you can choose an effective and durable device!

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