Skeleton of suspended ceiling from profile: crate and mounting of guides, metal and aluminum, what you need, with your own hands

Gypsum board - a popular material for installation of false ceilings Drywall is a popular material for the installation of suspended ceilings Suspended ceilings have long been in great demand not only in the CIS countries, but all over the world. Such structures are very attractive and durable. The suspended ceiling consists of a special metal frame, to which plates of various thicknesses are attached. Usually installation of a false ceiling is made in two stages: first establish a skeleton, and then tiles.

    • What profile for a false ceiling is better
    • Ceiling for a suspended ceiling with your own hands
    • Which ceiling profiles are used for the installation of a false ceiling
    • Installation of guide rails for a false ceiling: step by step instruction
    • Suspended ceiling on a metalFrame: features and installation
    • Single-level suspended ceiling from gypsum board( video)

Which profile for a suspended ceiling is better

There are 2 types of profiles for a false ceiling - aluminum and plastic. Each of the rails has a number of advantages and disadvantages. Plastic racks are much easier and suitable for installing multi-level ceilings. In addition, the profile of this material is much cheaper.

A significant drawback of plastic rails is their low strength index. For example, if the rail is made of poor-quality material, then at high loads, the profile may fail.

Without good profiles it is impossible to make a quality repair of the apartment

The aluminum profile has 2 main advantages:

  1. Durability.
  2. High strength.

The drawbacks of such a rail are its high cost. In addition, the aluminum profile is not suitable for mounting on curvilinear sections. Therefore, the aluminum profile must be sawn before starting work. Also, the disadvantage of such a rail is the need to drive self-screws before installation work.

Ceiling for a false ceiling with your own hands

For a suspended ceiling, a wooden or metal profile is used. If you are going to install a hanging ceiling in the bathroom, then you can use a lath made of metal, since it does not deform under the influence of water vapor and moisture. Make installation of profiles with your own hands is easy.

The quality of the future suspended ceiling depends on the compliance with the technology when installing the battens The quality of the future suspended ceiling depends on the compliance with the technology for the installation of the crate

When installing, follow the following algorithm:

  • The first thing to do is select the height of the suspended ceiling.
  • Next, use a pencil to draw a horizontal line on the wall. Remember that proper marking is the key to successful installation, so treat this operation with all seriousness.
  • After you have drawn a horizontal line, mark up the entire room. In order for the lines to be direct use the level.
  • Then you need to install metal profiles along the borders, and attach them to the wall surface with galvanized screws and special plastic dowels.
  • Next, install the ceiling profile to the direct suspension. Remember that its ends need to be installed in the guide profiles. Suspensions must be fastened in increments of no more than 60-70 centimeters.

Suspended ceiling with own hands: crate( video)

Which ceiling profiles are used for mounting the suspended ceiling

The main ceiling profiles for GKLV are UD and CD.The first perform an auxiliary function. In some cases, the UD profile is used to make any curly elements of the ceiling frame. This product is available with mounting holes, but there are parts without holes.

The CD profile senses the bulk of the load when installing a ceiling made of plasterboard. The product is usually installed on the suspension of the U-shaped configuration.

Recently, metal profiles of the UW type have become increasingly common. Usually they are used to create figures on the second and third level of a suspended ceiling. Such a profile can be installed on specialized suspensions or screwed to the previous ceiling level. The side partitions of such a product are smooth.

If UW profiles are used for ceiling mounting, then products of the CW type are mandatory.

When preparing for installation of a suspended ceiling from gypsum board it is important to select quality profiles When preparing for the installation of a suspended ceiling from gypsum board, it is important to choose the quality profiles

Mounting the guides for the suspended ceiling: step by step instruction

The installation of the guides is a very important process, because the durability of the structure depends directly on it. Guide metal profile must be fixed evenly around the perimeter of the room. In this case, the joints with the wall need to be glued with a special sealing tape. This technique is needed to extend the durability of the structure.

Pay special attention to the configuration of dowels-nails. It is desirable that they have a mushroom-shaped hat. Fastening with such dowels will be more durable, and will strengthen the contact of the profile and the wall. Installation of such dowels is desirable to produce by screwing the product.

When installing the ceiling, you need to think through all the details - from profiles to screws When installing the ceiling, you need to think about everything from details to profiles

There should be no gaps between the guide profiles. Otherwise, the structure may collapse.

Suspended ceiling on metal frame: features and mounting

Suspended ceiling can be constructed on a single-level or two-level metal frame. Each method has its own parameters and advantages.

If your room is small and you want to save the maximum amount of space, then give preference to a single-level metal frame. It consists of two types of profiles - connecting and basic. Mounted such a design with special brackets and hangers. The connecting profiles are attached exclusively crosswise.

In case of installing a suspended ceiling with a single-level structure, observe the distance between the wall and the edge profile. The optimal distance is 180 mm. Ready construction is recommended to cover with drywall sheets with high moisture resistance. During sheathing, the sheets should be laid strictly perpendicular to the bearing profiles.

Одноуровневый подвесной потолок - идеальный вариант для маленького помещения, так как не "съедает" пространство One-level suspended ceiling is ideal for a small room, as it does not "eat up" the space.

The suspended ceiling, made on a two-level metal frame, consists of two types of profiles - main and bearing. Products are placed perpendicular to each other.

If you chose the two-level design, take into account the following nuances:

  1. For dense fixation of the metal frame it is desirable to use self-tapping screws.
  2. The skeleton of the false ceiling and the frame of the wall must be sheathed in a similar way.
  3. Use T-shaped supports to secure the sheets from the GKLV.

One-level suspended ceiling from gypsum board( video)

As you can see, there is nothing complicated in the installation of a false ceiling. To install the design you only need to stock up with the necessary details and patience. When selecting materials, pay attention to the features of your home. For example, if you have a limited space in the room, then the suspended ceilings on the one-level frame will harmoniously fit into the interior. If you plan to install suspended ceilings in a spacious room, two-level structures will suit you. If desired, you can decorate the ceiling with original pendants.