The lining of the ceiling with a lining: with their own hands, video and walls, how to sew in the country, the coma of the balcony as correct

The lining of the ceiling by the lining is not an easy process, it requires enough time and patience Headlining lining - the process is not easy, requiring sufficient time and patience Construction works, which include headliner, are very demanding. All this is due to the fact that special building materials are required, but from who was going to do this work skill, time and experience. It does not matter what type of cladding will be used, it always involves the creation of a frame and its subsequent finishing. The assortment of the material is quite large, and it is from this choice that it will depend which way of finishing it will be necessary to use. The Internet offers enough instructions about this, and we'll try to understand it in more detail.

    • As sheathe ceiling lining their own hands: popular types of material
    • ceiling, leather lining: selection panel
    • wall and ceiling lining: useful recommendations
    • The sheathing roof in the country except for lining
    • How to sheathe clapboard ceiling with his hands( video)
    • Details: lining headlining( photo examples)

how to sheathe clapboard ceiling with his hands: popular types of material

What clapboarda?This is a facing board, the feature of which is a special method of fixation, namely a pile-and-groove. If you go back to the last century, you can find out that this method was used only for the cladding of wagons. That is why, it received its specific name. At the moment, the lining is used for both exterior and interior lining. Previously, this method of finishing the room was considered the most budgetary. After many years, this material has not lost its popularity and has established itself as a reliable facing material. Since in our time there are quite new technologies for the production of this material, the methods of its application have also expanded.

Create lining, it is a long and complex process, which involves the creation of an edging board, drying, creating pazogrebnevyh compounds, grinding and sorting. All these actions help to get as a result of a durable material that has an attractive look.

There are many classifications of lining, they are divided by certain features. These include the quality, type of wood, the sphere in which it will be used.

You can finish the ceiling with a clapboard yourself sheathe ceiling paneling can be their own hands

In order to produce linings in the main cases, the following materials are used:

  • noble wood. Special honor is enjoyed by oak or ash;
  • Species that are soft. It can be linden or alder;
  • Universal materials. This category includes pine and spruce.

Given the ability of these materials, create the following types of lining:

  1. Lining .This species is most often exported to European countries. Such a carousel is characterized by a smooth surface and a deep groove system;
  2. Panel board .This type resembles the appearance of the cant;
  3. American .Thanks to such a lining, it is possible to create an imitation lining with an overlap, which is widespread in America;
  4. Block house .Type similar to cylindrical beams.

ceiling, leather lining: selection panel

If you pay attention to the building materials market, one can understand that he is ready to provide a variety of materials for finishing the ceiling. These include polymeric materials that currently have earned the trust among developers. But to date, there are not many people who would give their preference to wood having environmental properties, aesthetic side and ease of use. Should I mention that this material has a unique woody scent that when headliner is able to create a balanced micro-climatic conditions.

However, most prefer the following materials:

  • Plastic;
  • MDF panels;

As for the plastic panels, they are divided into seamless and segregated seams. Both the first and the second kind are characterized by certain results that affect the appearance of the ceiling at the end of the work.

It is important to know that plastic panels do not need additional treatments, unlike wood panels.

For covering the ceiling, plastic or MDF panels are most often used For plating the ceiling, plastic or MDF panels

are most often used. That's why most often these materials are preferred. In addition, their practicality is also in a large range of colors. If there is a desire to create an imitation tree, then even in this matter the plastic panel can help.

MDF panels also belong to one of the types of lining. They are made of fiberboard material. The manufacturing method refers to the pressing of wood fibers.

The size of these panels is basically standard, and the color spectrum is very wide.

The disadvantage of these panels can be considered that they can be installed only in those rooms that do not have a high level of humidity. They are suitable for all premises except bathroom, kitchen, balcony. So do not have to be installed in the bath.

Cladding of walls and ceiling with lining: useful recommendations

If you decide to sew a wooden lining, then you will need some useful recommendations on the material and work with it.


  • Wood paneling is a universal material that can be combined with absolutely any finishing material and is used mainly in the country house in a wooden house.
  • If it was decided to install a wooden clipboard yourself, then you need to familiarize yourself with the video or photos that will show how to properly install the installation so that it is not only reliable, but also correct.
  • To ensure that the ceiling does not take a monotonous appearance, experts recommend that the surface be trimmed in different directions. In order for the decorative hemmed look to be more original, you can use beams or slats of opposite colors.

To trim the ceiling looked original, experts recommend using beams or slats of opposite colors To steering ceiling looked original, experts recommend the use of a beam or rail opposite colors

ceiling Filing - this is a great option for installation in the hall. For the installation can come not only long boards, but also holistic panels, which include carving, painting or glass stained-glass windows. Taking into account modern technologies, manufacturers can offer a large number of options.

Finishing materials are usually chosen on the basis of the principle of economy and practicality. In order to sheathe ceilings in the premises, most often they acquire certain materials.


  • LMB;
  • Panels;
  • Wallpaper;
  • Ceiling plates made of polystyrene.

LKM is most often used for the design of a summer cottage as a protection against negative factors.

The ceiling on the cottage can be sewn, for example, with ceiling slabs of foam, wallpaper or panels ceiling can sheathe the country, for example, ceiling tiles from foam, wallpaper or paneling

As for the wallpaper, it needs to give preference to the assortment of non-woven wallpaper steklotkakannyh or with the presence of textured surface. Such materials will create a beautiful and neat ceiling.

Panels can be purchased in building stores, they can be of different thickness and texture. There is no such a wide range of any building material.

plates to the ceiling of the foam, it is one of the best ways that you can quickly hem ceiling. They are not only convenient for work, but are malleable to staining. Polyfoam can be quickly and easily cut with a stationery knife, and it can be attached with a universal glue.

How to fix the ceiling with a clapboard( video)

How to choose the right paneling?This article maximally revealed all the main aspects of working with the material. Everything else depends on the preparation and professionalism of the master. Well, and as independent works, before beginning, it is best to consult with experts and review lessons. Adhering to all the recommendations, you can get the perfect interior.

Details: headlining clapboard( photo examples)