Septic tank from the eurocubes: make a photo of yourself, the sewage scheme, bottled water in the cottage, cesspool

Septic tank from eurocubes is considered to be the simplest and most convenient device in the suburban area or in a country house Septic of cubic containers is the most simple and convenient device at their summer cottage or country house The collected waste is recycled and cleaned inside the septic tank by means of special bacteria, purified water then goes into the ground and does not disturb the environment. Septic tanks from European cubes are much more convenient to install and maintain than the cesspool of reinforced concrete rings.

    • What is the drainage of cubic containers with their hands
    • How to make septic tank of cubic containers with your hands: the preparatory work
    • Sewage septic tank with his own hands from the cubic containers: Wiring
    • Septic from the bottoms of containers with their own hands:installation and maintenance of the nuances
    • Sewerage of cubic containers with their own hands( video)

What is the drainage of cubic containers with their hands

evrokuby - moreplastic container, for up to 1000 liters, which is used for storing food and water. Eurocube is easy to use and easy to transport.

Most often, European cubes are used to store water for irrigation of the garden or for the construction of a sewer septic tank.

A septic tank from European cubes is one of the simplest and cheapest ways to make a sewage system at a dacha or in a country cottage. Possessing a number of advantages, a septic tank from the Eurocube, with proper use, will last for quite some time.

Septic tank from eurocubes is a simple and cheap way to make sewerage in the country Septic of cubic containers - simple and cheap way to make the water drain in the country

Pros cubic containers:

  • Easy installation and future maintenance;
  • Ability to independently install a septic tank;
  • Low price;The unpleasant odor does not come out;
  • Sewage waste is stored inside the container without contaminating the soil;
  • To clean the septic tank, it is not often necessary to call for a sanitizer.

If the site on which the septic tank is located starts to be heated, water can push the unfilled Eurocube upward. It is not recommended to overload the septic tank, since thin walls are susceptible to deformation.

Septic tank from the European cube is located 50 m from the source of drinking water and at least 6 m from the house. Depending on the expected amount of sewage, a different volume of the septic tank is selected.

How to make septic tank of cubic containers with your hands: the preparatory work

Based on the number of residents in the house, you need to choose the optimal amount of a septic tank for sewage. On average, 1 person consumes about 200 liters of drains per day. Thus, you can calculate the required volume by multiplying 200 liters by the number of tenants and by 3 days, for which the septic tank will completely purify the water. The resulting figure is divided by 1000 and deduce the necessary volume of a septic tank.

It's better to buy a larger eurocube, it's not allowed to install a septic tank with less volume than necessary!

After purchasing the eurocubes, you need to prepare a place for their installation. The depth and width of the pit depends on the volume of the cube, when digging trenches, add 10-15 cm on each side in case of underwater flooding. To avoid this problem, many owners are pouring a pit under the septic tank with concrete. The concrete layer should not exceed 15 cm in this case.

Sewer septicom with own hands from eurocube: connection diagram

The eurocube septic tank consists of several tanks connected by a drainage system. Due to this, the water is purified and the time until the next pumping out by the wastewater expands.

Purified water is considered to be harmless to the ground, it can even be used for irrigation.

For durability of the eurocube it is possible to fasten between each other, having pre-welded a metal skeleton for the bottles.

The eurocube septic tank consists of several tanks connected by a drainage system Septik of cubic containers consists of several containers interconnected drainage system

Sequential setup scheme:

  1. Eurocubes are installed in pre-dug pits. Soil above them and over the connecting pipes should be so much that in winter the moisture in them does not freeze. In some cases, it is acceptable to use a wax or polystyrene insulation.
  2. The drainage pipe directly from the house must be necessarily with a slope. The most acceptable slope is 2-3 cm per meter. If the bias is less, small heavy particles will have time to settle on the bottom, which will lead to a clogging. Too much slope is also bad - the water will drain faster than other waste, which again can lead to a clogging.
  3. This system must also be equipped with ventilation. The ventilation pipe should be raised to a height of 2 meters, so that evaporation would rise and be blown. The ventilation pipe can later serve as a pump for pumping sedimented sludge.
  4. The connection between the tanks is made with a slope. Sewer pipe cuts as high as possible. The connecting pipe must be lower. The output from the septic tank should be even lower.
  5. All the cuts in the eurocubes are made as accurately and clearly as possible by the size of the embedded pipe. The edges of the pipe are rounded off with the help of a grinder and a circle around the metal. All joints are hermetically sealed with silicone or other moisture-proof sealant.
  6. Before installing the septic tank in the pit, it is necessary to cover a solid layer of sand in it. This will save the construction, in case the soil will sink.

Sewer system from European cubes works perfectly all year round, without requiring any special maintenance work, except for the addition of bacteria to the tank for better waste treatment.

Septik bottoms of the containers with their hands: nuances installation and maintenance

purification system connected in series, respectively, each chamber( septic) must have a vent pipe, the inlet and outlet pipe and the connection pipe between two septic tanks.

For the correct functioning of the system, the second eurocube should be 25-28 cm lower than the previous one.

Be sure to ensure that the sewage does not overload the eurocube, the container can crack and all the contents can get into the groundwater. To prevent the septic tank from freezing, it is possible to insulate the foam with foam from all sides.

Caring for a septic tank from European cubes is simple, but if you do not follow the existing rules, you can disrupt the entire system.

Installation of a septic tank from European cubes can be made independently Installation of septic tank of cubic containers can be made independently

How to care for septic tanks:

  • Do not overload the capacity of the sewage;
  • Ensure that large quantities of waste do not fall into the eurocub - construction debris, plastic bags, boxes;
  • For cleaning, provide the system with a compressor for evacuation by withdrawing, or once a year, to call up sewers for cleaning septic tanks;
  • After each cleaning, a special biopreparation is added to the septic tank, which facilitates the processing of fecal matter;
  • If for the winter there are no tenants left in the house, all the liquid is pumped out of the system, this will prevent freezing of waste in the septic tank.

Proper care evrokuby not only extend the life of a septic tank service, but also to make the work of the sewer system more simple and convenient.

Sewerage of cubic containers with their own hands( video)

Sump fades into the background, the replacement comes easy and perfect way to sewer equipment from cubic containers. Financial accessibility, ease of installation and maintenance lead the European cube to the fore when connecting a country house to drains.