Drains plastic for the roof installation by our own hands: drainage system, correct technology, install a chute

Plastic drains will ensure the flow of water from the roof Plastic drains provide water flow from the roof Plastic drains are one of the most popular today. First, they are cheap, which is important. Secondly, they are easier to install than metal ones. And thirdly, they are also easily dismantled and replaced by new ones.

      • Why do we need a drainage system:
      • mounting technology? We disassemble how to fix the gutters to the roof
      • We put the gutters for the roof metal: installation by ourselves
      • How to install the gutters on the roof with our own hands
      • Plastic gutters for the roof with your own hands( video)

Why do you need a drainage system: mounting technology

The drainage system serves to drain water from the roof. If there is no such system, the water will simply flood the nearby district. Therefore, it is necessary to know how the technology of installing a water drainage system is implemented.

Quality plastic water pipes will last long and securely Quality plastic drainpipes will last long and reliably

Each drainage system has its own features. Note that for each tap, there is a basic structure in the form of pipes, a chute and elements for their attachment to each other. For example, there may be a drain from plastic, but rubber seals. Also used are various funnels, elbows, plugs and brackets.

The installation technology of the drainage system is as follows:

  1. Determine the number and arrangement of pipes;
  2. We put funnels in the places of future installation of downspouts;
  3. We mount brackets that hold the gutters;
  4. From the funnel, we lay the gutters in the holding elements;
  5. We put a drip, which is needed to drain water from under the roof;
  6. In the corners of your house between the joints, set the corners;
  7. We install downspouts;
  8. We fasten the pipes to each other with the help of couplings and attach them to the wall of the house with usual clamps, which improves the fastening of the structure;
  9. If necessary, put tees, if you want to branch pipes;
  10. Attach the sink at the end of the pipe.

During installation, it should be borne in mind that pipes at different temperatures can both contract and expand. Therefore, it is necessary to leave a margin of several centimeters of space so that the pipes do not break during operation.

There is a limitation in which it is forbidden to install pipes. If the outside temperature is below 5 degrees Celsius, then the installation can not be done. Pipes are simply cracked when they are cut or fastened to the house.

Do not put them against the walls of the house. To prevent this from happening, rubber seals are also used. They help the trough slide on the rubber and do not change its size.

Following the clear algorithm of installation technology, you install a drainage system in a matter of days. Or maybe in one day. Buy high-quality drain pipes, and then your withdrawal system will serve you for decades.

We disassemble how to fix the gutters to the roof

In order for the water to drain properly, it is necessary to fix the gutters to the roof so that the water flows without obstacles pass through the entire drain. Mounting should be such that there is no collapse of the pipes due to deformation in the summer season, as well as the pressure of snow in the winter season.

Observing the installation rules of the drainage system, it is possible to avoid leakage Observing the installation rules of the drainage system,

can be avoided. To fix the drain to the roof, you first need to choose the brackets that can be adjusted in height or using an extension cable used in the installation of rafters.

For fixing the drainage it is necessary: ​​

  • Calculate the angle of the troughs;
  • Make the marking of the fastening;
  • Calculate the distance of about 2.3 cm from the board or wall of your house to install gutters;
  • Mark pencil points for fixing;
  • Check the correct tilt;
  • Check clearance up to 5 mm between the edges of the connecting parts.

Gutters to the roof should be mounted according to the scheme of the funnel-bracket-trough-drip-joints-pipes-couplings-tees( if necessary) -slurry.

Given these tips, you can check the correct attachment of your gutter system.

Checking the correct fixing allows to avoid incorrect fixing of the drain, which in the future can lead to its breakage and leakage. If you once check all the installation rules, then in the future you can enjoy your drainage system.

We put gutters for the roof metal: self-assembly

If there is no time to call specialists who need to pay a lot of money for installing a drainage system, then it's time to make the installation yourself. One of the materials that is used in drains is metal.

Unlike plastic, metal gutters can withstand heavy loads In contrast to plastic, metal gutters withstand heavy loads.

Metal gutters are considered to be among the most durable. Compared with plastic, they withstand heavy loads and do not break. Plastic can also crack from ordinary stone.

Metal and tin pipes last longer than plastic pipes.

It makes no big difference to mount both plastic and metal pipes. However, it is worth to know the technology of installing metal gutters.

Installation of such gutters is as follows:

  1. Select the angle of inclination in the range of 1-3 millimeters;
  2. Mark the brackets;
  3. Install suspensions within 0.5 meters;
  4. Draw a thread from the nylon between the brackets;
  5. Insert the gasket from the rubber into the groove;
  6. Place the chute along with the plug in the hangers;
  7. Joints in the area of ​​the gutters are fixed with clamps;
  8. Place a knee on the lower drain pipe to compensate for the water pressure.

Installation of metal pipes is complete. Check again that there are no big joints or "empty" places with gaps anywhere. Otherwise, the water will penetrate inside, which will cause the heat of the pipes.

If you have chosen metal as a material for your gutter system, then you are betting on durability. It remains to properly install a metal drain and then for the next dozens of years you can not care about their failure. However, such pipes should be periodically cleaned from dirt. Remember this.

How to install the gutters on the roof with your own hands

Separately note the installation of troughs on the roof. After all, they are the most important part of the whole gutter system. Without them, you can not imagine the diversion of water from the roof.

Install an important part of the gutter system - the gutter, you can yourself To install an important part of the gutter system, you can do it yourself

To install the gutters, you should select the optimal gutter configuration. For example, for gable roofs, separate gutters are used, in gable roofs make a continuous contour of gutters with corner pieces.

Mechanism for installing roof gutters with your own hands:

  • We select the optimal gutter;
  • Determine the number of risers for the gutter;
  • We select gutter holders;
  • Determine the points of the holder on which we will put the gutters;
  • We put bending of the trough holders;
  • We install the trough with the direction from the funnel;
  • Split gutters with each other using connectors;
  • We check the strict slope of the gutter. Usually, 2-5 mm per 1 running meter of the gutter.

So you set the gutters without errors on the roof of your house. To qualitatively carry out the installation according to the algorithm described above, you need to have the following tools: ruler, roulette, pencil, cord, nails, screwdriver, hacksaw, hammer and screws. In this way, you will install downspouts, through which water will drain directly to the sewer system on your site.

For the fact that there was no blockage in the gutter, cover the gutters with a grate or crab grids on the funnels.

Installation of troughs on the roof can be done independently. Do not be afraid of self-installation. The main thing is not to depart from the algorithm and then you will do everything right. Do not rush, just measure the dimensions and in the end you correctly install the gutters on the roof.

We make the installation of plastic roof gutters by our own hands( video)

During the purchase, check all the materials, pipes, brackets for cracks, dents and other defects so that they do not accidentally come across them during installation, which will stop the installation work.

Buy quality materials, be careful, apply ingenuity and then everything will work out for you. Good luck with the installation!