Which septic tank for the dacha is better: how to choose an autonomous system, treatment facilities, sewerage for a country house

Septic is the most important element of an autonomous sewage system or a sewage treatment plant The septic tank is the most important element of the autonomous sewage system or clearing station The area that does not connect to the central sewage system is in great need of wastewater drainage. There is no doubt that all the water must be disposed of somewhere. This can include the recycling of water from the bathroom and the washing machine and, of course, after washing dishes. And if for apartments this issue was provided, then at the dacha you need to place a special tank. Many people know that this solution does not bring convenience, and besides it is a severe violation of sanitary norms. At the moment, an advantageous solution is the installation of a special reservoir - a septic tank.

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Why do I need a septic for a summer residence

What is a septic tank?This equipment where there is accumulation and purification of sewage. The work of cleaning will depend on which system you choose. If we talk about simple models, they can only accumulate the runoff, they are the most budgetary, and those who mostly visit the housing seasonally use them. If this is a house for permanent residence, then a successful solution will be to install a reservoir, the main function of which is not only the accumulation of water, but also its purification from sewage.

Septic is a device in which wastes will be accumulated and processed A septic tank is a device in which the wastes will accumulate and be treated.

There are many processes inside this septic tank, due to which the contents decompose, the solid composition settles to the bottom, and the purified water passes into the soil.

Water is safe, so do not worry about plants. Such toilet equipment is an expensive pleasure, but all expenses will be justified in due course, in addition, its use is convenient. As for conventional models of septic tanks, they will have to be cleaned as they are used. This can happen both independently and with the help of a sewerage company. But it should be noted that the purification of a special septic tank is less frequent than a cesspool and this is a definite plus. It turns out that you not only do not harm the environment, but also significantly save the family budget.

How to choose a septic: model variants

Immediately it should be clarified that there is no one universal type of septic tank that would be suitable for all occasions. Manufacturers create tanks of various types, ranging from complex models and ending with the simplest ones, the price corresponds to their capabilities.

Solve the question of how to choose a septic tank for a dacha - it Solving the problem of how to choose a septic for a summer residence is not easy

The first thing to do is determine which tank you need. It is from this choice will further action depend. It was mentioned above that the very important role is played by how often you plan to use water supply. You need to know what kinds of designs exist, and make the right choice.

All models that exist are conditionally divided into 3 types:

  1. Cumulative. It is the simplest and cheapest option that can clean waste. At once we will specify that such system can be collected independently by means of the fulfilled capacity and will approach only those who seldom visit the summer residence or the country house. Otherwise, the collected waste will have to be pumped out very often.
  2. Models of clarifier with soil after-treatment. This is the capacity of the structure, which includes an infiltrator with an aeration platform without a bottom. Here you can create a field for future cleaning yourself.
  3. System with deep water purification. The work of such a system consists in the fact that a solid mass of biological elements settles and is processed.

Find out exactly which septic tank and its volume you need, will help determine the number of people who live in this area. This type of treatment is designed for processing up to 95% of waste, this is a definite plus. But its high cost repels most of the buyers.

Stand-alone septic tank with

power supply These models are a special type. Their contents are decomposed by bacteria that need oxygen, and they can be purchased at special points. The difficulty lies in the fact that the activity of these bacteria must be maintained, and therefore, a constant presence of air should be ensured. For this, special compressors with the presence of an aerator are installed on the bottom of the septic tank. As a result of such processing, the contaminated run-off is susceptible to high-quality biological treatment.

An autonomous septic tank with power supply is a special model of a septic tank in which all the impurities decompose due to the vital activity of the bacteria A stand-alone septic tank with power supply is a special septic model in which all impurities are decomposed by the life of bacteria.

The output is divided into three types of sewage:

  • The residue that can not be processed and settlesTo the bottom, in the end, it is cleaned independently;
  • Water;
  • Gases of a biological type that exit through ventilation.

This process is simple and convenient, because the sediment remains a small percentage, and the purified water goes to the ground and feeds it. All that is required of the owner is to clear the tank of solid accumulations.

What are the advantages of a septic tank with power supply:

  • All contents can be quickly processed;
  • Cleaning efficiency reaches 98%;
  • Easy cleaning of the tank;
  • Ideal for those who live permanently in the house.

