The toilet bowl flows: the gasket between the tank, what to do, leaks from below the rubber band, flows out of the drain, how to eliminate it

Leaks the toilet bowl often due to the wear of some parts leaking tank of the toilet more often because of deterioration of some parts Sanitary wear out over time. Some details require correction, others - replacements. It is quite easy to learn about the breakdown: the tank starts to leak, it makes a lot of noise, and there are problems with flushing. But you can perform repairs yourself, without special knowledge.

    • Because of what proceeds the toilet tank and what to do
    • What if the leaking toilet bottom
    • How to fix a leak between the tank and the toilet
    • mount gasket between the tank and the toilet
    • Asavoid flow toilet tank( video)

Because of what proceeds the toilet tank and what to do

Perform repairs toilet bowl with his hands is possible, because the device structure is simple enough. The toilet circuit provides a bowl and a tank. But more often breakages are observed in the tank.

The drain tank acts on the principle of a water seal. Its system includes levers, a seal and a float. After draining, water flows back into the tank and a shut-off valve is triggered at a certain point.

Signs of cistern problems:

  • Fluid is constantly supplied into the tank;
  • Water flows from the tank into the toilet;
  • To wash the house you need to press the flush button several times;
  • The flush lever does not work at all;
  • The toilet is leaking;
  • There is a lot of noise when draining.

Repairing the toilet with your own hands is quite easy Perform repairs toilet bowl with his hands simply

Main correctly identify the cause of the failure and to repair is not difficult. With a constant supply of fluid in the tank, the reason lies in the skewing or displacement of the float. This breakdown is eliminated simply easy - you need to install the parts in the right place.

The correct location of the float is 2.5 cm below the connection of the underwater pipe.

Close the water supply easily with a wrench. Often find out the causes of leakage helps to inspect the float. When the float is damaged, the water flows into it and the element becomes heavier.

It's quite easy to repair the float. It is necessary to remove the element and pour out excess liquid from it. The chip must be closed and reconnected to the system. But this kind of repairs last only the first time, then it will be necessary to completely change the broken part. The formed chips are embedded with the help of heated polyethylene.

What to do if the toilet below leaks

If the tank leaks from below, then it is required to replace the siphon membrane. The same operation should be done if the water is not washed off for a long time. It is quite simple to execute this process.

Sequence of the membrane replacement:

  1. First the crossbar is installed instead of the reservoir cap;
  2. The float is connected to the crossbar;
  3. Remove all liquid from the tank;
  4. The nut securing the pipe to the tank must be unscrewed;
  5. The siphon nut is also weakened;
  6. The siphon is then removed;
  7. The membrane is then removed and replaced;
  8. Then, install all the extracted parts.

With a non-working flush lever, the thrust repair is performed. The broken part is removed and replaced with a new one. For this purpose, a homemade element from a wire is suitable. Over time, you can buy new traction.

If the toilet bowl leaks from below, it is necessary to replace the siphon membrane If the toilet tank is leaking from the bottom, it is necessary to replace the membrane siphon

But often pass water tank due to wear pads between the toilet bowl and tank. In the bowl there is a constant flow of water, which reminds of itself yellow spots. The worn out element should be replaced with a new one. First, shut off the water and detach the flush tank from the toilet, then unfasten the sink. With this detail sent to the store plumbing and buy a similar one.

In some cases, no drain replacement is required. There may be a problem in the wear and tear of the rings. They are either corrected or replaced.

When the tank is flowing, it is required to check the correct water level. To remove excess fluid there is a special tube. It should be moved below.

How to eliminate the leak between the tank and the toilet

If there is a leak between the tank and the toilet, the cause is the depressurization of the device. Most likely, the problem is the deformation of the sealant, a special rubber gasket. To fix the problem, you will need to replace the gasket.

Seal replacement steps:

  1. First cut off the water supply;
  2. Liquid from the tank will need to be drained, possible residues are also removed;
  3. There is a drain nut under the hatchway, it should be loosened;
  4. Next, remove the tank by unscrewing the appropriate nuts in place of the fastening;
  5. You will also need to unscrew the drain;
  6. Next, replace the gasket;
  7. Then carry out the reverse installation of all parts in place.
To eliminate the leak between the tank and the toilet, you need to replace the gasket To eliminate leakage between the toilet bowl and the toilet, you need to replace the

. But the old rusty bolt that holds the bowl on the bowl may be the cause of the problem. Next, you need to replace the damaged part. Also, water is first blocked and water is drained. Bolts need to be removed and replaced with new ones. Sealing washers are mandatory.

When buying gaskets, their size must be taken into account, because the element is manufactured in different forms. That's why you need to know the exact dimensions of the part.

Sometimes it is only possible to tighten the loose bolts. To do this, just fix the element with a key and turn it with a screwdriver. But you need to be careful enough not to spoil the ceramic bowl. That's why it's better to replace parts, rather than constantly tweak.

Fastening the gasket between the tank and the toilet

The gasket is one of the most popular fasteners. The advantages of such details are obvious: small dimensions and reliability of fastening. But there is a minus - a small head. To wash off the drains, enough water is needed to run the tank.

Types of gaskets:

  • In the form of a guitar;
  • Round;
  • Waybill.

Replacement is fast enough. First, disconnect all communications. From the tank you need to drain the water and disconnect from the bowl. To do this, simply unscrew the bolts.

Replacing the gasket between the tank and the toilet is a process that does not require much effort Replacing the gasket between the tank and the toilet - a process that does not require much effort

Older models have metal bolts and eventually they rust. It is not easy to remove these items with a key, you can damage the ceramics. It is best to treat the parts with a special liquid WD-40.

The rubber band of the gasket requires replacement. To increase the sealing, use a silicone sealant. You can apply a gasket or mount it in a special hole.

There can also be a gasket between the bowl and the toilet. Everything depends on the chosen toilet model. This element acts as a shock absorber. This minimizes the possible damage between porcelain and faience.

Modern toilet bowls are mostly without gaskets. From the tank to the bowl is a solid monolith. Use such a toilet is simple and convenient, but the cost of the device is quite high.

How to avoid leakage of the toilet bowl( video)

If the WC is broken, the main thing is to determine the problem. Then the broken part changes to a new one and the problem is eliminated. Only it is necessary to observe the technology of work execution, otherwise it is possible to damage the device irretrievably.