Heating underfloor heating: combined radiators, plus battery circuit, system for a private house, from a single boiler

Thanks to the warm floor, you can significantly improve the performance of any room Thanks to the warm floor it is possible to significantly improve the performance of any room The warm floor is comfortable to walk in the house. The feet always remain warm and comfortable. Therefore, such a heating option is chosen by many summer residents who own private houses in their possession.

      • What is a combined heating, radiators, plus a warm floor
      • How does the heating circuit with a warm floor
      • How does the heated floor from the battery
      • Do I need a combined heating system for a private house
      • How does heating with warm floor( video)

What is a combined heating, radiators, plus a heated floor

To fully warm up the entire space of the house can be appliedCombined heating plus heating with underfloor heating. In this case, your house will be fully warmed up on cold winter evenings.

As a rule, warm floors are installed in the living rooms, halls and kitchens - on the ground floors of the holiday house. In this case, either a stone tile or a ceramic tile is placed on the floor. In the bedrooms and attics, which are located on the second and higher floors, they already put conventional radiators for heating.

With the help of radiators and underfloor heating it is possible to heat any room regardless of its size With the help of radiators and a warm floor, any room can be heated regardless of its size.

So, there are three heating methods:

  1. Radiator;
  2. Warm floors;
  3. Combined.

For each house is suitable for its type of heating. It is also used for heating a heat pump.

Combined heating is a combination of radiators and a system of warm floors.

If you have a single-storey house, you can only make a system of warm floors. If the two-story, then you can use both radiator heating and combined heating.

Combined heating is excellent for use in large houses, when the number of floors starts from two or more. This heating allows you to heat the apartment as on the lower floors with the help of floors, and the upper, using radiators.

How does the heating scheme with a warm floor look like?

Not every house is suitable for a warm floor system. To understand, it is possible and if there is a possibility of installing a warm floor in your house, then you need to look at the heating scheme.

The heating circuit must be a highly qualified specialist. It will help you draw up a diagram of connecting the floor to your house, taking into account all its features.

To create a heating scheme, call a competent specialist.

The heating scheme with a warm floor can be downloaded ready or made independently with the help of a computer program Heating circuit with warm floor can be downloaded ready or made by yourself using the computer program

The heating scheme in this case is the presence of:

  1. Polymer pipes;
  2. Nodes for the displacement of the warm floor;
  3. Collectors, which are needed in order to distribute hot water along the contours;
  4. Thermostats are devices with which you can monitor the entire system.

This is how the heating scheme for warm floors looks. These are the basic elements that are included in each scheme.

Before you make a system of warm floors, you need to study and understand how the connection scheme looks. It will allow you to connect the entire system correctly. A competent specialist will help you to understand this. It is not recommended to do the circuit by yourself, otherwise it can lead to adverse consequences, in the form of explosion of heating pipes.

How the heated floor is powered by the battery

There is an option when the heating of the warm floor comes from the battery. The basis of the warm floor is the liquid. It should go from the battery and be distributed on the floor.

The advantage of heating the warm floor from the battery is that the source, in this case the battery, is located much closer to the floor. No need to lead additional pipes. In addition, it is much easier to determine the size of a pipe section. The cross-section will be identical with the cross-section of the pipe.

Advantages of supplying the floor heating from the battery:

  • Proximity of source;
  • Same cross section of pipes.

When making a warm floor, it is necessary to take into account the thickness of the floor covering When preparing a floor heating, the thickness of the floor covering

"Feeds" the system directly from the battery. When such a floor is made, it is necessary to sprinkle everything with sand, and then cover the floor with a layer of the mixture, which must be dry.

Always follow the level to ensure that the floor was flat.

After a layer of sand and a dry mixture, you can lay the next layer, which requires floor tiles. Thus, your floor will be warm, and you will be able to walk on it, warming your feet.

The warm floor from the battery is an excellent option for comfortable heating. Its main advantages in the proximity of the power source, gives summer residents the reason to choose this type of installation. Distribution of heat with such a floor will be uniform and warm in any places.

Do you need a combined heating system for a private house

The combined system is perfect for a two-story or higher private house. On heating elements of the combined system do not differ too much among themselves. But if they are installed together, the heating will become much more efficient.

In a combined heating system, both wall-mounted radiators and convectors are connected, which are placed in the floor. The system is used when one type of heating is not enough. The layout is the same as in the first connection, as in the second. They can even be connected to the same branch. There will be a mixed connection scheme using solid fuel material.

Connection of heating radiators and convectors is the same - for one circuit.

Combined system is needed if you want to heat separately the first and second floor. Use both radiators and liquid warm floors.

Combined heating system is well suited for large private houses Combined heating system is well suited for large private houses

The combined system has limitations:

  1. It can be closed or sealed;
  2. It can be circulating.

But this is solved by connecting different circuits to one. For this, two circuits, a radiator and a floor, are fed to one riser or boiler circuit. And then the question is settled.

If you have a tall house more than two floors combined system you definitely need. It will not be superfluous. Using such a system, you can walk on the warm floor in "passable" places, such as a hall and kitchen. And in the bedrooms can be content with radiator heating.

How does heating with warm floor( video)

Heating a warm floor is a new turn in heating systems. Previously, only old batteries and radiators were used. Today, to create comfort in the house, it's nice to walk on the warm floor, which warms your feet wherever you go. Warm floors replace radiators today. However, combined heating in private houses is also used.