Despite the fact that the system is almost ideal, it has its own disadvantages.


  • Large price category;
  • Constructive complexity;
  • Due to the operation of the compressor, there is a large expenditure of electricity.

If you need a conventional toilet tank, it is better to use a simpler option. After all, if you are not at the dacha often, you do not need to spend money on such a technique, it's another matter if this is your permanent place of residence and the reservoir is an indispensable part.

Anaerobic wastewater treatment plants for

An aerobic canal is highly rated due to its high productivity. They are ideal for a cottage and hundreds of suburban areas, in addition they are used for placement on clay. Anaerobic septic tanks are considered identical to the previous version. Their action is based on the same technology. The difference is only in one moment, which plays an important role. The work of purification is also due to bacteria, only oxygen for them is not mandatory, they can perform their function without it. In the rest everything happens in exactly the same way, the heavy parts settle on the bottom and the sink is cleaned. Choose a treatment plant for a dacha or a country house is small. Both stand-alone and anaerobic septic tanks need to be properly installed.

To ensure that wastewater does not pollute the environment, it is necessary to perform a purification procedure prior to discharge To ensure that the waste water does not pollute the environment, it is necessary to perform the cleaning procedure before discharge.

Comparing the previous and this model, the following advantages can be distinguished:

  • Anaerobic septic tanks are independent of electricity, Electricity is reduced;
  • The design is simple and does not include compressors and aerators.

Of course, there are some drawbacks. Most importantly, it is that the degree of purification is not so high, and purification takes a longer time.

In order to determine what type of septic tank you need, you should familiarize yourself with their subspecies.

When purchasing a tank, note the following types:

  • Mechanical;
  • Cumulative.

All of them are united by the fact that unlike the cesspool, the septic tank has a bottom and a hermetic capacity. This will not allow to enter and pollute the sewage and impurities of the soil, but this capacity will have to be cleaned more often.

Autonomous sewerage systems for a country house

In order for the septic tank not to include pumping out, many stop on this particular option. Many users argue that it is the autonomous system that is the best, because it can be constructed by oneself, independently.

Which septic tank is best to choose for a summer residence and how to arrange a sewage system depends on many factors Which septic tank is best to choose for a summer house and how to arrange a sewer system depends on many factors

This will require materials that every owner has, and if they are purchased, they will not hit hard on the wallet. In this model, the drain is cleaned by yourself.

At the heart of the system is filtration and sedimentation, and in order for the efficiency to be higher, several reservoirs are arranged which combine together in sequence to produce a jelly-like jellyfish. As the water moves through the tanks, it will become cleaner. Accordingly, the more these compartments, the purer the liquid at the outlet.

Such water can be not afraid to use for soil drainage. It can not damage microorganisms or plants.

Note that the modern market does not stop only on these types. There are many different models that enhance the effectiveness of the workflow and combine many different principles of action.

The selection rules: which septic tank is best

The first thing a buyer needs to know is how much more suitable for the whole family. If you take into account the indications of SNiP, then the required volume can be calculated on the basis of the daily rate, multiplied by three times. Based on this result, the approximate volume is about 200 liters per person. It remains only to determine how many people permanently reside in the house.

The best septic for a country house is not the one that stands most, but one that is suitable for a specific type of soil and soil The best septic tank for a country house is not the one that stands most, but one that is suitable for a particular type of soil and soil.

It is also very important to determine the type of soil:

  • The high water table, then the tank should be with increased waterproofing so that you do not have to install a small shield for fastening;
  • Loose or sandy soil can help save on buying, the usual tank is perfect here;
  • For clay it is better to purchase anaerobic equipment, since it absorbs liquid poorly.

Given all these indicators, you can buy or create the septic tank that you need. If you made a review of septic tanks, then choose the best one and install it in the necessary place. Such an installation will provide you with year-round access to your water communications.

Which septic tank should I choose for a summer residence( video)

What can I say on the basis of the published article?Sewage, this is the details of a private house, from which you can not escape anywhere. In order for your dacha or house to function effectively, it is necessary to arrange a septic tank. Thanks to the information that was outlined above, you can choose the equipment that suits your situation best.